by Vivian Garzon

Transform Your Home Buildmat’s Guide to Tapware Finishes

Transform Your Home Buildmat’s Guide to Tapware Finishes

The right tapware is more than just a functional element in your kitchen or bathroom; it plays a pivotal role in defining the style, mood, and overall aesthetic of your space. Choosing the ideal tapware can transform an ordinary room into a stunning showcase of your personal style. Join us as we explore the world of tapware finishes, combining practicality with style, to discover how a simple change can significantly impact your home's ambience.

Brushed or Polished Tapware?

The first decision is whether you want brushed or polished tapware, as they offer two distinct looks.

  • Brushed tapware, with its matte and subtle texture, offers a contemporary and understated elegance that hides fingerprints and water spots, making it a practical choice for busy households. Its gentle appearance is perfect for creating a warm atmosphere, especially in kitchens and bathrooms where comfort meets functionality.

    Brushed tapware includes brushed nickel tapware, gunmetal tapware, and matte black tapware.
  • Polished tapware stands out for its high shine and reflective surface, bringing a bright and airy feel to any space. It's the go-to finish for those looking to add a touch of luxury and timeless charm, complementing both modern and traditional interiors with its sleek and clean lines.

    Polished tapware includes brass tapware, antique brass tapware, and chrome tapware. 

Classic or Modern Tapware?

Next, it’s time to decide your colour and metal. Whether you opt for the timeless elegance of classic metals or the sleek sophistication of modern styles, choosing the right colour and metal can truly elevate your space.

Classic Metals

Chrome Tapware 

Vivid Slimline Plus Wall Top Assemblies in Chrome

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Starting with a true classic, Chrome tapware shines with its sleek and versatile appeal. It’s an all-rounder, seamlessly blending into various home decor colours and styles. Whether paired with industrial timber, elegant stone benches, or a contemporary monochromatic scheme, chrome tapware adds a flexible and classic tone to any space.

Chrome Tapware Tapware by Buildmat

Chrome Tapware

Add a Touch of Sophistication

Brushed Nickel Tapware 

Charlotte Brushed Nickel Square Mixer

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For those who favour a subtler metallic touch, brushed nickel is your go-to. Its warm, satin-like appearance brings a soft, smooth texture that complements rustic and industrial designs. Ideal for enhancing white or light-coloured granite and marble surfaces, brushed nickel adds personality to stainless steel sinks, making it a good choice for both traditional and modern homes.

Brushed Nickel Tapware by Buildmat

Brushed Nickel Tapware

Harmonize Design with Elegance

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Modern Metals 

Gunmetal Tapware

Fleta Gunmetal 3-Way Mixer Tap

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Moving to the cooler side, gunmetal tapware brings contemporary sophistication to the table. Its soft, matte finish adds a layer of sophistication to spaces adorned with white or grey tones. Its versatility shines through when paired with warm neutrals, timber, or brick, showcasing its ability to adapt and enhance various design styles.

Gunmetal Tapware by Buildmat

Gunmetal Tapware

Contemporary Elegance Infusion

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Matte Black Tapware 

Mira Matte Black Wall Spout

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Matte black tapware is the epitome of sophistication and style. Its bold, sleek appearance makes a statement in any space, offering versatility for monochromatic or vibrantly coloured environments. Matte black is perfect for those looking to embrace modern design without sacrificing functionality.

Matte Black Tapware by Buildmat

Matte Black Tapware

Contemporary Elegance Infusion

Brass and Antique Brass Tapware

Ashanti Brushed Brass Gold Gooseneck Mixer


SHOP: Ashanti Brushed Brass Gold Gooseneck Mixer

Brass tapware, with its warm, golden tones, offers a timeless radiance that brightens any space. When given a brushed texture, it becomes a contemporary masterpiece, blending perfectly with modern aesthetics. For those seeking a touch of vintage charm, antique brass tapware provides a rich, deep colour that adds character and depth, making it ideal for spaces that aim to tell a story through design.

Brushed Brass Tapware by Buildmat

Brushed Brass Tapware

Add a Touch of Sophistication

Transform Your Home with New Tapware

Choosing the right tapware finish can dramatically transform your home, adding both style and functionality. From the timeless elegance of classic metals to the bold statements of the modern palette, Buildmat offers a range of options to suit every taste and design need. 

Whether renovating or just refreshing your space, remember that the details make the design. Explore our collection of tapware finishes and discover how you can bring your home to life with just a simple change.

Tapware Finishes FAQs

What are the most durable tapware finishes?

Chrome and matte black are among the most durable finishes available. Chrome is renowned for its ability to resist tarnishing and corrosion, making it a great choice for high-moisture areas. Matte black finishes are also praised for their resistance to fingerprints and water spots, maintaining their sleek appearance with minimal maintenance.

How do I choose the right tapware finish for my bathroom or kitchen?

Consider the overall design and colour scheme of your space. For a modern and sleek look, matte black or chrome finishes are excellent choices. If you're aiming for a warm, rustic, or industrial aesthetic, brushed nickel or brass finishes might be more suitable. Always think about the maintenance and durability of the finish in relation to your household's usage.

Can I mix and match tapware finishes in my home?

Absolutely! Mixing and matching tapware finishes can add depth and interest to your home's design. For a cohesive look, consider using the same finish for all the tapware within one room but feel free to choose different finishes for different rooms. The key is to maintain a balance that complements your overall design theme.

How do I care for and maintain my tapware finishes?

Regular cleaning with a soft, damp cloth and mild soap is usually sufficient to maintain the appearance of your tapware. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or pads that can scratch the surface. For specific finishes like brass or antique brass, you might need to use special cleaners or polishes to preserve their unique looks.

What is the difference between brushed and polished finishes?

Brushed finishes, such as brushed nickel or brushed brass, have a matte, satin-like appearance that hides water spots and fingerprints well. Polished finishes, like chrome, are shiny and reflective, offering a sleek, clean look. The choice between brushed and polished often comes down to personal preference and the style of your space.

Can tapware finishes affect water quality?

No, tapware finishes do not affect water quality. The interior components of the tapware, which come into contact with water, are designed to meet strict health and safety standards. However, it's important to choose high-quality tapware from reputable manufacturers to ensure the best water quality and durability.