Kitchen Tapware - Kitchen Mixers and Kitchen Taps

Kitchen Tapware - Kitchen Mixers and Kitchen Taps

Transform your kitchen experience with Buildmat's collection of kitchen mixer taps. Whether you're drawn to the functionality of our pull-out mixers, the charm of our gooseneck designs, or the practicality of our veggie spray feature, we've got something for every modern kitchen. Simply put, Buildmat’s kitchen mixers are the perfect choice for any home cook looking to amp up their kitchen's style and functionality.

Stylish & Versatile for Every Kitchen

Make a statement in your kitchen with Buildmat's large range of kitchen mixer taps. With impressive finishes and contemporary designs that effortlessly boost the vibe of any kitchen style, they’ll instantly transform the space and leave a lasting impression

Reliable & Long-Lasting

Experience the dependability and long-lasting nature of Buildmat's high-quality kitchen mixer taps. Engineered with superior materials, these mixer taps are designed to resist corrosion, rust, and other damage, making them a lasting investment for your kitchen.

Experience the Ease & Flexibility

Enjoy maximum convenience with Buildmat's kitchen mixer taps. With user-friendly controls and superior functionality, our taps simplify kitchen tasks - be it filling up pots or doing the dishes - making your kitchen chores a breeze.

The Green Option

Buildmat's kitchen mixer taps come with a WELS rating of 4 or more, showcasing our commitment to eco-friendly choices. You can cut down on your water bills while also reducing environmental impact - a win-win situation.

Personalise Your Kitchen

The Handy Pull-Out Mixer: Experience added flexibility and convenience with a pull-out kitchen mixer tap from Buildmat. This feature makes directing water flow a breeze and a valuable addition to any busy kitchen. Plus, its stylish finish enhances the overall look of your kitchen.

The Trendy Square Mixer: Transform your kitchen's look with a sleek and trendy square mixer tap. Its clean lines and impressive finish make it the perfect match for any modern kitchen, while its sturdy build ensures it will stay a part of your kitchen for many years.

The Elegant Gooseneck: Give your kitchen a touch of class and plenty of clearance for larger cookware with a gooseneck kitchen mixer tap from Buildmat. Its elegant curves and dark brushed finish make it an excellent focal point for any contemporary kitchen, while its tall design makes it easy to fill and clean larger pots and pans.

The Essential Veggie Spray Function Mixer: Elevate your culinary game with a pull-out kitchen mixer tap with a veggie spray function from Buildmat. This handy tool is a must for any home cook, simplifying the washing and preparation of vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients. Plus, its stylish finish makes it a chic addition to any kitchen.