Heated Towel Rails


Enhance your showering experience with Buildmat's collection of heated towel rails. Whether you're attracted to the sleek design of our flat bar models or the timeless elegance of our ladder styles, we have something for every modern bathroom. Simply put, Buildmat's heated towel rails are the ideal addition for anyone looking to transform their bathroom into a cosy retreat.

Dependable & Long-Lasting

Trust in the resilience and extended lifespan of Buildmat's high-quality heated towel rails. Crafted with superior materials, these towel rails are designed to resist wear and tear, offering you a lasting investment for your bathroom comfort.

Experience the Warmth & Comfort

Experience daily comfort with Buildmat's heated towel rails. The electric towel rail is designed to rapidly heat up and reach a temperature of around 45-55 degrees, Designed for ease of use and consistent warmth, our towel rails keep your towels toasty and dry, ensuring that stepping out of the shower during chilly mornings becomes a pleasure.

Affordable Luxury

Looking for the perfect blend of elegance, functionality, and economy in your bathroom? Buildmat's heated towel rails are your go-to choice. Easily controlled with an on/off switch or a handy timer, they allow you to set and forget, with running costs as low as $1 a week.

Choose From 6 Stylish Colours

Whether you're drawn to the bold sophistication of black, the rich elegance of brushed brass gold, the unique industrial vibe of brushed gunmetal, the smooth refinement of brushed nickel, the modern charm of brushed stainless steel, or the timeless appeal of classic stainless steel, there's something to match your bathroom's aesthetic.

Personalise Your Bathroom

The Modern Flat Bar: Upgrade your bathroom's look with the sleek flat bar heated towel rail from Buildmat. Its minimalistic design and impressive finish make it a perfect match for any modern bathroom, and its efficient heating ensures warm towels when you need them.

The Classic Ladder Style: Add a touch of timeless elegance with the ladder-style heated towel rail from Buildmat. Its traditional yet chic design suits various bathroom styles, providing not only warmth but also a classic visual appeal

The Vertical Rail: Enjoy the space-saving features of Buildmat’s vertical heated towel rails – the sleek choice for bathrooms with limited wall space. They include an optional hook for easy towel hanging and offer a stylish and functional touch.

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