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Standard Shower Head Vs Rainfall Shower Head: What's the Difference?

Choosing between a standard shower head and a rainfall shower? Both shower heads offer a uniquely different experience, so choosing the right one is essential for a relaxing and rejuvenating shower. Below, we’re highlighting the main differences to help you find the right shower head for your needs.
Standard Shower Head Vs Rainfall Shower Head: What's the Difference?

Choosing the right shower head can make a big difference to your showering experience.

Some people like a strong, focused stream of water, while others enjoy a softer, rain-like shower. That's why it's important to consider your preferences when you're updating or designing your bathroom.

In this post, we'll compare standard and rainfall shower heads.

By understanding what sets them apart, you'll be better equipped to make the right choice and improve your shower routine.

Standard Shower Heads - A Blend of Tradition and Versatility

Standard shower heads, also known as wall-mount shower heads, are the traditional favourites that you'll find in most older bathrooms.

Standard Shower Head Vs Rainfall Shower Head: What's the Difference?

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Their popularity stems from their simplicity and practicality. Mounted on the wall, they provide a robust, direct stream of water that can be adjusted.

They're designed for those who appreciate control over their shower experience.

Key Features 

Strong Water Flow

Standard shower heads offer a strong flow of water. This can be great for waking you up in the morning, helping you relax after a long day, or easing sore muscles after exercise.

You Can Adjust the Water Pressure and Direction

A big plus of standard shower heads is that you can change the water pressure and direction. So, if you need a powerful blast to ease your shoulders or a gentle flow to wash your hair, you're in control.

They're Good for Saving Water

Because they direct water to one spot, standard shower heads usually use less water. This is good for the planet and can help cut your water bills.

  • The good:Standard shower heads are great for controlling flow, which is good for switching up your showering needs (power shower vs something more gentle)andit’s good for conserving water. 
  • Take note:A standard shower’s hose-like water stream isn't the best for an all-over wash. It's a bit more of a focused cleanse, which is cool for some, but not everyone's showering preference. 

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Rainfall Shower Heads - A Touch of Class

Rainfall shower heads, or just rain shower heads, step up your shower game. They make you feel like you're in the middle of a rain shower (hence the name!) Mounted right overhead, they cover your whole body in a soft, relaxing stream, making your shower feel like a day at the spa.

Key Features

Gentle, Consistent Water Stream

Rainfall shower heads give you a tender, even water stream. It's like standing under a gentle rain shower, taking your everyday wash from plain to peaceful.

Bigger is Better for All-Over Coverage

Rain shower heads are usually bigger, meaning more space for water to flow. So, you get a thorough, immersive cleanse.

A Touch of Luxury

They're also incredibly on-trend and very luxurious – making every shower feel like a mini holiday.

  • The good:Rainfall shower heads offer a soothing, spa-like wash. They cover your whole body in a calming water stream, turning your regular shower into a tiny escape. Plus, they look beautiful and will certainly boost your bathroom's style points.
  • Take note:Their gentle flow might not pack enough punch for those who like their showers a little more hardcore.

Which One Works for You?

Choosing between a regular and a rainfall shower head comes down to what you want from your shower. If you're into a powerful, targeted water stream, a regular shower head is probably your thing.

But, if you're into the idea of a calm, spa-like shower that covers your entire body, a rainfall shower head might be just the ticket.

The best shower head is the one that makes you happy and gives you the best shower.

Whether that's the regular shower head or the luxurious rainfall one, it's all about making your everyday wash a little more enjoyable.

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