Gunmetal Kitchen Sinks

Gunmetal Kitchen Sinks

Find the largest range of beautifully finished gunmetal sinks that combine elegance with unparalleled quality.

Upgrade your kitchen with a stunning brushed gunmetal sink. Whether you need a double bowl, drainboard, or single bowl sink, a brushed gunmetal sink is the perfect combination of style and functionality. Plus, the durable and easy-to-maintain brushed finish will keep your sink looking great for years to come. Don't settle for a plain sink when you can invest in a brushed gunmetal sink with all the features you need for a more enjoyable cooking and cleaning experience.

Say Goodbye to Scratches, Stains & Smudges

Gunmetal Kitchen Sinks

Brushed gunmetal sinks are the perfect colour to hide the appearance of smudges, stains and scratches. This means that even with daily use, your sink will remain looking like new. Buildmat’s gunmetal sinks use VD nanotechnology, which hides 10x better than bare brushed stainless steel.

A Bold & Eye-Catching Statement

Gunmetal Kitchen Sinks

Choosing a brushed gunmetal kitchen sink is a bold and eye-catching statement that will transform the look and feel of your kitchen. This finish adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any kitchen décor, making it the perfect choice for you if you want to elevate your space.

A Versatile Colour to Suit Every Kitchen

Gunmetal Kitchen Sinks

Gunmetal sinks aren’t just stylish, but they’re also incredibly versatile. The gunmetal finish complements a wide range of kitchen styles, from modern and contemporary to rustic and traditional. It's the perfect way to add a touch of flair to your kitchen without going overboard.

Types of Gunmetal Kitchen Sinks

Keep Your Countertop Clean & Dry with a Gunmetal Drainboard Sink

Keep your countertop clean and dry and reduce the risk of water damage with a gunmetal drainboard sink. Easily wash and rinse dishes and then place them on the drainboard to dry, freeing up counter space for other kitchen tasks. Or, use the drainboard as a convenient space to place hot pots and pans, or to prepare food.

Separate Kitchen Tasks with a Gunmetal Double Bowl Sink

With two separate bowls, a double bowl sink allows you to easily separate tasks like washing dishes and preparing food, making it easier to keep your kitchen clean and organised. Families or socialites will love the double washing-up space, allowing you to wash and rinse dishes in one bowl while using the other bowl for food preparation or other tasks. Not to mention a double bowl gunmetal sink can accommodate larger items such as baking sheets or large pots and pans for the avid home chef.

Large & Uninterrupted Space with a Single Bowl Sink

Looking for a larger, uninterrupted space when washing dishes or preparing food? Choose a single bowl gunmetal sink. A single bowl sink provides a larger, more open space that can be used to easily soak large items such as baking sheets or roasting pans, making it easier to prepare or clean up after meals.

Sizes & Styles to Suit Every Kitchen

Find your perfect fit with Buildmat’s range of gunmetal kitchen sinks that come in a variety of sizes (shape/dimension and water capacity). The dimension of the sink will depend on the sink configuration best suited to your kitchen (double bowl, single bowl or drainboard).

  • Litres: 25L, 37L, 49L, 61L, 73L, 85L
  • Double bowl: 775x450, 825x450, 725x450, 595x450
  • Drainboard: 950x450
  • Single bowl: 510x450, 600x450, 810x450, 900x450 and more

Frequently Asked Questions

Buildmat's sinks are built to last. Our gunmetal sinks use VD nanotechnology to finish the sink in gunmetal colour which hides scratching extremely well - around 10x less than on bare brushed stainless steel.
Buildmat is the winner of the international Product Design Award in the 2020 Architecture Masterprize. At Buildmat we are constantly updating and improving our product range and designs and it has shown this year by winning a product design award in the kitchen category of a global competition.
This really depends on your budget and whether you've decided on your benchtop or not. The short answer is undermount if your budget allows for it, especially if you're looking at getting a stone bench. Unless you really don't want to be extra careful in the kitchen, if you know you're a clutz or you're always quickly trying to clean to get out of the kitchen as soon as possible then undermount might not be for you because over time the exposed benchtop can chip. If you're getting laminate or timber bench then you should most likely consider topmounting your sink.
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