Fluted Basins

Your search for the perfect fluted basin ends here. Upgrade your bathroom with the latest, on-trend fluted bathroom basins on the market. Whatever your bathroom decor, we have a premium fluted basin to match. Shop the collection today.

Matching Your Fluted Basin to Your Bathroom Style

Find the right fluted basin colour for your space from our premium collection. Choose champagne pink for a touch of warmth, marble for classic elegance, matte white for modern simplicity, meteor grey for a bold statement, or sea salt white for a fresh, clean look.

Pill Basin Vs Rounded Fluted Basin

Can’t decide between a pill basin and a rounded flute basin? Choose a pill basin for its modern, sleek lines if your bathroom has a contemporary design and more space to play with. If you prefer a timeless look, a rounded fluted basin with its classic curves offers a softer, more traditional feel.

Concrete or Ceramic Fluted Basin?

Choosing the right fluted basin material matters. Opt for a concrete basin to add a rustic, textural element to your bathroom, perfect for an industrial look. For a more classic and low-maintenance option, a ceramic basin provides clean lines and a smooth finish.
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