Tap Landing Kitchen Sinks

Tap Landing Kitchen Sinks

Buildmat's kitchen sinks with tap landings are a great way to update your kitchen with minimal effort. With a wide range to choose from, you can find the perfect sink that will suit your needs and your home.

Tired of your cluttered kitchen counter? Invest in a tap landing sink. With a built-in tap landing area, you can easily wash and rinse dishes without having to move them around, saving you valuable counter space. And, by keeping your tap and sink in one designated area, you can minimise cross-contamination and maintain a more hygienic kitchen. Tap landing sinks also come in a variety of stylish designs and finishes, making them a great choice for anyone looking to add some flair to their kitchen. Don't settle for a basic kitchen sink – elevate your kitchen game with a tap landing sink that combines both form and function.

Convenience At Your Fingertips

With a built-in tap landing area, you'll never have to awkwardly juggle your pots and pans to turn on your mixer tap again. Instead, you can easily wash and rinse dishes without having to move them around, making your time in the kitchen more efficient and convenient.

Space-Saving Design

The tap landing area is built right into the sink, meaning you can save valuable counter space in your kitchen. By keeping everything in one designated area, you'll have more room for food prep, cooking, and entertaining.

Perfect for the Modern & Stylish Kitchen

Buildmat’s tap landing kitchen sinks come in a range of stylish designs and finishes, from classic stainless steel to trendy brushed brass gold. You can choose a sink that complements your kitchen decor and adds a touch of sophistication to your space.

Types of Tap Landing Kitchen Sinks

The Space-Saving & Hygienic Tap Landing Drainboard Sink

With a tap landing drainboard sink, you can wash and rinse dishes without moving them around, while keeping your kitchen more hygienic. The added drainboard feature allows dishes to air dry on the designated area, freeing up valuable counter space and making cleanup a breeze

Enjoy Valuable Counter Space With a Double Bowl Tap-Landing Sink

A tap landing kitchen sink with a double bowl is a versatile and efficient solution for your kitchen. With two separate bowls, you can easily wash dishes on one side while using the other for rinsing or soaking. Plus, the added benefit of a built-in tap landing area saves precious counter space.

The Spacious Single Bowl Tap Landing Sink

With one large bowl, a single bowl tap landing sink allows you to wash even the largest pots and pans, while the built-in tap landing area provides convenient space for washing and rinsing dishes without having to move them around, freeing up space on your kitchen bench.

Sizes & Styles to Suit Every Kitchen

Find your perfect fit with Buildmat’s range of tap landing kitchen sinks that come in a variety of sizes (shape/dimension and water capacity). The dimension of the sink will depend on the sink configuration best suited to your kitchen (double bowl, single bowl or drainboard).

  • Litres: 25L, 37L, 49L, 61L, 73L, 85L
  • Double bowl: 1200x500, 820x500
  • Single bowl: 700x500, 510x500, 600x500, 300x500 and more
  • Drainboard: 1200x500

Frequently Asked Questions

The reason why most people choose a sink with a tap landing or a taphole already existing in the sink is because their cabinet makers have suggested, mostly this would happen because there has been a laminate or timber benchtop chosen. These types of benchtops are susceptible to warping or becoming damaged when exposed to water. Since in Australia all the laminate benchtop providers such as Laminex, Polytec, Nikpol generally have in their fine print that the the benchtops warranty may be void if a kitchen sink or laundry sink with out a tap landing has been installed. This is because back in the day the way the sinks were shaped the taps would always have been installed into the sink rather than into the benchtop. There were different reasons for this, but the industry has changed a lot. These days most modern and stylish sinks come with no tap hole and that's because both stainless steel sinks and laminate products have come a long way in the last decade, we'll explain why both of those have shaped the reason why it's so hard to find a sink with a taphole or sink with tap landing these days.
Sinks designed to be undermounted shouldn't have a tap hole, as it would be useless, if you've decided that you're going for an undermount sink then we suggest that you look at our clean look undermount sink designs without tap holes. What's the most Modern Double bowl sinks with a taphole? the most modern double bowl sink is our carefully designed Jack 820x500 double bowl sink with tap hole, we have made it so that it maximises the space of the double bowl area while making the centre bridge fit the tap. This allows us to create a sink that's modern and doesn't have too much excess steel that takes away from the beautiful benchtop, whether it's stone wood or laminate.
Definitely not, if you're going for a wall mixer or wall spout combination then you definitely don't need a tap landing as there wouldn't be a tap to go on the benchtop or onto the sink. Maybe check out our single bowl laundry tubs, you would have more luck finding something there.
These days most washing machine waste pipes would go through the cabinet and connect to the waste that's under the sink which is more modern and hidden out of the way instead of having an exposed pipe that's an eye sore on top of your benchtop. We recommend you discuss this with both your plumber and your cabinet maker. Older style or cheaper style laundry troughs might still have the waste inlet on the corner of the sink, we would recommend you avoid these style of sinks if you're going for a modern laundry or sink.
The reason is because most of the sinks with tap holes in the Australian market are pressed sinks, which means they are punched into shape by machine and have a lot of excess steel around the edges because they cannot make the corners tight enough. This is why hand made sinks are so popular because they have a tighter R10 radius and way less excess steel around the sink. The downside to that is because it’s so efficient with the space there isn’t anywhere to put the mixer, now this is done on purpose because it means the sink mixer or sink tap would go on the benchtop.
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