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What to Look Out for When Hiring a Kitchen Sink Fitter

You need to consider a few things before hiring a kitchen fitter. Learn what things you need to do before starting your kitchen sink fitting project.
What to Look Out for When Hiring a Kitchen Sink Fitter


3 Things You Must Check before Hiring a Kitchen Sink Fitter

Hiring the right kitchen installer is a challenging task for most people. At times there are situations when you think you've hired "professionals" and you don't get the expected results. Other situations they get exactly what they want but there is normally a large price tag that is attached they have to pay in return.

In any case more often than not, people find themselves hitting issues for various reasons. This is why you need to check the following key points before hiring a kitchen sink fitter to save yourself from any unwanted problems, stress and delays.

Figure Out What You like or Hate about Your Existing Sink.

This simple exercise can be a very helpful and proven to give better insight in understanding what your looking for in a new sink. Does a single bowl sink style work better for your style of usage or would having double bowl be more suitable? Think about how you use your sink...what do you normally wash inside the sink? This will help work out the size you need. An example would be a large deep single bowl work be better suited those who washes up big pots/pans and over trays. Now imagine the same situation but with a smaller double bowl...the sink would not have the same functionality. However, a double bowl sink would be better suited to those who like to wash up in one bowl and rinse in the other. Washing small plates, bowls, coffee cups and cutlery.

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As you can see by taking the time to reflect on what you liked or not liked and how you use your sink this allows you to know the size of the sink you want or need, to be able to have the functionality you desire. As a result saving you time, by knowing what you're after when looking at purchasing the sink. Also saving you money shopping around, no errors in purchasing the wrong size or style.

Look For Experienced Kitchen Installers

It's bizarre but for something that needs to happen in all kitchen renovations we find that there is often no clear tradesperson that responsible for the kitchensink installation. This can be due to the fact that the kitchen is an area where a few trade professional can have multi functionality that cross over and therefore they have develop the skill sets to complete the job. At times your cabinet makers can do the installation of your sink, mixers and appliances however there are some who just specialises in just cabinetry and rely on the plumber or builders to complete the sink install and all plumbing services like the sealant, p-trap, water lines/ drain lines, washer and even removal of the old sink and faucet.

Who’s Responsible for Installing the Kitchen Sink?

Its often a little like a jigsaw at the beginning, figuring out who you need and for what jobs. The first thing to do is figure out which trade personnel you need to help you install your kitchen sink, bench top, new faucet, cabinets and appliances. The answer always varies as different trades believe it's different people that install sinks.

Depending on the type of sink you select, there are different styles of installations. The most common installers of top mount sinks, would be your cabinet makers and your plumbers. This is the style where you drop in the sink on top of your countertop and using silicone caulk or sealant to help hold the sink into place. A lot of these trade professionals point the finger at each other when asked who's responsible for installing the sink. So it's best to establish who's responsible by having a open conversation with both trades and agreeing with them as both parties have the skill set to do the job.

If you're going to be doing an undermount sink then make sure you speak to your stonemason, as it is their job to ensure that the hole they cut out of the bench top is the exact size of your sink and they are generally the ones who are responsible for the undermount installation. The undermount style is when the countertop sits on top of the edge of the sink, allowing the the edges of the stone to be showcased. This enhances the design and styling of a sinks as it has clearer lines and a more luxury feel and finish.

Even though it's going to be the stonemason installing the sink, it will be the plumber who will connect other parts such as the water supply ensuring that hot water and cold water flows and ensuring that the supply lines are use correctly. Connecting the drainpipes this will include strainers and any other connection involving the piping of the new sink. It's always best to have your cabinet maker across the whole planning to ensure your stainless steel sink fits.

Now if you're doing a DIY then the responsibility is yours but you could always ask your plumber on advise with what to look out for and some guidance since you're going to have to get your plumber involved eventually to connect the water and wastes. However, with a lot of DIY you might think you're saving a bit of money in doing a DIY but when you add up all the small items you need to complete the job the amount adds up and can end up taking more time and be the same if not more. As the little things/items that you might need can range from plumbers putty/ sealant , putty knife to remove the excess putty, selection of different sizes of screwdrivers, sprayer, utility knife, flange to support the piping gaskets /rubber gaskets to filling the space if needed to prevent leakage. Its important to note that all manufacturers will void warranties if you've done something wrong in the process, so just keep that in mind.

Take Some Quotes and Ensure it Covers Everything

Hiring a professionals can come at a high price, you may even end up paying more than you should be for a less time-consuming project such as fitting a new kitchen sink. This is why it’s important to shop around in search of some quotes. You may feel it tricky and boring initially but later, when you obtain these quotes, the remarkable differentiation between these quotes will help you make the right decision.

Getting different quotes allows you to easily compare them and choose the best value trade person for the project or find the right person for your job. Shopping around for quotes is time consuming but quotes should be free. Moreover, you can also see a huge difference between specialized firms and individuals working as kitchen fitters. This allows you to see what is included in the job and the cost. What does the quote include from the installation to the clean up. As often these are the small details that are over looked and can be costly to organise yourself.

Make sure to ask for the complete quotes for the finalized job. You want everything included in the quote, from garbage disposal of the solid surfaces like the old existing bench top, old sink and cabinets to installing the new sink and how long is their warranty for the job. Of course, you don't need any surprise at the end of the project when they include the price of materials, subcontracting, or other areas of labour.

Find a Professional That Understand Your Needs

Finding a professional who can understand your requirements and work for your desire specifications is quite challenging. But there is no point in wasting your time and getting the undesired outcomes. You should look for a professional who has skills to fit a superior quality kitchen sink just the way you like.

You need to find a kitchen fitter that understands your needs and is willing to use all his expertise to give desirable results. You don't need to sign up for local fitter because the best ones can provide free quotes and meet with you to discuss what you would like.

If you feel likeyou and the fitter are on the same page, you can go for the signing. A good and honest fitter will consider your plans and reflect on your views and opinions while doing their task. They will also suggest you a couple of ideas which will look great for your kitchen.

If you meet someone who only wants to discuss their fees and is not interested in knowing your plans, then it is a good indication to steer clear. Good fitter sees their work as a visual CV, so they want to do as much good as possible.

When looking for a kitchen fitter for your project, choose one who has experience in the work you want to achieve. You can ask lists of questions about their qualifications and experience. Ask to see their portfolio, with all their previous jobs. This will showcase their skill and allow you to see the quality of work. You can also read the feedback and online reviews on their websites to ensure that their skills are enough for your job.

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