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The Latest Kitchen Design Trends for 2019: Sinks, Appliances, Colours and More

The Latest Kitchen Design Trends for 2019: Sinks, Appliances, Colours and More 0

A kitchen needs to be more than just a random collection of appliances and fixtures. Since the kitchen is typically the central hub of activity in Australian homes, it’s a space that needs to appeal to the emotions. Ideally, it should evoke feelings of comfort, peace, hospitality, security and vitality. The kitchen also needs to be suitably practical, allowing the chef in the house to efficiently wash, chop, blend, cook and perform all the myriad functions essential to preparing each meal.

As kitchen designs evolve to become increasingly functional and streamlined, it becomes all the more evident that an outdated kitchen is not ideal. If you’re looking for ideas on how to update your own kitchen, you’ll want to check out this list of the top kitchen design trends of 2019.

2019’s Trendiest Kitchen Sink Styles

kitchen sink styles 2017

Kitchen Sinks With Undermount Installation Capabilities

Undermount sinks can give your kitchen work area a clean, seamless look. They’re one of the best options for using with countertops made of natural stone, which are also trendy right now.

Trough Sinks

Trough-style sinks are also popular right now. Just about any kitchen could benefit from the installation of a kitchen sink made in this style. Trough sinks can complement modern kitchens, rustic kitchens, industrial kitchens, contemporary kitchens and classic kitchens with traditional farmhouse styling.

For Australian homeowners who enjoy cooking outdoors, trough-style outdoor sinks are a good choice for the outdoor food prep area. If you want to build an outdoor kitchen, one of these sinks would be a convenient complement to the grill or fire pit area.

Trendy Kitchen Appliances in 2019

kitchen appliances trends 2017

Kitchen appliance trends continue to remain reasonably stable here in Australia. Stainless steel kitchen appliances such as multi-function ovens and free-standing dishwashers continue to be in strong demand, just as they have been in previous years. Black kitchen appliances are trending up.

The right choice of appliances can do a great deal to help accomplish the streamlined look that is currently desirable in today’s kitchen. Some homeowners are choosing to trade in bulky full-sized refrigerators for sleeker, slimmer-profiled counter-depth fridges. The best small kitchen appliances right now are ones that can be easily concealed inside cabinetry, drawers or pantry spaces.

Kitchen Tile and Splash Back Trends

Simple subway tiles have been trendy in both kitchens and bathrooms during the last few years. They remain strong sellers in the Australian marketplace, but sales are trending down. Interest is increasing in more lavish types of tiles including round mosaic tiles, three-dimensional tiles and luxury handmade tiles. Interior designers are incorporating tiles that mimic the look of timber into new kitchen environments. Stone splash backs are also currently trendy in Australian kitchens.

Kitchen Colour Trends for 2019

kitchen design trends 2017

Here in Australia, navy blue is one of the most-specified kitchen colours so far in 2019. In the USA, blues have been popular as well; however, it’s purplish-blues, teal blues and vibrant turquoise blues that are rivaling navy blue for popularity.

Matt black is another top kitchen colour choice. Homeowners are balancing the black with clean, stark white, resulting in a sophisticated look that designers have been referring to as the “tuxedo kitchen”. However, white isn’t your only choice if you need an up-to-date counterpoint to the black. Numerous Aussie trendsetters are designing kitchens featuring matt black along with lighter shades such as pearl grey, stone grey or light taupe. This colour palette mirrors broader global colour trends, as designers in the USA and Europe are also decorating with the same moody colour themes.

At this point, 2019 is more than halfway behind us. Some trendspotters are already making their predictions for 2020 colour trends available. Across the pond in the USA, President Donald Trump’s family is enamoured with decorating in a palette that prominently features the color gold. In 2020, trend forecasters are predicting a proliferation of gold kitchens and interiors. The American public has already begun to emulate the look of their President’s opulent gold-bedecked properties, drawing inspiration from Trump Tower and Mar-a-Lago for their own home renovations. That trend may or may not catch on with Aussie homeowners, but it’s definitely one to be aware of if you have an interest in tracking global interior design trends.

