Bathroom Wall Mixer Taps

Discover the elegance of Buildmat's bathroom wall mixer taps, a seamless blend of design and practicality for your bathroom. From mixer taps to shower mixers, explore our premium collection and find the perfect bathroom wall mixer tap that not only complements your bathroom's aesthetics but also introduces the convenience of streamlined water control at your fingertips.

The Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality 

Buildmat's range of bathroom wall mixer taps stands at the forefront of bathroom innovation, merging effortlessly with any interior design while delivering the functionality essential for a modern bathroom. Whether you're upgrading your space or designing a new one, these mixer taps provide a refined solution, offering easy access to water control without the complexity of traditional setups. 

Choose from 10 On-Trend Colours 

Explore our wide range of bathroom wall mixer tap colours, crafted to suit any style or theme. Our collection includes timeless chrome, modern matte black and matte white, elegant aged Brass and brushed vintage antique brass, contemporary brushed nickel and brushed gunmetal, and charming vintage brass. We have the perfect colour to match your bathroom basin tapware and sink and enhance your space’s overall look and feel. 

Unsurpassed Quality and Convenience 

Experience unparalleled convenience and style with Buildmat's sleek bathroom wall mixer taps. Our diverse range of wall mixer taps redefines the way you interact with water in your bathroom, providing effortless control over both temperature and flow with just one hand movement. The integration of innovative technology in a streamlined design not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom but also simplifies your daily routine.

Selectively Curated Brands for Timeless Interiors

Our collection spans various ranges, each curated to embody the pinnacle of craftsmanship and design. From the classic elegance of the Bianca range to the modern allure of the Cromford series, we cater to a range of styles and preferences. The Kara mixer tap, with its sleek form and versatility, and the Mecca range, known for its distinctive style, are designed to integrate flawlessly with Buildmat's bathroom essentials, ensuring both sophistication and functionality in your bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

A bathroom wall mixer tap combines design elegance with practical functionality, allowing for precise control over water temperature and flow, all from a single fixture mounted on the wall, streamlining your bathroom's look.
Absolutely! With a wide range of finishes and styles, our mixer taps can enhance any bathroom, whether you're looking for a piece to complement your basin or a standout feature for your shower.
Consider your bathroom's colour palette and overall style. For a contemporary feel, matte finishes like black or white are great choices. For a touch of luxury, aged brass or brushed nickel might be your go-to.
Yes, we offer Australia-wide delivery for our entire mixer tap range, enabling you to elevate your bathroom no matter your location.
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