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9 Concrete Basin Ideas for Australian Bathrooms

9 Concrete Basin Ideas for Australian Bathrooms

If you are looking for a sophisticated basin that is uniqueand makes a statement at the same time, concrete should be top of your list. Concrete basins exhibit an organic and rustic feature that enhances the ambiance of any room. Apart from the charm is that every concrete basin will display its very own unique characteristic, these imperfections turn them into a one-of-a-kind basin. Perfectly, imperfect!

A fairly inexpensive material, concrete has become increasingly popular in home décor over the last few years. From concrete flooring and planters all the way to – you guessed it – concrete basins in the kitchen and bathroom, there is no denying that concrete has taken over the interior design world.

Today, we have a look at 9 concrete basin ideas for Australian bathrooms. If you’re ready to be inspired, simply scroll down to read more.

1. Concrete Kitchen Basin

Concrete Kitchen Basin

Concrete basins in the kitchen have become more and more popular over the last couple of years. One of the major benefits of opting for concrete in the kitchen is increased durability. Considering the kitchen is one area of the home that is most frequented, it can be incredibly helpful to opt for a sturdy, reliable concrete sink. The best part is you don’t have to spend hours polishing your sink to make it shine – simply follow these care tips and your sink will look amazing for years.

Buildmat concrete kitchen sinks

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Increased durability in your kitchen sink

2. Concrete Floating Sink

Concrete Floating Sink

If you’re pressed for space, this wide concrete floating basin is exactly what you need. Floating the basin allows your flooring to extend all the way to the wall, instantly making your bathroom appear more spacious. Choose from two separate sinks or a long rectangular option fitted out with two taps for maximum space efficiency.

Buildmat Concrete Floating Sink

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Make your bathroom appear more spacious

3. The His and Hers

the his and hers

If you share your bathroom with a significant other and are sick of having to wait for your turn to use the sink on a busy morning, a his and hers concrete sink duo is your match made in heaven. Dual concrete basins set upon a spacious concrete slab in a matching tone and texture will offer you all the space you need to groom, put your makeup on or style your hair. The two vertical mirrors in this setup also add an added layer of sophistication to any bathroom. What’s there not to love?

4. Concrete Built-In Vanity

9 Concrete Basin Ideas for Australian Bathrooms

A gorgeous bathroom vanity is so much more than just a cabinet that holds the sink. It's the place where you wash your hands, apply skincare, shave, style your hair, perfect your makeup and brush your teeth. This amazing built-in vanity features a gloriously marble slab of concrete with a carved in sink, for a seamless transition that will make your bathroom look that much bigger.

5. Concrete Meets Wood

Concrete Meets Wood

Concrete can sometimes be seen as more of an industrial interior décor option, but if you’re looking to bring in some nature into your décor, pairing it with wood is a fantastic choice. A simple square or rectangular concrete basin set upon a gorgeous natural wood slab is the perfect way to create an earthy vibe that is modern, grounded and warm. We recommend pairing a dark grey concrete sink with red oak, mahogany or teak that has been treated with a clear wood stain.

6. Concrete With Colour

Concrete With Colour

Concrete doesn’t have to be boring – in fact, there are more and more businesses now offering coloured concrete sinks to match any interior design décor or style. Regardless of your preference, there are now dozens of colours to choose from – from blush pink and baby blue all the way to emerald green and terracotta red.

7. Two-Toned Terrazzo

9 Concrete Basin Ideas for Australian Bathrooms

The ultimate wow factor comes in the form of a gorgeous two-toned concrete terrazzo sink. Speckled in the most elegant way ever, this makes the perfect addition to any bathroom or laundry area. Choose from Terrazzo options in a style you fancy for a truly modern focal point in any room.

Buildmat Menzil Terrazzo Basin

Menzil Terrazzo Basin

Looking for a Highly Durable basin

8. Large Rectangular Farmhouse Setup

Large Rectangular Farmhouse Setup

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A rustic oversized concrete sink in the bathroom or laundry is perfect for anyone who is after a true farmhouse style setup. Add in some stunning painted brick and you have a truly one of a kind bathroom that feels super luxurious and classy. This concrete sink is naturally heavily patinated which makes it look even more rustic and unique.

9. Concrete Bowl Basin

9 Concrete Basin Ideas for Australian Bathrooms
Buildmat Felda Meteor Grey Fluted

Felda Meteor Grey Fluted

Looking for a rustic but modern look

You can never go wrong with a classic bowl sink – also known as a circle basin– in the bathroom or toilet. This tried and tested design is loved by many all around the world and remains one of the most elegant basin styles to date. Choose from a smooth finish or a fluted finish, depending on the style you are after. This beautifully simple concrete basin pairs perfectly against reclaimed wood for a rustic yet modern look.

And there you have it - 9 ingenious concrete basin ideas that are guaranteed to completely transform your space. Which one was your favourite? Be sure to leave a comment and let us know!

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