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For those who see their home as an extension of their individuality, Nero Tapware offers more than just functional fixtures. Each tap or accessory isn't just a utility, but a statement—of style, of taste, of personal preference. From kitchen mixer taps to bathroom basins and bathroom mixers, shop Nero’s range today.
Nero Tapware
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Kitchen Mixer Taps

With Nero's kitchen mixer taps, even the simplest tasks become enjoyable experiences. Whether preparing family meals or washing up afterwards, you have a range of designs to suit your style—from the elegant curve of a gooseneck to the clean lines of a modern square tap. Plus, Nero offers a palette of on-trend colours to truly personalise your space.

Nero Kitchen Mixers

Nero Kitchen Mixers


Bathroom Basins

A bathroom basin can be much more than a functional piece—it can be the central focus of your personal sanctuary. Nero’s basins are timeless and durable, allowing you to express your style, whether it leans modern, classic, or somewhere in between.

Nero Bathroom Basins  

Nero Bathroom Basins

Bathroom Mixers

Nero’s bathroom mixers and faucets are both beautiful and functional. They are meticulously crafted to ensure consistent and reliable performance, all while embodying a sense of elegance that complements any bathroom. From a mounted swivel faucet to a luxurious freestanding bath spout, Nero’s tapware will elevate any bathroom aesthetic.

Nero Bathroom Mixers

Nero Bathroom Mixers

Showerheads, Rails & Arms

With Nero Tapware, showers aren’t just about rinsing off—it's about creating an immersive experience. Choose from a variety of shower heads and arms that provide the exact water flow you prefer, be it a soothing rainfall or a more vigorous jet stream. The accompanying shower taps and rails are designed for easy operation, turning a simple shower into a personalised retreat.

Nero Shower Tapware


Laundry Mixers & Taps

Laundry doesn't have to be a chore—not when you have Nero’s laundry mixers and taps by your side. These fixtures add not just utility but also a dash of style to the often-overlooked laundry space. Designed for both efficiency and aesthetics, they turn even mundane laundry tasks into another opportunity to appreciate good design.

Nero Laundry Mixers

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