Can I use a Kitchen Mixer in the laundry?

Can I use a Kitchen Mixer in the laundry?

Are you looking for a laundry tap that is as modern and stylish as your kitchen tap? You have come to the right place. Kitchen mixers are being used in laundry rooms these days because they are more modern and stylish than traditional taps. So, if you want to give your laundry room an update without breaking the bank, consider installing a laundry mixer tap!

What is the difference between the kitchen mixer and laundry mixer?

Kitchen rooms and laundry machines have more similarities than differences. If you wanted to replace your failing laundry mixer with the one from the kitchen and update the kitchen one, you could probably do it. The only thing you need to check that the that's already on the laundry tub can actually suit the new kitchen mixer.

Laundry Taps Tend to Be More Durable

In this case we've said "Laundry Taps" and we've done that on purpose because majority of taps that used to be made for the laundry were taps with separate hot and cold tap handles.

These older style taps usually have sturdier internals, they would usually have compression valves rather than a cartridge or ball valves. Compression valves are not the same as mixing valves, that is why that normally laundry taps would have a hot water handle and cold water handle.

It's more important for a laundry room tap to last longer than it is for it to look good, so you'll often find brass that these types of appliance. Brass tapware are a good choice especially in older houses that have copper piping because their metal is chemically similar and doesn't suffer from corrosion or electrolysis. The brass compression valves that are not corroded and can be serviced easily inside a durable, non-corruptible housing makes a stainless steel utility sink faucet very long lasting.

Why are Kitchen Mixers considered less durable?

Modern kitchen mixers would have a single handle which is super convenient in the kitchen, specially when you're cooking or cleaning. The way that works is that inside is what we call a mixing valve, which is where the kitchen "mixer" get's its name! Now it's extremely convenient and easy to use having a single handle with a mixer but it's also why it's less durable, the mixing valve or cartridge can sometimes fail and require replacement.

What's at the end of a laundry mixer?

Back in the day laundry mixers would have a threaded end similar to an outdoor tap, so you could screw a garden hose to the end of it. Whereas nowadays there is an aerator at the end of laundry mixers.

In summary modern day laundry's are are highly aesthetic and more time and effort has been spent in renovating the laundry and not being forgotten about anymore. This means that you should try and match your kitchen theme. This means trying to match the benchtop as well as the mixer and even use the exact same kitchen mixer in the laundry as the laundry mixer.

What are the benefits of using a kitchen mixer in the laundry

There are heaps of benefits choosing a kitchen mixer to put in the laundry, where do we start! Firstly there is a much larger range of colours and styles in kitchen tapware to choose from compared to laundry mixers.

Since the kitchen is generally out on display more people pay more attention to the design and product selection in the kitchen than in the laundry. The laundry is often seen as an after thought because it's not seen by as many visitors or guests as the kitchen.

Lately modern laundry rooms have been included in the design of the house, with most designers trying to match the space with the same style and finishes as the kitchen. There are also mixers with more features available in the kitchen such as pull out mixers.

Also there are a lot of finishes available in the kitchen such as brushed nickel, brushed brass or even brass copper. Gone are the days where chrome mixers were the only type of finish that was available. Now there is a wide range to choose from, check out our range of mixers.