Filtered Water Taps

Experience the blend of practicality and style with our filtered water taps, designed to provide clean, pure water and a contemporary look to your kitchen. Our collection of filtered water taps is curated with all home designs in mind – from traditional to modern and beyond – offering an elegant and practical way to get filtered water straight from your tap.

Enhance Your Space with Filtered Water Taps

Step into the world of convenience and refined design with our filtered water taps. Crafted for immediate access to clean water, these taps seamlessly blend functionality with sleek aesthetics. Ideal for any home style, from classic to contemporary, they not only provide essential utility but also add an element of sophisticated flair to your kitchen.

Exceptional Quality for Healthy Living

Constructed from premium stainless steel materials, our filtered water taps are built to endure, ensuring lasting durability and steady performance. They offer a consistent supply of filtered water, minimising impurities and enhancing flavour, straight from your tap. This collection is thoughtfully designed to support your daily well-being, combining health-centric advantages with understated elegance. 

Innovative Features for Easy Hydration 

For the ultimate convenience, opt for a 3-way mixer tap, which combines hot, cold, and filtered water in a single sleek unit, streamlining kitchen functionality while reducing clutter. Ideal for modern kitchens, it offers a tidy, efficient solution, merging practicality with style and ensuring every kitchen task, from cooking to cleaning, is simpler and more enjoyable.

On-Trend Colours to Match Your Aesthetics

Our filtered water taps come in a versatile palette to seamlessly match any kitchen design. Each colour is thoughtfully chosen to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space, allowing you to align the tap with your personal style and the existing decor of your home. Whether you're looking for a bold statement or something subtle, our range of colours ensures your tap is not just a utility, but a part of your home's design narrative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, filtered water taps are worth the investment for several reasons. They provide immediate access to clean, purified water, reduce the need for bottled water (which is better for the environment and your wallet), and can improve the taste and quality of your drinking water. Plus, they add value to your kitchen with their stylish designs.
Drinking filtered tap water can be healthier than unfiltered tap water, as filters can remove contaminants such as chlorine, lead, and bacteria that may be present in your water supply. This can improve the safety and taste of your water, making it healthier for consumption.
Yes, tap water purifiers, including filtered water taps, do work. They are designed to remove various contaminants from your water, depending on the type of filter used. It's important to choose a high-quality water filter and replace the filter cartridges as recommended to ensure optimal performance.
While Australian tap water is generally safe to drink, filtering your tap water in Australia can still be beneficial. It can improve the taste by removing chlorine and other chemicals, and it can also remove any sediments or impurities, providing an extra layer of protection and peace of mind, especially in areas with older plumbing systems or specific water quality issues.
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