Undermount Laundry Sinks

Upgrade your kitchen efficiency with our premium selection of in-sink kitchen colanders from Buildmat. These thoughtfully designed colanders sit comfortably in your sink, streamlining your food preparation process while saving valuable countertop space. Explore our range of kitchen colanders and discover a practical solution to simplify your daily kitchen tasks.

If you’re looking for a durable and stylish undermount laundry sink that can handle the demands of your busy household, look no further than Buildmat’s premium laundry tub range. With features such as 1.5mm thick steel construction, noise-reducing sound-absorbing pads, and versatile design options, Buildmat’s undermount laundry sinks are the perfect solution for anyone looking for a quality sink that can withstand heavy use. Coming in three on-trend colours and a range of sizes, find your perfect laundry sink today.

Built to Last

Buildmat’s undermount laundry sinks are constructed from 1.5mm thick (16 gauge) steel, making them incredibly durable and perfect for both domestic and commercial use. Say goodbye to flimsy, cheap sinks that deteriorate after a few uses – this sink is built to last.

Modern & Sleek Design

Unlike traditional sinks with sharp edges and corners, the R10 rounded edges of Buildmat’s sinks are gentle, smooth, and easy to clean. With no sharp edges to trap dirt and debris, you'll be able to keep your sink sparkling clean with minimal effort. Meanwhile, the matte/satin finish with a hairline/brushed finish also helps to disguise scratching, making sure your laundry sink looks stunning for years to come.

Noise Reduction for Peace & Quiet

No one wants a loud and obnoxious sink – that's why the Buildmat’s undermount laundry sinks come with noise-reducing sound-absorbing pads on all external faces and the base. Do your laundry in peace and quiet (and without disturbing the rest of the household).

Types of Undermount Laundry Sinks

Enjoy Extra Space & Functionality With an Undermount Double Bowl Sink

Upgrade your laundry room or kitchen with an undermount laundry sink with a double bowl and enjoy the benefits of extra space and functionality. With two separate bowls, you'll have plenty of room to soak, wash, and rinse your laundry. You can even use one bowl for soaking and the other for rinsing to make your cleaning routine more efficient.

Keep Your Bench Clutter-Free with an Undermount Drainboard Sink

Elevate your laundry room with an undermount laundry sink with a drainboard. With the drainboard integrated into the sink, you'll have a convenient space to dry clothes or other items (like pet accessories) without taking up precious counter space. This means you can keep your bench clutter-free and utilise every inch of space in your laundry room.

The Versatile Single Bowl Sink

Enjoy the benefits of extra space and versatility with a single bowl laundry sink. The single bowl design provides ample space for washing clothes, dishes, or even your furry friends. With undermount installation, you'll have a seamless, clutter-free countertop that's easy to clean.

More Room to Work & Wash with an Undermount Tap Landing Sink

For extra functionality and convenience, choose a tap landing undermount laundry sink. The built-in tap landing provides a dedicated space for your faucet, giving you more room to work and wash. This means you can keep your countertops clean and clutter-free, while still having easy access to water.

Sizes & Styles to Suit Every Laundry

Find your perfect fit with Buildmat’s range of undermount laundry sinks that come in a variety of sizes (shape/dimension and water capacity) and colours. The dimension of the sink will depend on the sink configuration best suited to your laundry (double bowl, single bowl, tap landing or drainboard).

  • Litres: 25L, 38L, 51L, 64L, 77L, 90L
  • Double bowl: 775x450,1200x500, 595x450, 975x450 and more
  • Drainboard: 1125x450, 1075x450, 1200x500 and more
  • Single bowl: 510x450, 600x450, 810x450, 900x450 and more
  • Tap landing: 1200x500, 700x500, 510x500, 820x500 and more
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