2019 Kitchen Countertop Trends

modern kitchen countertop

Quartz Countertops

In high-end kitchen design projects, quartz is replacing granite as the up-and-coming trendy fabrication. Quartz is appealing for several important reasons. It is as beautiful as granite, but it requires less maintenance. Since quartz is not porous like granite, there is no need to seal and re-seal it as you would have to with granite countertops.

Another advantage of quartz countertops is the wide availability of coordinating kitchen products and accessories. Some trend-conscious designers are choosing to install complementary matt black quartz sinks along with their quartz countertops for a flawless match.

Natural Granite Countertops

kitchen granite countertop

Granite remains a popular choice of materials for constructing kitchen countertops. Its durability, beauty and versatility contribute to this natural stone’s broad appeal.

There are slabs of granite that incorporate just about any color combination you could imagine. If you’re including blue in your kitchen colour palette, look for lovely blue-flecked granite slabs that coordinate beautifully with the navy blue kitchen color schemes that are so popular right now. Granite works well with the black and white kitchens that are currently trending up.

These are some of the most important kitchen trends we’ve observed for 2019 in Australia and elsewhere. We hope this 2019 kitchen design trend report will be useful to you as you plan future purchases for your kitchen.

If you want to be sure of buying on-trend, high-value kitchen décor from a local Australian company, we invite you to shop with us here at BuildMat. We offer you a wide variety of fabulous, on-trend kitchen items including sinks, taps and kitchen accessories. Whether you’re hoping to redo your current kitchen, construct a completely new one or make a small kitchen update, we’re positive you’ll find the ideal design elements available for sale in our online shop.

Causes of Rust on Stainless Steel Products

Causes of Rust on Stainless Steel Products 0

Stainless Steel products, for example; a Buildmat kitchen sink cannot rust on its own. Rust is caused by a metallic particulate which has oxidized on the surface of a product and turned it to rust. When rust occurs on a product, it resides on the top surface. Glass, enamelled cast iron, vitreous china, stainless steel, and Vikrell cannot rust on its own. Rust is not the result of a manufacturing process, nor is it considered a defect in the product.

To reduce the chance of rust occurring, keep the following in mind:

· Don't leave dish rags or other cleaning utensils on the countertop or in the sink basin.

· Rubber mats left in the sink will allow soap and hard water deposits to form in the grain of the sink.

· The use of abrasive pads, even sparingly, will allow rust to get into the grain of a sink.

· Hard water in the house may also account for rust stains.

Stainless Steel

Rust Inside the Sink: If rust appears on the inside of your sink it is likely the result of the chemicals being used in, or around, the sink. Similarly, do not use cleaners with bleach to clean your stainless steel sink. Even if these cleaners are used for the countertops adjacent to the sink, the overspray can land on the sink and cause rusting. Please consider using non-bleach alternatives and thoroughly rinsing down the sink after using the cleaner. 

Rust on Underside of Sink: If rust appears on the underside of the sink it is likely due to the contents of the cabinet the sink sits on top of. Fumes from many household chemicals can rust a stainless steel sink. Do not store open containers of cleaners or chemicals such as bleach, acids, salt, lye, toilet-bowl cleaner, drain cleaner, or hard water stain removal products under your sink. 

Do not use cleaners with bleach to clean your stainless steel sink. Even if these cleaners are used for the countertops adjacent to the sink, the overspray can land on the sink and cause rusting. Consider using non-bleach alternatives and thoroughly rinse the sink after every cleaning.

When rust does appear, it is typically only surface rust and can be removed easily with the right cleaners. Do not use steel wool, wire brushes or abrasive sponge pads. Use only non-scratch cleaning pads. 


Beneficial Baking Soda Paste
A simple paste made from baking soda is an excellent rust and spot remover for a stainless steel sink. It's also ideal for cleaning the sink any time, as this powder offers enough abrasive power to remove problem spots without harming the sink.

  1. For a small spot, mix a little water into a tablespoon or two of baking soda to create a paste.
  2. Rinse the sink out, or wipe it down with a wet paper towel to moisten the area that needs a rust treatment.
  3. Apply the paste to the affected area.
  4. Scrub the area gently with a soft-bristled brush, such as an old toothbrush or fingernail brush.
  5. If the spot isn't fading completely, scrub with a dish-scrubbing scrub sponge or nylon scrub pad listed as safe for stainless steel. Rinse the area.

