Small Laundry Sinks

Small Laundry Sinks

A small laundry space doesn't mean you have to compromise on look and functionality. Buildmat's range of premium small laundry tubs both look good and make laundry time in a small space a breeze. Bent, welded, grinded, polished and packed by hand, laundry tubs don't get any better. Shop now!

Upgrade your laundry room with a Buildmat small laundry sink and transform your daily laundry chores into a hassle-free experience. Our handcrafted small laundry sinks are specifically designed to maximise functionality and save valuable space in your laundry area. Enjoy the benefits of a high-quality, scratch-resistant sink that seamlessly blends in with your countertops and adds sophistication to your space. Say goodbye to cluttered counters and hello to a sleek and modern laundry room.

Compact & Functional

Get the most out of your laundry room space with a small laundry sink. Buildmat’s compact sinks are designed to provide you with a functional and stylish solution that doesn't take up too much room, leaving you with ample space for storage and other laundry tasks.

Perfect for Small Laundry Rooms

Don’t compromise on quality and style just because you have a small laundry room. Buildmat’s small laundry drinks are built to last and are incredibly on-trend, elevating the look and feel of any laundry. Perfect for washing delicate clothing, rinsing small items, or cleaning up small messes, our compact sink is both eco-friendly and convenient.

Affordable & Easy Installation

Installing a laundry sink has never been easier. With its lightweight design and easy plumbing requirements, you can save time and money on installation costs and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Quality Small Laundry Sinks Built to Last

Crafted with precision and care using high-quality materials (like hardwearing 304 grade stainless steel) our small laundry sinks are built to last and withstand the test of time. You can trust that you're getting the best value for your investment when you choose Buildmat.

Types of Small Laundry Sinks

Separate Your Laundry Tasks with a Double Bowl Small Laundry Sink

With two separate bowls, you'll have all the space you need to take on tough chores like washing clothes and cleaning up after spills. Separate tasks to streamline your laundry time – for example using one bowl for delicate fabrics and the other for soaking heavily soiled items.

Maximise Washing Space with a Single Bowl Small Laundry Sink

Enjoy a clean and uninterrupted surface, giving you more room to tackle tough laundry tasks. Whether you need to soak large items or wash delicate fabrics, our single bowl sink provides ample room for all your laundry needs. Replace cramped laundry space with a spacious and efficient area for your daily chores.

Keep Your Bench Clutter-Free with Tap Landing Small Laundry Sink

Keep your laundry room bench clear and clutter-free with a stylish tap landing sink. Our unique design provides the perfect spot for your laundry mixer tap and other accessories like soap dispensers or other washing up products. Not only will this help you stay organised, but it will also enhance the overall style and functionality of your laundry room.

Sizes & Styles to Suit Every Laundry

Find your perfect fit with Buildmat’s range of small laundry sinks that come in a variety of sizes (shape/dimension and water capacity). The dimension of the sink will depend on the sink configuration best suited to your laundry (double bowl, single bowl, or tap landing)

  • Litres: 25L, 29L, 33L, 38L, 42L, 46L
  • Double bowl: 400x400
  • Single bowl: 510x450, 380x450, 300x450, 300x500 and more
  • Tap landing: 510x500, 300x500, 450x500, 380x500


Make Laundry Time in a Small Space a Breeze

Small Laundry Sinks

Working with a smaller laundry space? Don’t sweat it – a quality small laundry tub will make laundry time a breeze, without compromising on ook and functionality. Buildmat's range of premium small laundry tubs both look good and make laundry time in a small space easy. Purpose-built to suit any household and with smooth rounded internal edges for a sleek modern design that’s easy to clean, Buildmat’s small laundry tubs effortlessly combine style and quality with functionality.

Available in 3 Beautiful Colour Finishes

Small Laundry Sinks

What’s your colour? Brushed brass gold? Brushed gunmetal or brushed stainless? Buildmat’s small laundry tubs are available in 3 on-trend colour finishes. For a contemporary look, why not choose brushed brass gold. For something striking and eye-catching, brushed gunmetal is a great choice. For the classic look, you can’t go wrong with brushed stainless steel. Whatever your colour and style preference, breathe easy knowing all our small laundry tubs are made with care and expert quality.

The Perfect Pairing to Your Laundry Mixer Tap

Small Laundry Sinks

Pair your small laundry tub with Buildmat’s rage of premium laundry mixer taps. Suitable for under-mount, over-mount/top mount or flush-mount tapholes, whatever the design or layout of your laundry, we have a laundry sink and mixer tap combination that will work like a charm From stylish square mixers to elegant gooseneck mixers, to practical dual spray nozzle and pull-out mixers, whatever your style and laundry needs, Buildmat has the perfect mixer tap to pair with your laundry sink.

Frequently Asked Questions

A single-bowl sink typically has one large basin with no dividers. If you have a smaller family or less space to work with, a single bowl sink is a great choice. On the other hand, a sink with a taphole is where the tap would not go onto the benchtop but instead will go directly onto the sink. Generally there would be a tap landing and a predrilled hole for the mixer (tap).
Buildmat offers a 25 warranty on all its laundry sinks and tubs for purchase confidence and peace of mind.
Buildmat has both an online showroom where you can view our entire range, or an in-store showroom at 18 Babbage Dr, Dandenong South VIC 3175 Australia. Whether you're after a single bowl laundry sink or a smaller tap landing sink, we’ve got you covered and we’re here to help. Give us a call on 1300 123 122 and we can talk you through our range.
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