Commercial Style Sinks

Take your kitchen to new heights with Buildmat’s commercial style kitchen sink that combines the look, durability, easy maintenance, and streamlined efficiency of a commercial kitchen sink. Enjoy reliability, convenience, and a kitchen that inspires your inner chef to create, experiment and have fun. Embrace the look and feel of a commercial style kitchen sink and redefine your cooking experience.

Sturdy, Solid & Fit for All Kitchen Tasks

From food preparation to dishwashing, our commercial style kitchen sinks are designed to meet all your culinary needs. Choose from various configurations and find the perfect fit for your kitchen space and workflow. Experience the convenience of ample washing and workspace, allowing you to effortlessly juggle multiple tasks without compromise. Conquer any culinary adventure with ease. 

Engineered to Endure

Our commercial style kitchen sinks are engineered with uncompromising strength, ensuring they can withstand the toughest kitchen tasks. Hand-crafted from premium stainless steel, and featuring a sturdy construction, Buildmat’s commercial style sinks are built to last. Whether you're washing a mountain of dishes or handling heavy pots and pans, our commercial style sinks will remain solid and steadfast.

A Sleek Industrial Vibe 

If you love the exposed stainless steel look, you’ll love Buildmat’s commercial style kitchen sinks. Our sinks are thoughtfully crafted to showcase the timeless appeal of exposed stainless steel, giving your kitchen space a chic and on-trend style. From the deep basin to the tap landing area, the striking design of exposed stainless steel creates a clean and contemporary look that will elevate any kitchen. 

Clean-Up Time Made Easy

Maintaining a clean and hygienic kitchen is essential, and our commercial style kitchen sinks make it a breeze. Crafted with smooth, non-porous surfaces, our sinks prevent the build-up of dirt, grime, and bacteria – just like a commercial kitchen sink. Cleaning becomes a hassle-free experience, as stains and residue are easily wiped away, providing a safe and sanitary environment for all your cooking needs. 

Choose Your Perfect Commercial Style Kitchen 

Simplify Kitchen Tasks with a Double Bowl Commercial Sink

Need a sink that can handle all your kitchen chores effortlessly? Our stainless steel double bowl commercial style sink provides the versatility you need. With two separate bowls, you'll have ample space to tackle a variety of tasks, whether it's washing fresh produce or soaking pots and pans. No more juggling multiple tasks in a single sink – experience the convenience of our double bowl sink.

Maximise Washing Space with a Single Bowl Commercial Sink

Enhance your kitchen with Buildmat's single bowl commercial style stainless steel sink and make the most of your washing area. Our single bowl sink provides generous room for washing dishes, prepping ingredients, and even handling large cookware with ease. Say goodbye to inconvenient dividers – with our single bowl sink, you'll have a seamless and spacious surface to tackle any kitchen task with ease. 

Optimise Functionality with a Tap Landing Commercial Style Kitchen Sink 

This cutting-edge design provides a dedicated spot for your kitchen mixer tap, allowing you to easily access and control water flow. Plus, the tap landing area accommodates other essential accessories such as soap dispensers or cutting boards, keeping them within reach while freeing up valuable counter space. 

A Commercial Look Kitchen Sink to Suit Every Home Cook 

Find your perfect fit with Buildmat’s range of commercial-style stainless steel kitchen sinks that come in a variety of sizes (shape/dimension and water capacity). The dimension of the sink will depend on the sink configuration best suited to your kitchen (double bowl, single bowl, or tap landing). 

  • Litres: 40L, 49L, 58L, 67L, 76L, 85L
  • Double bowl: 975x450 
  • Single bowl: 510x450, 600x450, 700x450, 450x450 and more 
  • Tap landing: 700x500, 510x500, 600x500, 900x500
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