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5 Tips to Follow When Buying a Cheap Kitchen Sink

Here are 5 things to keep in mind when finding the right kitchen sink that still fits your home renovation budget.
5 Tips To Follow When Buying A Cheap Kitchen Sink

If you’re renovating your home kitchen or developing an additional kitchen space, then chances are you’re working within a set budget and are on the hunt for some low-cost fixtures or cheap kitchen sinks. We’re all too familiar with the impact that budget constraints can hold on any home renovation project, so we’re here to help!

1. Outline What’s Essential to You

5 Tips to Follow When Buying a Cheap Kitchen Sink

The absolute worst thing that you can do during any home improvement project is skimp on the features that really matter most for you and your wider family. For instance, if you have a larger household and find yourself cooking multiple dishes over a single evening, a single bowl kitchen sink may not be the best fit for you.

Whilst single bowl models tend to be cheaper kitchen sinks than double bowl models or models that come equipped with a drainage board for easy drying, the funds you save here may not alleviate the ongoing frustrations of having to deal with countertops that are eternally cluttered with drying dishes. 

The Madison Double Bowl Sink is one of our most affordable double bowl kitchen sinks that’s still streamlined enough to look and feel right at home in any modern kitchen space. Boasting two equally sized 350 x 400 mm double bowls made with our thick 1.5mm stainless steel, the Madison Double Bowl Sink is the perfect cheap kitchen sink for any families who may be storing, washing, and drying dishes on a daily basis.

Madison 775x450 Double Bowl Sink by Buildmat

Madison 775x450 Double Bowl Sink

Full size double bowl with plenty of space.

2. Consider Your Space Requirements

Penny  510x450 Single Bowl Sink

Of course, one of the other benefits of opting for one of our cheaper kitchen sinks is that you can secure yourself a smaller sink that won’t sacrifice on quality. Smaller sinks can be ideal to install in smaller kitchen spaces or as a secondary kitchen sink to install in your kitchen island for food preparation purposes. (a round sink is the perfect choice for this layout) 

If you don’t particularly see yourself needing a larger sink bowl, then our Penny Single Bowl Sink may just be the perfect kitchen sink for your renovated kitchen space. With a 46L capacity, the Penny Single Bowl Sink is ideal for comfortable use in a smaller kitchen space, such as a kitchen in a one or two bedroom home.

Penny 510x450 Single Bowl Sink at Buildmat

Penny 510x450 Single Bowl Sink

Versatile sink used in the small kitchens and laundry.

3. Factor in Maintenance


Kitchens are arguably the most functional room in your home, and modern kitchens in particular are designed in ways that boost that functionality. That being said, not all of us use our kitchens in the same way! Some of us prefer 

If you’re looking to create a more low maintenance kitchen space, then we highly recommend investing in a smaller, cheaper kitchen sink as well as a matching kitchen mixer. As all of our kitchen sinks are produced with brushed stainless steel, our full range of kitchen sinks ranging from our uncoloured cheap kitchen sinks to our premium gunmetal and gold brushed kitchen sinks, are effortless to maintain. 

Mira Brushed Nickel Pull Out Mixer

Shop Kitchen Mixers Taps

See our pull-out dual spray and gooseneck mixer taps.

4. Consider Your Kitchen Storage

5 Tips to Follow When Buying a Cheap Kitchen Sink

Speaking of boosting the functionality of your kitchen space, there are few elements more crucial to the usability of a kitchen than its storage. And in a similar fashion to our differences when it comes to actually using our kitchens, we all have different approaches to how we use our kitchen storage too. 

Whilst some of us prefer to keep our countertops cleared and store appliances away wherever possible, others are more than content with storing appliances in positions where they are most natural to use. Similarly, many of us may use the second bowl of our kitchen sinks for storing particular kitchenware, or even as a means of segmenting their work when hand washing dishes. Some of us may never hand wash our dishes, and opt to feed them right into your dishwasher instead.

If your kitchen isn’t equipped with a dishwasher or even much cupboard space, then chances are you could greatly benefit from installing a double bowl kitchen sink with plenty of ample under sink storage space. The Logan Single & Quarter Bowl Sink is one of our largest kitchen sinks that’s still available at a highly competitive price point when compared to other modern kitchen sinks that possess similar dimensions. As the Logan also comes equipped with a generous drainage board, it is the ideal cheap kitchen sink for small kitchens that could do with a bit of a storage boost. 

Logan 1075x450 Single & Qtr Bowl with Drain Board Sink

Logan Single & Qtr Bowl with Drain Board Sink

Perfect as kitchen sink or laundry trough.

5. Invest in Kitchen Accessories

5 Tips to Follow When Buying a Cheap Kitchen Sink

Finally, an indefatigable benefit of buying a cheaper kitchen sink means that you’ll have more than enough funds left over to invest in all of your other kitchen essentials, including handy sink accessories! Sink accessories like window caddies, modular dish racks, and hanging drying racks, can greatly improve the functionality of your smaller kitchen sink alongside allowing you to again, maximise your kitchen countertop space with minimal fuss.

We stock a selection of kitchen accessories here at BuildMat that will allow you to make the absolute most of both your smaller kitchen sink as well as your wider kitchen space. Be sure to have a look to find the kitchen and sink accessories that will be sure to enhance you and your family’s living and cooking experience in your newly renovated kitchen space.

Of the variety of sinks, tubs, and basins that we stock here at Buildmat, the cheap kitchen sinks that we’ve mentioned throughout this little blog post are amongst some of our best sellers. Any of these cheaper kitchen sinks will undoubtedly still provide your home with a superb and highly functional modern kitchen space that won’t be accompanied by a premium price tag. 

Ellie Dish Rack

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Kitchen accessories made to suit our kitchen sinks.

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