by Vivian Garzon

Why High-Quality Towel Rails Matter: The Buildmat Difference

Looking to elevate your bathroom decor and functionality? Don't overlook the importance of towel rails! While they may seem like a small detail, investing in high-quality towel rails can make a significant difference in your daily routine and the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. Read on to discover why Buildmat towel rails should be the top choice for your bathroom renovation.
Why High-Quality Towel Rails Matter: The Buildmat Difference

If there was one unsung hero of bathroom design, it’d have to be high-quality towel rails. They may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you're revamping your bathroom, but trust us, investing in top-notch towel rails can make a world of difference.

You’re probably thinking, "Towel rails are just towel rails, what's the big deal?" But think about it: cheap and flimsy towel rails can rust, deteriorate, and break easily, leaving you with an eyesore and a hassle to deal with.

On the other hand, high-quality towel rails, like Buildmat towel rails, are built to last and can withstand daily wear and tear without showing signs of damage.

Durability aside, towel rails can also add a touch of style and organisation to your bathroom. At Buildmat, we offer a wide range of designs and finishes to choose from, so you can find a towel rail that complements your bathroom decor, including your tapware and sink, adding a pop of personality to your bathroom.

And let's not forget about the functionality - a well-designed towel rail can make your daily routine smoother and more organised, with options like built-in shelves or hooks for additional storage.

So, if you're looking to elevate your bathroom game, don't overlook the importance of towel rails. Trust us, you won't regret investing in a high-quality Buildmat towel rail that will stand the test of time and add a touch of style to your daily routine.

Read on to find out more about the Buildmat difference and the importance of choosing a high-quality towel rail! 

Long-Lasting Towel Rails 

You know those cheap towel rails you can grab at any hardware store? Sure, they seem like a bargain, but honestly, they won't last long.

Before you know it, they'll be rusted and deteriorated, leaving your bathroom looking a little worse for wear. On the other hand, investing in high-quality Buildmat towel rails is a game-changer.

Our towel rails were built to last, made from sturdy materials like stainless steel that can handle daily wear and tear without breaking or deteriorating. You won't have to worry about replacing them every few months, saving you time and money in the long run.

Plus, they'll keep your towels organised and easily accessible, making your daily routine a breeze.

Why High-Quality Towel Rails Matter: The Buildmat Difference

Plenty of Style Options for Extra Personalisation 

If you’re tired of boring bathroom accessories that just blend in with the background, look no further than Buildmat’s range of premium and stylish towel rails.

Our high-quality towel rails come in four on-trend colours, so you can find the perfect one to match your bathroom's vibe.

If you're going for a modern and sleek look, brushed nickel or brass gold are the way to go. These finishes are perfect for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom.

Or, if you’re looking to make a bold statement, you could opt for gunmetal or matte black towel rails. These finishes are striking and eye-catching, perfect for adding a bit of drama to your bathroom decor.

Imagine the contrast of a bright white towel against a matte black towel rail - it's a serious showstopper. 

Why High-Quality Towel Rails Matter: The Buildmat Difference

Pro tip: The colour of your towel rail should also complement the existing theme and colour palette of your bathroom. Take a look around and think about what would work best.

A brushed nickel towel rail might be just the thing to tie in with your chrome fixtures, while a brass gold towel rail could be the perfect complement to warm wood tones.

Enhanced Functionality

A high-quality towel rail can make a significant difference in the functionality of your bathroom. Buildmat’s towel rails are built to last, made from sturdy materials like stainless steel that can handle the daily wear and tear a bathroom towel rail experiences.

Imagine buying a cheap towel rail from the hardware store, only to hang your damp towel up on it and have it snap or break under the weight.

With a high-quality towel rail from Buildmat, you don’t worry about damp towels piling up on the floor or stuffed in the drawer.

You'll have easy access to your towels when you need them, and they'll stay dry and fresh until your next use

Why High-Quality Towel Rails Matter: The Buildmat Difference

Plus, the different designs available mean you can customise your towel rail to fit your specific needs. From hand towel rails to single towel rails, and double towel rails, there’s a size and style to suit every bathroom. So whether you need a rail that can hold multiple towels at once or just one will do, Buildmat’s got you covered. 

Increases Your Home’s Value 

Investing in high-quality towel rails isn't just good for your bathroom, it's also great for your wallet. Yes - it can actually add value to your home! Think about it.

When potential buyers come to view your home, they're going to notice the small details. And let me tell you, a high-quality towel rail is one of those details that can really make a difference.

It shows that you care about the little things and have put thought into every aspect of your home - even the bathroom accessories.

This will make your home look more attractive overall to potential buyers, even though Buildmat’s towel rails are overall incredibly affordable bathroom accessories. 

Experience the Buildmat Difference for Yourself

What are you waiting for? If your bathroom is in serious need of an upgrade, then Buildmat's premium towel rail range is the perfect place to start.

Don't settle for flimsy, low-quality towel rails that rust and break down in a matter of months.

Instead, invest in a high-quality, stylish, and durable towel rail that will transform your bathroom and make your daily routine a breeze.

With a variety of on-trend colours and designs to choose from, Buildmat's towel rail range has something for everyone.

So go ahead, treat yourself to a bathroom upgrade and shop Buildmat's premium towel rail range now.