by Vivian Garzon

How to Create a DIY Dog Wash Station in Your Laundry Room

How to Create a DIY Dog Wash Station in Your Laundry Room

Creating a DIY dog wash station in your laundry room is easier than you might think. All you need is the right laundry sink, a right mixer tap (and of course your grooming supplies). 

When choosing a sink, look for a spacious sink that can comfortably fit your dog and is made from durable 304 grade stainless steel to make sure it lasts you years to come. Your mixer tap is just as important; choose a flexible, pull-down mixer tap that you can easily manoeuvre around your dog (dual spouts are a great bonus for adjusting water flow). 

Read on to find out our top tips for creating a DIY dog wash station in your laundry room, including our top laundry sink and mixer taps recommendations.

Planning Your DIY Dog Wash Station: Assessing Your Space

The first step to creating a dog wash station is to assess your laundry space. You’ll need to:

  • Consider the layout of your laundry room
  • Measure the available space to make sure you have enough room for your dog wash station. 
  • Locate the existing plumbing (placing your station near these connections will make installation much easier)

You’ll also want to choose a spot that’s convenient for you, and accessible for your dog. Ideally, it should be a place where you can easily manoeuvre around and where your dog will be comfortable and secure.

Choosing the Right Laundry Sink

Selecting the right laundry tub is crucial for your dog wash station. Here are some quick tips for what to look for in a sink for your dog washing station: 

  • You’ll want a deep, durable sink that can comfortably hold your dog while you wash them. 
  • Look for materials like 304 hard wearing stainless steel, which is long-lasting and easy to clean. 
  • The size of the sink should match your dog's breed and size—larger dogs need more space, while smaller dogs can get by with a more compact sink. 

Why We Recommend the Seville Single Bowl Sink 

The Seville XXL Single Bowl Sink is an excellent choice for your DIY dog wash station. Its large size is perfect for washing dogs of all breeds, providing plenty of space for your pet to be comfortable during bath time. Made from durable 304 grade stainless steel, this sink is built to last and easy to keep clean.

Buildmat Sink Seville
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What makes the Seville laundry sink stand out is its versatility. You can install it as an under-mount, over-mount, or flush-mount, making it a great fit for any laundry room setup. The smooth, rounded edges and modern design add a touch of style to your space, while the noise-reducing pads help keep things quiet during bath time. 

Whether you’re washing a small puppy or a large dog, the Seville laundry sink makes the job easy and efficient. It's not just a practical addition to your laundry room; it's a smart investment that combines functionality with style.

Selecting a Mixer Tap for Your Laundry Dog Wash

When setting up a dog wash station in your laundry room, having the right tap makes all the difference. Here’s what you should look for:

Features to Look for in a Tap

Choose a tap with a pull-out spray, adjustable water flow, and temperature control. These features make washing your dog easier and more effective.

A flexible, high-pressure tap also helps you reach all those tricky spots on your dog, making rinsing off soap quick and easy.

Our Recommendation: The Cleo Pull Down Mixer Tap

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We recommend the Cleo Pull Down Mixer Tap for your DIY dog wash station. Here’s why it’s the perfect option:

  • Dual Spout Function: The Cleo has a standard flow for filling the sink and a pull-out spray for washing your dog. This versatility makes it super handy to wash your dog, but also do your regular laundry. 
  • Pull-Out Spray Nozzle: The flexible hose and spray nozzle let you easily move around your dog, giving it a thorough clean. The spray trigger also gives you control over the water flow.
  • Easy to Use: The swivel spout and flexible hose make it simple to manoeuvre, making your dog washing routine easier and more enjoyable (for both of you!)
  • Durable and Stylish: With a brushed nickel finish and black handle, the Cleo tap is not only sturdy but also looks stunning in your laundry room.

Installing Your Dog Wash Station

When it comes to installing your dog wash station, it's best to call in a professional. A plumber can ensure that your sink and tap are installed correctly and safely, preventing any potential leaks or plumbing issues down the line. They’ll make sure everything is connected properly to your existing plumbing, saving you time and hassle. Plus, a professional installation means you can have peace of mind knowing that your dog wash station is set up to last.

Tips for Enhancing Your DIY Dog Wash Station

Once your dog wash station is installed, there are a few simple additions to make it even better. 

  • Adding storage for shampoos, towels, and grooming tools keeps everything you need within reach, making bath time smoother and more organised.
  • Safety is key, so it’s worthwhile adding non-slip mats to your sink to prevent your dog from slipping and sliding during their bath.
  • You could also consider upgrading your flooring and walls to be water-resistant. This helps protect your laundry room from moisture and makes cleaning up after bath time quick and easy. 

Get Started Building Your DIY Dog Wash Station

Ready to create the perfect dog wash station in your laundry room? Check out Buildmat’s full range of laundry sinks and laundry mixer taps range. With high-quality options designed for durability and style, you'll find everything you need to get started. Transform your laundry room into a convenient and stylish dog washing station today. 

DIY Dog Wash Station FAQs

What are the best grooming tools to have on hand?

Essential grooming tools include a good quality brush or comb suited to your dog's coat type, nail clippers, a pet-friendly shampoo and conditioner, ear cleaning solution, and a blow dryer designed for dogs. 

What height should the sink be installed for comfortable use?

The sink should be installed at a height that allows you to wash your dog without bending over too much, typically around waist height. This reduces strain on your back and makes the process more comfortable for you.

Can a dog wash station be used for other purposes?

Yes! A dog wash station is very versatile. Besides washing your dog, it can be used for cleaning laundry items, rinsing muddy boots, or even as a utility sink for various household chores!