Kitchen Sinks

Shop the best kitchen sinks in Australia with our premium collection. From undermount sinks to top mount sinks, versatile alfresco sinks to practical drainboard designs, we cover all bases. Our kitchen sinks aren’t just durable; they bring a sense of effortless style and efficiency to your kitchen. End your search here with our beautifully functional kitchen sinks.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks for the Modern Kitchen

Choose a stainless steel sink for a blend of resilience, maintenance ease, and timeless style, fitting for any modern kitchen. Consider your daily needs: do you juggle multiple tasks at the sink, or could a single, spacious bowl make your life easier? Our variety of kitchen sinks addresses different lifestyles and kitchen sizes, ensuring you find a sink that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Sinks to Suit Any Kitchen Design or Size

Our diverse range caters to all kitchen types and sizes. Think about your kitchen’s layout: Do you entertain outdoors and need a robust alfresco sink? Or are you looking to maximise counter space with an undermount or top-mount sink? From space-saving single-bowl sinks to multitasking double-bowl sinks, we have the perfect fit. 

The Right Colour to Match Your Kitchen Decor

The right colour sink can tie your kitchen decor together. Think about your kitchen's colour palette: A black kitchen sink can offer a sleek, modern contrast, while a brass gold sink adds a touch of elegance. Brushed gunmetal provides a contemporary feel, and a white kitchen sink suits a wide range of styles from modern to traditional. 

When choosing a kitchen sink or laundry sink for your home, you can't go past our range of single and double bowl options. You can buy our sinks online with complete peace of mind, confident in the knowledge that the contemporary style and first-class manufacturing of our stainless steel kitchen sink will stand the test of time.

The Kitchen Sink is the most used fixture in your home so it is important that you choose a quality kitchen sink that suits your lifestyle. A quality stainless steel sink is designed to go through cooking and cleaning battles together with you in the kitchen, so make sure you choose a high-quality stainless steel sink to last.

Our sinks are high precision handmade stainless steel meaning that they're sturdy all around. Also, our sinks come equipped with the sink strainers (also known as wastebaskets), they are also watermarked meaning that they meet fit the plumbing standards in Australia.

Buildmat Kitchen Sinks Award Winner

Award Winning Sinks

Buildmat is the winner of the international Product Design Award in the 2020 Architecture Masterprize.

At Buildmat we are constantly updating and improving our product range and designs and it has shown this year by winning a product design award in the kitchen category of a global competition. 

Premium Thickness Kitchen Sinks

1.5mm Premium Thickness

Steel thickness plays an important part to the quality, durability and sound absorption of the sink.

The thicker the steel used to make the sink it means you get more sink. The reason why it’s important is because it becomes a sturdier and more solid sink, you’ll notice it when you start putting pots and pans down.

Buildmat Precision Made Sinks

Precision Made Sinks

Our Precision Handmade sinks means that there are people actually welding the sink together instead of a machine just pressing on a sheet of metal. It means that the each corner is carefully crafted and that each wall of the sink is a true 1.5mm thick stainless steel instead of a sheet of metal being stretched by a large machine press into shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

The inset sink style (also known as overmount sinks or known as topmount sinks) are the most popular, we have designed our sinks to have an easy to install clip that holds the sink down to the benchtop whether you've decided to use a stone benchtop, laminate benchtop or timber benchtop you want to make sure you use our easy to use pull-down clips. Both our stainless steel single bowl inset sink and double inset sinks are available. Our sinks are also designed to be an undermount sink, either undermount single bowl or undermount double bowl this is a more costly exercise and we always recommend that you plan your sink a lot earlier than usual because it is better to provide the sink to the cabinet maker so that there are no mistakes when doing the sink cut out. Make sure if you're designing your kitchen around the benchtop that you look for an undermount sink without a taphole because it is more elegant and having the tap sit on the bench makes for a better feel. Another style that people like to use is the flush mount style, but make sure you have a conversation with your stonemason before deciding because it's very hard to get right and might end up as a costly activity, but if you're able to pull it off nothing can beat the style. Either single bowl sinks or double bowl sinks will work for a flushmount, but we'd avoid putting in a drainboard for a flushmount style.
We have multiple styles of single bowl sinks, double bowl sinks, and drainer sinks with a drainboard if you'd like to read more about sink configurations you can visit our article: which kitchen sink style is right for you. If you're going to be a lot of cooking a preparation then consider a double bowl sink.
If you're after a nice sturdy laundry tub that you're getting a benchtop for, make sure you don't get stuck with a low-quality tub, generally when people think laundry tubs they are flimsy low quality and out in the corner. Modern homes are now being redesigned with a laundry that's nice enough to show your guests, the kitchen laundry tub is the best option as they're made strong enough for the wear and tear of kitchen use but situated pleasantly in the laundry, most people will choose a single sink instead of a double sink for the laundry, but it's really up to you. It's actually one of the best-kept building secrets: using a single bowl kitchen sink in the Laundry. If you want to read more on buying a laundry tub visit our article: Laundry tub buying guide.