by Vivian Garzon

5 Design Tips to Create a Commercial Style Kitchen at Home

Want a new kitchen designed by the pros? Here’s how to give your kitchen the ultimate makeover inspired by trending commercial kitchen designs.
5 Design Tips to Create a Commercial Style Kitchen at Home

When most people think of a commercial kitchen, they picture steel countertops, food prep strewn all over the galley and kitchen walls, and a frantic chef shouting orders at their back-of-house kitchen staff.

While this is certainly a reality for most commercial kitchens, it’s not the only thing that defines a quintessential commercial kitchen. At Buildmat, we think what best defines a commercial kitchen is its design – where everything is perfectly placed to enhance the workflow.

Because commercial style kitchens are incredibly on-trend at the moment, we thought we’d put together an article with our best kitchen design tips to help you transform your kitchen into a commercial-style kitchen inspired by the pros.

 1. Get Your Shelving & Cabinetry Right

Whether you have a small kitchen or a large kitchen, having good kitchen cabinets and storage space is key to achieving that commercial kitchen vibe at home. Commercial kitchens typically feature an open kitchen design, so it's smart to start your kitchen planning with some well-designed open shelves.

In a small kitchen especially, making the most of vertical space is crucial, and open shelves are a great way to do just that. They let you easily grab your go-to cooking tools, spices, and dishes while giving your kitchen a modern touch.

5 Design Tips to Create a Commercial Style Kitchen at Home
Shelving and cabinetry is a must for a commercial-style kitchen at home

When you're setting up your open shelves, think about where they'll be most handy. Placing them near your cooking area means you can easily grab what you need while you're whipping up your meals. Hanging them above your countertops or prep areas is a smart move for quick access to frequently used items.
The great thing about open shelves is that you can customise them to match your kitchen's vibe. Whether you go for a sleek metal shelf for a modern look or a rustic wooden one for a minimalist feel, there are tons of options to suit your style and home decor.

2. Commercial Style Stainless Steel Sink

For a true commercial style kitchen at home, it’s essential you find the perfect commercial style stainless steel sink. Why do commercial kitchens feature so much stainless steel you ask? And why are stainless steel sinks the epicentre of a well-designed commercial kitchen? Well, as the name suggests, they don’t stain, you can place hot pans right in them, and they are super hygienic (because bacteria can easily seep into porous surfaces but not stainless steel, making them great for food safety).

5 Design Tips to Create a Commercial Style Kitchen at Home

Pro tip: For commercial sink quality, look for a kitchen sink with Grade 304 stainless steel 

They can also take a serious beating and withstand the daily rigours of a busy kitchen, lasting you for years to come. Whether you choose a double bowl or single bowl stainless steel sink, it’s a must-have when creating your commercial style kitchen at home.

3. Invest in a Professional Worktable

When we say professional worktable, this is just a fancy way of saying get yourself a kitchen island. A kitchen island is an essential investment when turning your kitchen into a commercial style workspace because it’s just so versatile.

5 Design Tips to Create a Commercial Style Kitchen at Home
Invest in a portable or stationary kitchen island - either work!
Whether you’re using it as a food prep area, or need the additional counter space to store kitchen appliances, or simply keep your workspace organised and flowing, a professional worktable is a must, especially in small spaces (but remember to consider your kitchen floor space – you need room to move around!)

4. Rolling Butcher Block Cart

Similar to a kitchen island, a rolling butcher block cart is a smart and compact way to bring a touch of commercial kitchen design and efficiency to your own home. This large piece of butcher block perfectly contrasts with the shiny stainless steel base of the below cart (and will match your stainless steel commercial style sink). It’s a dedicated food prep space but can only easily be rolled out to the dining area when it comes to serving up your meal to guests.

5 Design Tips to Create a Commercial Style Kitchen at Home

5. Heat Lamp-Style Lights

For a true commercial kitchen vibe, consider installing some heat-style lamps. They don’t have to be actual heat lamps, but some pendant lights over your kitchen island can give your kitchen a real high-end, commercial look and feel. It’s a huge kitchen trend at the moment and with its timeless and classic appeal, we don’t see this look going out of style anytime soon.

5 Design Tips to Create a Commercial Style Kitchen at Home
Heat-style lamps are a simple yet effective way to bring commercial kitchen style to your home

Bonus Tip: Create a Commercial Kitchen Layout

There are a lot of factors to consider when designing a commercial kitchen. But perhaps the most important part of a commercial kitchen space is the workflow. To really bring a commercial kitchen vibe to your own home, you need to create zone-style layouts.

For example, one zone for washing, one zone for chopping and food prep, another zone for cooking, a zone to store your cooking equipment and so on. It’s a good idea to map out a floor plan to get a better sense of where all the different zones could sit within your kitchen.

Get the Commercial Feel with Buildmat’s Commercial Style Sinks

Feeling inspired to create a restaurant kitchen in your own home? The first step is investing in a commercial-style kitchen sink. It’s one of the easiest ways to achieve a commercial look and feel at home, and once you have your kitchen sink in place, everything else will just flow from there. SHOP our premium commercial-style sinks today.