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Are you looking for a laundry tap that is as modern and stylish as your kitchen tap? You have come to the right place. Kitchen mixers are being used in laundry rooms these days because they are more modern and stylish than traditional taps. So, if you want to give your laundry room an update without breaking the bank, consider installing a laundry mixer tap!
What is the right kitchen sink for you? This question has been debated by many people, but not everyone can answer it. There are a few different types of sinks that you can choose from; single bowl or double bowl.

Some people like to have the option of having two bowls in their sink so they can do more than one task at once. Others prefer just one big bowl because they don't need the extra space and find it easier to clean up after themselves when everything is all in one place.

A flick mixer tap is a plumbing device that is used for residential and commercial sinks, in the kitchen, laundry and maybe sometimes even in the bathroom. It has been replaced in modern homes by many different models of taps because they are less functional and look slightly dated.

Smart faucets are one of the most practical smart-home devices you can have in your household. From improved hygiene, time-saving convenience and increased efficiency for daily water usage, a good smart faucet will certainly help make your life much easier around the home. This guide outlines the best smart faucets you can buy in Australia, and provides some options for the best kitchen sinks to go with your new smart kitchen device.

Thinking of buying a new kitchen sink? Do you know the difference between an apron front, farmhouse, top mount, and undermount sink? Do you understand the importance of sink configuration? Check out this complete guide on things you should consider when choosing a kitchen sink.

A low-maintenance and easy-to-clean kitchen is something we all desire in our homes. Choosing the right kitchen sink will ultimately save you a lot of time, effort, and money on expensive cleaning supplies when trying to keep your kitchen sink clean on a regular basis.

Excessive noise coming from a poorly insulated kitchen sink can quickly become an annoyance for everyone inside the home — especially if you live in smaller house or an apartment. Thankfully there are some easy DIY soundproofing treatments you can apply to your new or old kitchen sink to help reduce how loud it sounds when it’s in use.
Thinking of installing new kitchen countertops? Are you confused about what will be suitable for the most used place of the house? Well, it’s easy. Read the article to understand what factors you need to consider when choosing a counter for your beautiful kitchen.
Buildmat wins the International Architecture Masterprize Product Design Award of 2020. Australian Brand collects the prize in Kitchen Products of the Year.
What do you need to consider before deciding whether you're going to undermount or topmount your kitchen sink, read about what's important to know before you decide.
There is so much renovation jargon and terminology that's used when describing kitchen sinks, we help you understand some of the terms by showing you visually.
Concrete is a porous surface which means that even though it is waterproof there are pores in the concrete. The pores can either start to erode slowly becoming larger or hold other substances which would then stain the concrete. 
Sinks that are made in thicker steel are usually handmade stainless steel kitchen sinks where the sheets of steel are folded and welded and then polished out to get you a nice kitchen sink
If you're redesigning your kitchen or choosing a kitchen sink you'll come across a wide selection of sinks. some with a drainboard and some without.
The kitchen is the heart of every home! But old kitchen designs and outdated furniture tend to make this space dreary and uninspiring, discouraging people from spending time in their kitchens. Thankfully, there are tons of kitchen design ideas to spice up anyone's home cooking space. With a few remodelling ideas and a change of design, every kitchen can feel like home again.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms to consider when designing a home. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and there is no one-size-fits-all layout for every house so it is very important to do your research even if you're engaging with a kitchen designer and look at different kitchen ideas before you begin building your dream kitchen

The kitchen splashback plays an extremely important role in protecting your walls as well as being a key role in setting the theme and design of your modern kitchen.
The main difference between a commercial sink and a domestic kitchen sink is not the sink itself but the surroundings, you will see that in a commercial kitchen generally there will be a stainless steel workbench for high traffic food preparation or wash food.
Butler sinks are often smaller in size than the standard kitchen sink that is often used in the butler pantry, their origins came as a fireclay butler sink or ceramic sink but in modern times we've taken the concept of the butler sink and made changes and adaptions.
Blocked kitchen sinks are the bane of many homeowners. It can be a stressful experience especially if you’ve never fixed a blocked sink. What’s even worse is that the blocked sink may be very dirty and smelly!
Choosing the best sink for your kitchen is a mixture of several elements; you’ll need something that works great when you’re cleaning your dishes, preparing your food, and everything else that you’d need in a sink - it has to be practical.
Are you looking at renovating your dream kitchen? You've been inspired by flashy kitchens from a magazine or Facebook post? Then you start to think about how many things in the kitchen you're going to need to change and all the different costs associated.
Various fields are using 3D design software to visualize the concept before production. Interior designers are also using 3D software for design and renovating kitchens. Read about how it can help your renovation.
To ensure it continues to be an asset for many years to come, there is an easy, scratch-free, and environmentally friendly way to clean it, so it stays gleamingly fresh and like new, for a very long time. Here’s how.

Today, sinks are available in an array of styles and materials. It’s not uncommon to see porcelain or stone finishes for sinks, particularly in modern homes. Despite being an essential part of the kitchen, sinks are one of the more cheaper components in the kitchen. 

If you're renovating your house and you've started to move outdoors and work on the garden, you're going to realise that you'll start using more water and when we say more, we mean a LOT MORE WATER
Cooking is tons of fun until you notice dishes piled up in the sink. Nobody wants to sort through a cramped wash area – so why put up with a tiny sink? If you want a clean and comfortable cooking experience, a large kitchen sink is essential!

Rust is caused by a metallic particulate which has oxidized on the surface of a product and turned it to rust. When rust occurs on a product, it resides on the top surface. Glass, enamelled cast iron, vitreous china, stainless steel, and Vikrell cannot rust on its own. Rust is not the result of a manufacturing process, nor is it considered a defect in the product.

Art in the kitchen is either non-existent or is made up of random bits and bobs sitting in the open in a totally unplanned display layout. Since the kitchen is a high activity area there's always utensils, cutlery or boxes visible.
Synthetic grass gardens and artificial turf landscaping has been on the rise lately. Despite being seen as a novelty not so long ago, artificial grass or "fake" grass has been the go-to landscaping option among home-owners due to its versatility and easier maintenance as compared to natural grass.
A kitchen needs to be more than just a random collection of appliances and fixtures. Since the kitchen is typically the central hub of activity in Australian homes, it’s a space that needs to appeal to the emotions. Ideally, it should evoke feelings of comfort, peace, hospitality, security and vitality. The kitchen also needs to be suitably practical, allowing the chef in the house to efficiently wash, chop, blend, cook and perform all the myriad functions essential to preparing each meal.
Having a great laundry tub for your laundry room will help a lot in the maintenance of your clothing and garments. It makes your laundry time more efficient (faster) as well as providing a comfortable workspace which can fit in well with the decoration of your home.