Nero Sensor Taps

Upgrade to Nero's Sensor Taps for a blend of style, hygiene, and eco-friendliness in your home. These sensor taps are not just about bringing a sleek, modern look to your space with their variety of finishes like brushed brass gold or matte black; they're about making your daily routines easier and healthier.
Nero Sensor Taps
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Why Nero Sensor Taps Stand Out

Touchless Operation for Better Hygiene

With Nero's sensor technology, you can say goodbye to germs and hello to a more hygienic kitchen or bathroom. There's no need to touch the taps with dirty hands, making your home cleaner and safer.

Save Water, Save the Planet

These taps are designed to reduce water wastage and feature a WELS rating of 6 – the highest possible star. They only run when you need them to, automatically shutting off to conserve water and lower your bills.

A Style to Suit Every Home

Whether your home has a contemporary, classic or somewhere-in-between vibe, there's a finish that will fit right in, elevating the look of your bathroom or kitchen. From black to brushed brass gold and brushed gunmetal taps, the Nero Sensor Tap range has something for everyone.

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