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Layout Considerations for a Bathroom Reno

As a high traffic area that you use daily, when it comes to renovating the bathroom you want to get the layout just right, especially because it’s such an expensive and time-consuming undertaking.
Layout Considerations for a Bathroom Reno

As a high traffic area that you use daily, when it comes to renovating the bathroom you want to get the layout just right, especially because it’s such an expensive and time-consuming undertaking.

But how do you know where to position the shower and loo? How high should the vanity be? What type of tub or shower would be best?

Don’t stress. Your builder, bathroom designer or plumber will be able to advise you on how to make your bathroom functional,space efficientand visually appealing.

To help you explain exactly what you want to achieve to your industry pros here are the key things to consider when planning the layout of your new bathroom.


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Before you even look at new fixtures and fittings, take a moment to think about what you don’t like about your current bathroom, how you use the space and what areas need to be improved upon.

You may need more space to undress and dry off and a spot to hang your robe. Maybe you want to separate the toilet from the main bathroom so someone can use the shower and sink at the same time as the WC is occupied.

If you and your partner or children get ready at the same time in the morning rush, a vanity with two sinks may be desirable. These are the kinds of things to establish firmly in your mind before chatting to a professional so you can ensure your new bathroom maximises functionality.


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Shower vs Bathtub

Measure your space to determine whether a separate bath and shower is feasible or whether a large luxury walk-in shower is more practical for your household.

Most people use their shower daily and only use a bathtub occasionally, as a luxurious way to relax. So, whether you keep a separate tub is up to you and your circumstances. But for resale value, we’d recommend keeping a separate bathtub if space permits, as this a priority for families with babies and young children.


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Toilet Position

If your toilet is in the same room as your main bathroom aim to position the toilet out of the line of sight from the bathroom door. This way if the bathroom door is left open the toilet doesn’t become the unsightly view into your fancy new bathroom for passers-by. You can achieve this by obscuring the toilet with the vanity or a panel of frosted glass.


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Natural light and ventilation provided by windows are important in bathroom design and maintenance, but you want to make sure you feel comfortable taking a shower in there. To ensure privacy think about installing window shutters, frosted glass or windows with a one-way tint to maximise natural light.

If you don’t have any windows in your bathroom, consider bringing in natural light via a skylight or light pipe via the ceiling. Also, make sure you have a quality ventilation fan installed to control moisture in the space properly and avoid any mould issues down the track.


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Ample Storage

Don’t forget to leave room for all those bathroom necessities you need to access regularly with custom-made cabinetry and wall fixtures. Think about the ways you want to store makeup, towels, toothbrushes, a rubbish bin, hairdryer, toilet paper and other beauty products. Are you ok leaving things out on the bench or floor or do you prefer tucking things away neatly out of sight?


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You’ll want to carefully plan the amount of bench space you have around your sink, the size of vanity cupboards and drawers, and face level storage options (like a mirrored shaving cabinet) with your cabinet maker. Don’t forget to factor in convenient spots for towel rails, a toilet paper holder, clothes hampers and perhaps even a shower niche or bench for shampoo and body wash.


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We hope these five tips put you on track to bathroom layout perfection. For more bathroom interior inspo check out thesebathroom tile trends we’re obsessed withand luxury bathroom

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