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Best Masters Sink Alternative

Masters Home Improvement was an Australian chain founded in 2011 and operated by Woolworths which is a household name for supermarkets and partnered with America's Lowe's Delaware
Best Masters Sink Alternative

Where Can I Get a High-Quality Kitchen Sink?

At BuildMat our stainless steel kitchen sinks are 1.5 mm thick which means it has a better gauge then most big brand names. We have designed the sinks ourselves and made sure we kept the end-user on the top of our minds.

The best part is that we have the most details available for kitchen sinks online.

Our collection of sinks have single bowl sinks, double bowl sinks and can be used as an undermount sinks under the benchtop or be drop-in to the countertop as a topmount sink or flush mount sink. Our sinks are finished off with a Matte Satin finish and Hairline/Brushed Finish to disguise unavoidable scratching. Each of our sinks comes with a drainer whether it's a single sink or double sink.

All the sinks are designed with both topmount and undermount clips built in to make sure that your each of the bowl kitchen sinks is held down in place. So to find out plumbers best-kept secret of stainless steel sinks to renovate your modern kitchen look for your new sink at BuildMat's collection of Kitchen sinks.

Double Bowl & Drainboard Sink

The History of Masters Home Improvement

Masters Home Improvement was an Australian chain founded in 2011 and operated by Woolworths which is a household name for supermarkets and partnered with America's Lowe's Delaware, it was established to enter the hardware retail market to compete against Bunnings Warehouse who is owned by their rivals Wesfarmers, which is the parent company of another large supermarket chain Coles.In 2016 it was announced that Masters Home Improvement would wind up their 63 locations. For kitchen sinks, they stocked large brand names such as Franke, Abey, Blanco and in their new kitchen showrooms, you could find from Kitchen Sinks cooktops, cabinetry, cast iron sinks mixer taps, laminate kitchen designs, fireclay sinks and kitchen appliances. If you really liked the different type of stock at Masters then you will love our range of BuildMat kitchen sinks, as they are supremely high quality and better value for money.

Why Did DIY Renovators Like Masters Sinks over Bunning’s Sinks?

Bunnings always offer a 'lowest price guarantee' which every builder or DIY renovator would definitely know about, but why did some builders or renovators still like to go and look for a Masters Kitchen Sink? The reason is that they didn't offer the same product range, which meant that even if you liked a product at Masters Home Improvement, whether it was flooring, kitchen or wooden plans, it didn't mean you could take advantage of the Lower Price Guarantee at Bunnings because there wasn't the exact same product to price match it to.

There are a lot of undermount sink Bunnings have that Masters didn't but it all comes down to Brands that each retailer had stocked. Since there was a different product range at Masters some people preferred to look at the products that were available at Masters Kitchen sinks. People still like to go to Bunnings to pick up the odd bits and pieces that you might not be able to find from your Furnishing retailer, like a set of undermount clips, strainers or parts to integrate your piping with your washing machine or dishwasher or cookware.

The Laundry Department

In Australia, the Laundry room department was also a great area at Masters and it was also a department where both Masters and Bunnings were fighting for market share as it was such a niche area of the house. For a long time, everyone was after a large Masters Laundry tub that could fit all their laundry in or even be big enough to fit their small dog.

Bunnings Laundry tub and cabinets are very popular for the economic laundry, but these days with smaller houses custom cabinets and benchtops are being put in and large single bowl troughs are being used instead.Most people prefer to use a Large single bowl in the laundry rather than a double bowl kitchen sink because there are not many uses of having a double bowl undermount sink, another thing to look out for is whether the sink has a tap hole or not, if you're using a nice benchtop you would want to opt for a sink that doesn't have a tap hole so that the tap in installed flawlessly with the benchtop. As well as most tap hole sinks can be right hand bowl or left hand bowls which could cause you some grief if you ordered the wrong type.

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Best Masters Sink Alternative

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Best Masters Sink Alternative

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