Terrazzo Bathroom Basins

Terrazzo Bathroom Basins

Seriously cool and incredibly on-trend, terrazzo basins will are the perfect way to add a splash of contemporary style to your bathroom. Believe us when we say every guest who uses the bathroom will be asking "Where did you get that beautiful sink from?" Each one unique in its own right, revamp your bathroom today with a Buildmat terrazzo basin.

Add a Splash of Contemporary Style

No terrazzo bathroom design is complete without a trendy and modern sink to complement the overall aesthetic. Terrazzo basins are eye-catching and like art pieces in themselves, adding flair and character to any room they inhabit. For a splash of contemporary style, shop Buildmat’s range of premium quality terrazzo basins for the picture-perfect bathroom.

Versatile & Durable Terrazzo Basins

Terrazzo basins have a homogenous colour and effect, making them incredibly versatile and easier to combine with other bathroom accessories. Whether you prefer minimalist neutral shades or colourful specks, you can find a terrazzo basin design to suit your style and needs. Terrazzo basins are as durable as they come, being impenetrable to water and stain damage. With proper care and maintenance, a terrazzo basin will last you decades.

A Perfect Pairing to Your Bathroom Mixer Tap

With a beautiful circular shape, terrazzo basins pair perfectly with almost any bathroom mixer tap. From a brushed brass gold square mixer to a nickel wall basin mixer to a matte black tall basin mixer, terrazzo basins mixer flawlessly with a variety of bathroom mixer tap styles and colours. Whatever your style and bathroom needs, Buildmat has a mixer tap to pair with your terrazzo sink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Terrazzo is like marble’s cooler, more mature cousin. It’s an extremely durable composite surface composed of chips of marble, glass and stone set in a resin or cement base. It can be bought in slabs, tiles or poured directly into place.
Absolutely! Terrazzo looks gorgeous in bathrooms, especially a standout terrazzo basin.
Pretty much anything goes with terrazzo! It definitely works well with rich, natural stone, especially a stone with a bold grain, like marble. Warm-coloured terrazzo works best with accents of red, orange, and yellow, while a cool-toned terrazzo works well with white, grey, blue and green.
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