Art in the Kitchen

Art in the Kitchen

Art in the kitchen is either non-existent or is made up of random bits and bobs sitting in the open in a totally unplanned display layout. Since the kitchen is a high activity area there's always utensils, cutlery or boxes visible. So it is often forgotten when you're trying to decorate your house with art, it's not only the living room and dining room that deserves art and creativity. Modern Kitchen art is often neglected, and sometimes it's as simple as creating a contemporary kitchen by having a colourful backsplash with a designer tap to match the stainless steel sinks.

4 tips on how you can add Art to your Kitchen.

These tips can help give you some kitchen design ideas whether you have a small apartment, use an interior designer or have a Scandinavian theme in your dining area, it doesn't really matter, there are a lot of options and these tips are just a start.

Gallery Wall: Find a piece of the wall that you leave as clear and blank as possible and find some paintings, photos, oil paintings or new art prints that can help transform your Kitchen into a more welcoming and inviting space. This wall art is a space to show your personality or an area for you to change the mood. this is probably the best example of kitchen wall art. Try and look for some local designers to try and find some inspiration and support local art, some places you can check out are; Art Pharmacy, Thiery B Fine Art Gallery, Blue Thumb and Artbank. These days it's so easy to give your home a makeover since you can get an affordable canvas print right now whereas previously it was a costly exercise.

Chalkboard Wall: you can be very creative and transform any kitchen wall into a blank canvas for you to update whenever you want to get your creative juices going. It is inexpensive and easy to make, all you need is a Chalkboard Paint, big brands like Dulux or White Knight, so make it your next DIY project. Chalkboard walls allow you to draw and create whenever you want and can double up as a kitchen shopping list.

Decorate above your cabinets:  above countertop cabinetry often don't reach all the way to the ceiling and space is usually left blank or filled with old boxes of appliances, utilise this kitchen space and put some artwork up or some collections to improve your home decor. 

source: ikea

Open Shelving: Find a space on the wall and put an open shelf where you can perch your photos, limited edition figurines, small sculptures, framed prints.