Pull Out Kitchen Mixer Taps

Pull Out Kitchen Mixer Taps

Buildmat pull-out kitchen mixer taps are the ultimate in practicality. Enjoy the ease and versatility with a greater range of movement in and around the sink. Their premium design and highest quality fittings make them easy to use and guaranteed to last.

A kitchen mixer tap is a must-have for any modern kitchen, providing convenience and versatility when using hot and cold water. With a range of designs and finishes, a mixer tap will complement any kitchen decor and style. Look for a tap that's functional, stylish, and high quality in order to withstand daily use. A pull-out kitchen mixer tap can offer even more versatility, with a flexible hose and extendable spout that make cleaning and food prep a breeze. Invest in a quality kitchen mixer tap today and start enjoying all the benefits it has to offer.

Versatile Design Makes Cleaning Simple & Fast

Easily adjust the water temperature and flow rate to suit your washing-up needs. Whether you’re washing dishes, filling pots or rinsing off vegetables, a pull-out kitchen mixer tap makes washing up in the kitchen easy and fast.

Single Lever for Ultimate Convenience

Buildmat’s pull-out kitchen mixer taps feature a single lever design that allows you to control both temperature and flow with one hand. This makes them easy to use, even if you have your hands full.

Complement Your Kitchen Décor

Design your kitchen your own way and choose from 6 on-trend kitchen mixer tap colours. Whether you prefer a warm and rich gold tone, a sleek and modern gunmetal finish, or a classic stainless steel look, Buildmat’s kitchen mixer tap colour options can help you create the perfect complement to your kitchen's existing colour scheme.

Solid Construction & High-Quality Materials to Withstand Daily Use

Buildmat’s kitchen mixer taps are built to last, with solid construction and high-quality materials. They can easily withstand the rigours of daily use and continue to function perfectly for years to come.

Perfect for Those Hard-to-Reach Corners

Pull-out kitchen mixer taps can be easily extended to reach every corner of your sink, making it easier to wash dishes, rinse fruit & veg, and fill large pots. Plus, the flexible hose can be manoeuvred to reach tight spaces, making cleaning a breeze.

A Sustainable Choice for Your Home & The Planet

Buildmat’s kitchen mixer taps have a WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards) rating, meaning your taps will use less water, both preserving this precious resource and lowering your water bills. Choosing a high WELS-rated tap can also help to reduce your carbon footprint, as less water usage means less energy required to pump and treat water.

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