How Artificial Plant Walls Stack Up

How Artificial Plant Walls Stack Up

The addition of greenery in the both indoor and outdoor spaces has become more and more popular throughout Australia. In particular, the use of plant walls or vertical gardens is a great way to add life and intrigue to a stark environment with very minimal cost and effort.

Mixed with the right building materials like stone, timber and neutral tile, it is easy to create designer spaces that have real impact with a plant wall. The versatility of differing styles and types of artificial plant that are now available allows you to select a range of natural pop colours and also control the scale and shape of your feature plant wall to fit your internal or external space.

Image (Bathroom with Plant Wall): Caption - Larger bathrooms in need of a pop of colour are a great application for plant walls. The greenery adds a designer touch and the artificial plants require no maintenance.

The decor in foyers, waiting rooms and offices can make or break a first impression and companies are we are always looking for the most cost effective way to add stylish design that will both wow and add sophistication. Large commercial spaces that would normally consist of cold stone, stainless steel and glass are softened immediately with the introduction of artificial plant walls.

Corporate offices like Live Nation, Westin Hotels & Resorts, Vaio, Qantas and many more have recognised, not only the aesthetic impact of adding greenery to corporate spaces but also of the calming effect that a little greenery has on its occupants. Even the smallest nod to creating a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors can make a space more comfortable and approachable.

Image (Large Corporate Building with Plant wall installation): Caption - A large, stark building foyer is softened greatly by the addition of a large-scale plant wall. The value is in the fact that no ongoing maintenance is required.

The largest benefit of artificial plant walls in commercial and domestic application is value for money. Due to a lack of maintenance required long term as well the sheer cost reduction in buying artificial plants in comparison to their real counterparts, artificial plant walls are a great and cost effective choice for a leap in design for interior and exterior spaces.

Choice of colours and plant type can be based entirely on personal preference and application for versatility, and once installed, the only reason for change is the transition of contemporary interior design. The versatility of artificial plants is that there is no need to plan the strategic placement of your plant wall around availability of plumbing for irrigation or natural light. Hypo-allergenic, you will also never have to worry about planning your vertical garden or plant wall around allergies, plant toxins or sensitivity.

Image (Man in trade uniform installing artificial plant wall): Caption - Installation is quick and easy and there is no ongoing maintenance required.

Building a feature wall for your commercial or domestic application can be simple, cost effective and create real design impact for your next project and last last as long as the building materials throughout your home or office.