The Problems With Commercial Sinks Installed In Everyday Kitchens

The Problems With Commercial Sinks Installed In Everyday Kitchens

What is the difference in a Commercial Sink and a Kitchen sink?

The main difference between a commercial sink and a domestic kitchen sink is not the sink itself but the surroundings, you will see that in a commercial kitchen generally there will be a stainless steel workbench for high traffic food preparation or wash food, and the stainless steel workbench is connected to the stainless steel sink. Mainly the only industries that would utilise a mostly stainless steel kitchen setup are restaurants, caterers or hotels. Another feature of some commercial sinks is that it may have an integrated stainless steel splashback so that it is a lot easier to clean since there might be food mess being flung around and end up on the wall, or mess from the commercial cookers, fryers or other commercial kitchen equipment and it may also match the bar fridges, food warmers or chillers as they are generally in large stainless steel. Stainless steel splashbacks are a lot easier to clean than tiles and grout, which is why we see so much stainless steel in a commercial kitchen.

Whereas in a domestic kitchen it is generally designed in a more aesthetic environment and we would normally see a workbench that would either be stone or laminate, this is because it is more pleasant to the eye and will generally suit the theme of the house. See the Buildmat Kitchen Sink range here.

Should I get a Commercial Stainless Steel Sink for my kitchen?

Well, we mentioned above that the grade of the sink is the same in both the commercial kitchen sink and domestic kitchen sinks if it is to be installed in a standard kitchen then you should generally opt for the domestic kitchen sink because it is easier to set the theme of the house to match, whereas a commercial set up has too much stainless steel in view and is not as appealing, imagine a close with a mop sink or a stainless steel hand basin in a public bathroom, we have all seen one of them and cringed. Another factor to consider is that the stainless steel benches and tabletop means that there is less bench space undershelf or for kitchen equipment such as blenders, cookware or convection oven.

What grade is a typical stainless steel sink?

A typical Kitchen sink is made in a high-quality Stainless Steel 304 which is also shortened to the acronyms SS304 or SSU304, any lower grades of stainless steel will be more prone to rust, any higher grade will be considered marine grade which would generally only be used in a high salt area such as by the beach or high acidic use such as a science lab and is unnecessarily heavy duty for the kitchen, but also be careful that most drainers and strainers will still be SS304.

Is a Single Sink Bowl or a Double Bowl Sink better? 

Whether a single bowl sink or a double bowl is better depends on the use of the kitchen sinks, what we find is that if there are a lot of people in the household and the dishwasher tends to be used more then a large single bowl is more practical because it's a lot easier to store dirty dishes before loading a dishwasher or easier to clean pots, pans or woks where the dishwasher might struggle to remove all the food and grime. 

Some may even opt for a single bowl with drainboard because it makes good use of the dishwasher bench space above the installation of the dishwasher. If you have enough space in your kitchen the most common is the double bowl sink because it takes up less water to fill one of the bowls if you needed to rinse things, one bowl can be used for cooking where the other bowl can be for dirty dishes and soap dispensers.


What Stainless Steel is used in a commercial kitchen?

When we imagine a commercial kitchen such as in a restaurant, local deli or food manufacturer we imagine a giant workbench with a steel benchtop and catering equipment stacked on top. Sometimes when we look at our kitchens at home we wonder whether it has the same durability as the stainless steel that is used in these high traffic facilities.  In terms of materials used in commercial and domestic, they're both Stainless Steel 304 which is also shortened to the acronyms SS304 or SSU304.

Why are people more interested in the commercial kitchen's these days?

the Australian market, especially in Melbourne Victoria and Sydney NSW, in the last decade has been influenced by an influx of cooking shows such as MasterChef, MKR My Kitchen Rules, Jamie's Kitchen, Iron Chef etc. During these televised programs we see everyone working off their stainless steel commercial double sink bench, with their first-class kitchenware, chafing, griddles and cooking equipment, from salamanders, deck ovens, slicers to even food display, and we all dream that we can have the same artistic skills and cooking talent that we're watching, but in reality, the commercial kitchen is unappealing in your home and poor use of space.

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