Toilet Roll Holders

Refresh your bathroom's look with our stylish selection of bathroom toilet roll holders. Crafted for contemporary homes, our holders are built from robust stainless steel and come in various modern colours. A small change can make a big difference—upgrade your bathroom with our elegant holders to bring a fresh, new vibe. Browse our range today and find the perfect piece to complement your bathroom's decor.

Matching Your Toilet Roll Holder to Your Bathroom Tapware

Create a unified look in your bathroom by pairing your new toilet roll holder with the existing decor and fixtures. We provide a range of finishes to match or contrast with your bathroom mixer taps, shower heads, and shower rails. Opt for matching finishes to maintain a uniform style, or choose contrasting shades for a bold, standout look. From the classic elegance of antique brass to the modern appeal of matte black and brushed gunmetal, we offer finishes that cater to every taste and style.

Choosing Your Style – Modern or Timeless? 

Your choice of toilet roll holder should reflect the overall style of your bathroom and your unique taste. Our diverse range caters to every aesthetic, from the clean lines of Ascari and Bianca for a modern edge to the timeless appeal of Celia and Cromford, ideal for classic settings. If you're seeking sophistication, Dolce's refined designs could be your go-to, while Mecca's distinctive pieces make bold statements. Alternatively, Opal and York's collections offer a balance, perfect for those who appreciate both modern and traditional elements. 

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