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Compact Kitchen Sinks: A Tiny Guide to Smaller Sinks

Compact Kitchen Sinks: A Tiny Guide to Smaller Sinks

Compact kitchen sinks are a culinary addition with a large number of uses. From bar sinks to tiny home mainstays, it’s easy to see why these smaller basins have found a home in so many residential and commercial functions.

That said, given that most homes and businesses simply stick with the standard sink sizes that the kitchen came with, many of the benefits and uses that come with these smaller varieties are still unknown to many avid renovators.

At BuildMat, our goal is to provide homes and workplaces with the highest quality kitchen renovation supplies at a reasonable price. So, today, we’re going to take a look at compact kitchen sinks and what you should look out for when choosing one for your kitchen.

Firstly, What is a Compact Kitchen Sink?


Compact kitchen sinks are known by many names, including bar sinks, prep sinks, and entertainment sinks, but all follow the same basic concept.

They are a sink that is smaller and shallower by design than traditional sinks and, in turn, tend to be used for slightly different purposes, primarily in hospitality.

These sinks can be made of the same materials as other sinks, with the majority being manufactured using stainless steel, and are often installed in tandem with other sinks which are used for more space-intensive purposes.

What Are Compact Kitchen Sinks Used For?

When working in a commercial kitchen, timing and safety are everything. Because of this, commercial kitchens tend to have a variety of different sinks, each for a different purpose to avoid any cross-contamination.

While larger sinks tend to be utilised for cleaning equipment or preparing food, the compact kitchen sink is more often used for hand washing and sanitisation to avoid having to wash hands in areas where food is being prepared. This helps to avoid contamination issues while also streamlining the overall workflow of the kitchen.

With that said, this is but one of many uses that bar sinks tend to be used for. In residential homes, they can sometimes be used as an additional sink that allows for thawing and other tasks that would otherwise impact the use of the primary basin.

The Maya Single Bowl Sink is a perfect example of something for this purpose. Large enough to perform all the standard tasks of a conventional kitchen sink, yet small enough to avoid taking up too much space. Speaking of space…

Maya Single Bowl Sink by Buildmat

Maya Single Bowl Sink

Exterior coating to prevent condensation.

The Space Saving Benefits of Compact Kitchen Sinks

At the most basic level, compact kitchen sinks are a way to get all the benefits of a sink without having to give up too much of your countertop space. This has made them highly desirable in tiny homes and places with smaller kitchens as a way to ensure that space is used as practically as possible.

However, these smaller sinks won’t be for everyone, and if you are a person that will be cleaning larger items on a regular basis and you don’t have the room for a second sink, choosing a different sink size will likely serve you better.

However, for those that do have the space for a second sink, one of the big additional benefits of bar sinks is that they are highly versatile. In other words, unlike bulkier sink varieties, a compact sink can be placed in a wide array of locations as long as it can be connected to water.

So, if you’re looking to create a kitchen design layout that is optimised for food preparation, a compact sink can offer an excellent secondary water source in your preparation area that is entirely separate from your main basin.

There are a lot of benefits to having a smaller sink, especially if you find yourself in the hospitality industry. Just remember that different types of sinks are going to be better for different people and different uses.

So, when it comes to selecting the one for your home or workplace, it’s important to keep your needs in mind before you make the final choice.

Want to learn more about kitchen design and sink selection? Want more handy tips and tricks for your next kitchen overhaul? Explore the  BuildMat building and renovation blog today, and stay up-to-date with new articles and posts.

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