by Vivian Garzon

Tips to Know Before You Start Your Bathroom Renovation

Tips to Know Before You Start Your Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation Costs

It's hard to give a figure to the average bathroom renovation because they all vary in size and different bathroom design preferences, but below is the information we could gather for the average cost of a bathroom renovation project. So whether you're a homeowner or a renovator, you want to hire tradies or you want to DIY you'll need to take all those factors into consideration when completing your budget.

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Tips from some of our customers:

We did a quick survey with our customers that did their own DIY bathroom renovation, and here are some of the things that they have said:


  • Make sure you plan everything before you start, it even helps when you're looking for quotes, estimate costs based on price per square metres.
  • Take pictures of where all your pipes are in the wall before you start sheeting up the walls because it really helps later down the track.
  • if you've got a small place and planning to put washer and dryer in your beautiful bathroom, make sure your door is minimum 720mm wide, we couldn't fit ours in the doorway it was horrible!
  • Get multiple quotes and show around, do as much as you can by yourself, we saved almost $10k from the first quote that we got.
  • To save costs, don't change the plumbing layout and work around the layout that you've already got
  • Keep going through magazines and photos to look for bathroom ideas and bathroom styles that you want to aspire to, bathroom trends always change so keep looking
  • Even if you're trying to save money make sure you don't try electrical and plumbing work yourself make sure you get a certified plumber and certified electrician to come and help
  • Try to get enough space between your tapware and your walls so that your walls don't get wet while washing. If you've got a small bathroom then make sure you remember to get a tiled splashback
  • You'll be surprised at how good getting proper matching towel rails will help in completing your bathroom look, and if you can get heated towel rails


  • Get a tiled recess shelf in the wall of the shower it's possible and big enough for everyone's stuff ours just fits one bottle of shampoo and conditioner and but when you live in a big family everyone starts having their own preferences of shampoo for some reason.
  • We got convinced of getting a small recess shelf and really regretted, but we ended up getting a metal dish rack to put on the titles for smaller items, works well.
  • If you can afford it get one of those combo units with the rain shower head as well as a pull out shower handle, they're the best


  • We did a new bathroom install so everything was new and we had to choose a toilet, I found a bargain P trap toilet and didn't realise how many headaches and how much extra it cost to install it. It seems like everyone prefers an S Trap toilet and it's much easier to install.
  • Rimless toilets are great, but some of the cheap ones literally throw water out of the toilet, it's a nightmare.

Vanities and Mirrors:

  • Make sure you get some powerpoints inside your shaving cabinet, for your shaver, hair drier, electric toothbrushes. We got double outlets on each side and use up all four of them, so glad that we did though.

Flooring and Tiling

  • If you are doing floating floors, make sure to level them. I thought mine wasn’t too bad but not worth the creaks here and there
  • When you're tiling if you can get it professional waterproofing because then it comes with a warranty as well as it'll make your bathroom last a lot longer.
  • Electric underfloor heating is amazing, and it's cheaper than you expect, we program ours to come on at in the morning and the floor is warm before we get up to shower. Just remember to allow for extra 6mm under the floor tiles when you're measuring the heights
  • Make sure no one is washing or putting grout in the shower, basins or baths during the renovation we see so many people do that and then end up having to call a plumber to unclog it and sometimes they have to rip it all out
  • If you're doing white tiles on the walls then consider using grey grout so you don't have to even try to keep them white, they look clean and amazing.

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