If the rust spot remains or if the affected area covers more than just a small spot, sprinkle baking soda liberally over the rusty areas and let it sit for 30 minutes before scrubbing.

What Kitchen Sink is Right for Me?

What Kitchen Sink is Right for Me? 0

Undermount or overmount?

  • Jimmy T
Layout Considerations for a Bathroom Reno

Layout Considerations for a Bathroom Reno 0

As a high traffic area that you use daily, when it comes to renovating the bathroom you want to get the layout just right, especially because it’s such an expensive and time-consuming undertaking.

But how do you know where to position the shower and loo? How high should the vanity be? What type of tub or shower would be best?

Don’t stress. Your builder, bathroom designer or plumber will be able to advise you on how to make your bathroom functional, space efficient and visually appealing.

To help you explain exactly what you want to achieve to your industry pros here are the key things to consider when planning the layout of your new bathroom.

Northern Ave bathroom

27 Northern Avenue, Brighton East, VIC


Before you even look at new fixtures and fittings, take a moment to think about what you don’t like about your current bathroom, how you use the space and what areas need to be improved upon.

You may need more space to undress and dry off and a spot to hang your robe. Maybe you want to separate the toilet from the main bathroom so someone can use the shower and sink at the same time as the WC is occupied.

If you and your partner or children get ready at the same time in the morning rush, a vanity with two sinks may be desirable. These are the kinds of things to establish firmly in your mind before chatting to a professional so you can ensure your new bathroom maximises functionality.

Bayview Street bathroom

10 Bayview Street, Elsternwick, VIC

Shower vs bathtub

Measure your space to determine whether a separate bath and shower is feasible or whether a large luxury walk-in shower is more practical for your household.

Most people use their shower daily and only use a bathtub occasionally, as a luxurious way to relax. So, whether you keep a separate tub is up to you and your circumstances. But for resale value, we’d recommend keeping a separate bathtub if space permits, as this a priority for families with babies and young children.

Stephen street bathroom

24 Stephen Street, Balmain, NSW

WC position

If your toilet is in the same room as your main bathroom aim to position the WC out of the line of sight from the bathroom door. This way if the bathroom door is left open the toilet doesn’t become the unsightly view into your fancy new bathroom for passers-by. You can achieve this by obscuring the toilet with the vanity or a panel of frosted glass.

Villiers street bathroom

62 Villiers Street, New Farm, QLD


Natural light and ventilation provided by windows are important in bathroom design and maintenance, but you want to make sure you feel comfortable taking a shower in there. To ensure privacy think about installing window shutters, frosted glass or windows with a one-way tint to maximise natural light.

If you don’t have any windows in your bathroom, consider bringing in natural light via a skylight or light pipe via the ceiling. Also, make sure you have a quality ventilation fan installed to control moisture in the space properly and avoid any mould issues down the track.

Freshwater cl bathroom

1 Freshwater Close, Claremont, WA

Ample storage

Don’t forget to leave room for all those bathroom necessities you need to access regularly with custom-made cabinetry and wall fixtures. Think about the ways you want to store makeup, towels, toothbrushes, a rubbish bin, hairdryer, toilet paper and other beauty products. Are you ok leaving things out on the bench or floor or do you prefer tucking things away neatly out of sight?

Kerferd Road bathroom

161 Kerferd Road, Albert Park, VIC

You’ll want to carefully plan the amount of bench space you have around your sink, the size of vanity cupboards and drawers, and face level storage options (like a mirrored shaving cabinet) with your cabinet maker. Don’t forget to factor in convenient spots for towel rails, a toilet paper holder, clothes hampers and perhaps even a shower niche or bench for shampoo and body wash.

Mirams street bathroom

12 Mirams Street, Ascot Vale, VIC

We hope these five tips put you on track to bathroom layout perfection. For more bathroom interior inspo check out these bathroom tile trends we’re obsessed with and luxury bathroom touches.

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