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Should Kitchen Islands Have Sinks?

Should Kitchen Islands Have Sinks?

A kitchen island can be a beautiful and practical feature for any new kitchen. And one of the most frequently asked questions people have when designing a new kitchen island is “should my kitchen island have a sink?”

The good news is there is no right and wrong answer – it really comes down to personal style, preference, space, and budget. In this article, we’ll be doing a deep dive into the hero feature of a modern kitchen – an island – and whether or not a sink in the island is the right choice for your new kitchen.

The Benefits of a Kitchen Island Sink

There are several benefits to installing a sink in your kitchen island, from functionality to aesthetics, space concerns and more.

Looking at functionality, what designers call “the working triangle” is an important factor in whether you choose to put a sink in your island. The working triangle refers to the sink, stove/oven and fridge and having them all within easy access of each other. If your kitchen island is behind or next to your stove, with the fridge also close by, this makes up the perfect

working triangle and makes your kitchen much more functional.

A sink in your kitchen island can also be handy if you don’t have any external windows on the walls that are being used for cabinets. Kitchen sinks are often placed beneath windows as they provide good natural lighting for washing up, as well as no cabinets hanging above you and getting in your way while washing and drying. If you’re lucky, they also provide a nice view while you’re doing the cleaning. So, if you don’t have this as an option in your kitchen, a sink in your island may be a great choice to keep your cleaning airspace clear and make for a better washing-up experience.

Kitchen Island Sink Pros & Cons

Kitchen Island Sink Pros

Kitchen Island Sink Cons

  • A more functional layout
  • Aesthetically pleasing - especially with a stunning sink
  • More sociable when doing dishes with guests over
  • Ideal for cooking prep, chopping and washing
  • Plumbing needs to go in the centre of the room, which can be pricey
  • Need a large island to fit a sink and be practical, so not ideal for smaller islands (and not for round islands)



What’s the Best Kitchen Island Design?

The goal with any kitchen island design is to not disrupt the visual flow of your kitchen, so choosing the right kitchen island design is very important, especially if you’re looking to put a sink in it as well.

  • L-shape kitchen island: An L-shape island is a perfect shape if you have a roomy kitchen. If you don’t mind sacrificing a bit of walking space, an L-shape island not only provides you with extra storage space but also plenty of counter space. It even doubles as an extra dining area if that’s what you need/want.
  • Round kitchen island: While not the most popular, a round kitchen island can be an excellent option if you have a small kitchen but are still keen on having a kitchen island. They’re often smaller than other kitchen islands but still provide you with more storage space and counter space. Some even have wheels so you can move it around more easily.
  • Rectangular kitchen island: Rectangle islands are certainly the most popular choice, and there are plenty of style options to choose from. Because most traditional homes line kitchen counters and cabinets along the walls in a rectangle, a rectangular island has the ideal visual flow and complements the kitchen very well.

    Important Considerations When Installing Your Sink in a Kitchen Island

    Functional Layout

    When you’re installing a sink in your kitchen island, the layout and functionality is a key factor. You need to think about where the dishwasher is going to go, where the bin is going to go and so on. It’s a good idea to have them all next to each other to make rinsing and then going into the dishwasher easy, as well as cutting and chopping and tossing scraps into the bin easier as well.

    Sink and Tap

    Your sink and kitchen mixer is a vital part of installing a sink in your kitchen island – you really want it to make a WOW statement and not detract from the beauty of the kitchen island.

    You’ll want to choose an undermount sink, which is a lot more discrete and contemporary. You also need to decide what kind of sink, from a single bowl to double bowl, drainboard sinks and tap landing sinks. This will all depend on how much space you have and how big your household is.

    Something like the Buildmat Madison brushed brass gold double bowl sink is a standout feature and will really make your kitchen island pop.

    Should Kitchen Islands Have Sinks

    The tap is also important, especially considering it’s sticking up from the island, so people’s focus will naturally be drawn towards it. A pull-out mixer looks nice in the kitchen and is incredibly functional and practical.

    This Mira brushed brass gold pull-out mixer is an elegant and understated look while also being very practical.

    Mira brushed brass gold pull-out mixer


    Plumbing can be a deterrent for a lot of homeowners interested in a kitchen island sink. If you want to have a sink in your island, you’ll need a water feed and waste pipe, which means cutting up the floor and plumbing early on in the reno process. This gets pretty pricey overtime, and can be quite a big job.

    What’s the Best Size for a Kitchen Island with a Sink?

    You’ll want the kitchen island to be around two metres wide to allow for a sink, dishwasher and storage cabinet to fit properly. Most two metre wide islands should accommodate a range of sink sizes but just check with your plumber and designer before you start, especially if you have your heart set on a particular sink.

    This size will also give you enough space to work on, as well as stack dishes and drain dishes. You don’t want your island to be too cluttered!

    There really is no rule of thumb for the best size for a kitchen island with a sink, as long as it’s roomy enough to accommodate your chosen sink, as well as give you extra working space, then that’s all you need.

    Wrapping Up

    Your kitchen island and the sink you choose is a very personal and circumstantial decision. At Buildmat, we love the look and functionality of a sink in a kitchen island, and we think the pros far outweigh any potential cons. Work with a designer, plumber and builder to find the best layout for you, and you’ll walk away with a gorgeous new island, sink and mixer!

    For all your premium sinks and kitchen mixer needs, shop the Buildmat range today.

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