3 Way Mixer Tap

Revitalise your kitchen with Buildmat's sophisticated 3-way mixer taps, offering the perfect blend of functionality and style. Explore our premium ranges today and discover the ideal tap to complement your home's design while enjoying the convenience of filtered water at your fingertips.

A Fusion of Style and Practicality

Buildmat's 3-way mixer taps are the epitome of modern kitchen convenience, blending seamlessly with any decor while providing the functionality you need. Whether you're updating your kitchen or completing a new build, these taps offer a sleek solution, allowing you to access filtered drinking water without the need for a separate filter tap. Choose from our diverse finishes to match or accent your kitchen's aesthetic, creating a cohesive look that stands out.

Premium Range for Every Preference

Our taps come in several ranges, each designed to meet the highest standards of quality and design. The Elite10 series offers a classic take on the modern tap, with clean lines and timeless finishes, while the Elite20 series steps it up with a focus on contemporary design, featuring bold shapes and a double spout. Meanwhile, the Fleta 3 way tap seamlessly integrates with Buildmat's kitchen sinks, and the versatile swivel spout ensures both style and functionality, making it a perfect addition to any modern kitchen.

Unmatched Quality and Features

  • 3-Way Mixer: Enjoy the convenience of hot, cold, and filtered water from a single tap, reducing clutter and simplifying your kitchen setup.
  • Filtered Water: Each tap is designed with a dedicated waterway for filtered water, ensuring you can enjoy clean and fresh drinking water anytime.
  • Variety of Finishes: With options ranging from matte black to brushed brass gold, you can find the perfect tap to match your kitchen's style.
  • Elite Ranges: Choose from several ranges that perfectly fit your home's aesthetic and functional needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

A 3-way mixer tap combines hot, cold, and filtered drinking water capabilities in one faucet, eliminating the need for multiple taps and streamlining your kitchen's design.
Absolutely! Our taps come in a variety of finishes to complement any sink, whether it's stainless steel, fireclay, or any other material. Choose a finish that matches or contrasts with your sink for the perfect kitchen look.
Consider the colour scheme and style of your kitchen. For a sleek, modern look, matte black or brushed stainless steel are great choices. If you're aiming for a warmer, more luxurious feel, brushed brass gold or brushed gunmetal might be the way to go.
Yes, we proudly offer Australia-wide shipping for our entire range of taps, ensuring you can elevate your kitchen no matter where you are.
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