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What Is A Dual Spray Mixer Tap?

What Is A Dual Spray Mixer Tap?

What Is A Dual Spray Mixer Tap?

Having the ability to switch between spray settings on your kitchen or laundry tapware might be a luxury for some, but at Buildmat, we see it as a necessity.

Whether you have a pull-out spray sink mixer, or a pull-down sink mixer Buildmat's dual spray taps are the ideal addition to any modern and efficient kitchen.

A dual spray mixer tap is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a functionality that allows you to switch between a shower setting, and an aerated stream setting.

Why’s this useful?

Well, the shower setting, which has a much stronger flow, is ideal for washing out pots, pans and dishes. Whereas the aerated streaming setting has a softer water flow so you’re not using as much water, but can still easily rinse items like fruit and veg, or rinse dishes before popping them in the dishwasher.

In this article we’ll be taking you through some of our top tips for choosing the right spray mixer tap for your home, including the style, finish, WELS-rating and more.

What are the Different Types of Kitchen Taps?

Here are some of the most common types of kitchen taps, many of which can come with dual spray mixers (depending on the brand and manufacturer).

  • Single lever taps: a single lever handle that controls your hot and cold water with a single spout.
  • Twin lever taps: separate levers for hot and cold water with a single shared spout.
  • Hot water taps: an additional tap that can be installed to provide hot or boiling water.

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What is a Kitchen Mixer Tap?

A mixer tap is basically a tap where the hot water and the cold water come out of the same spout.  The water temperature and flow can be adjusted in several ways. The most common types are via a lever, via taps that are mounted on the bench or wall on either side of the spout via taps that are mounted to the body of the spout itself.

How a Dual Spray Mixer Works

A dual spray mixer has two stream settings: a basic jet-stream, and an aeorated stream. An aerator or flow regulator is attached to the tap spout to help regulate flow, reduce place and also reduce limescale.

It has a cool filter within the tap spout , which injects air into the water and acts as a sieve, turning a single flow of water into many smaller streams. This reduces splash back and reduces the amount of water you use, which will lower your water bill overtime.

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Mixer

1. What functions will you use?

What functionalities are important to you? Do you want an easy hot and cold water tap, or do you want a single lever tap that controls hot and cold water with a single spout? Do you want to be able to have a spray feature and jet-stream feature (dual spray mixer)? Do you want to a pull out kitchen mixer tap? Or is a pull down okay for your kitchen needs? Do you want a swivel spout tap? Is a retractable dual spray sink mixer important to you?

What Is A Dual Spray Mixer Tap?

Cleo Pull Down Dual Spray Mixer

What Is A Dual Spray Mixer Tap?

Mecca Chrome Pull Out Sink Mixer

2. Check your water pressure

Your current water pressure levels will also affect the type of tap you buy – whether you have high or low water pressure (which a plumber can help you figure out). Your water pressure will vary depending on your boiler and how far away it is from the tap, so it’s important you make sure your tap has the right specs to work at a constant water flow.

3. Choose your style

Do you want a pull-out hose or pull-down? You should also consider if you have an overmount or undermount sink and where the tap will be positioned, to help decide which tap and spray head will be the most practical. You also need to consider your current sink and sink size - is it single bowl or a double bowl sink? This will affect the tap as you don’t want water flowing to close to the edge, so you need to make sure the stream projection is correct.

What Is A Dual Spray Mixer Tap?

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4. Choose your finish

Dual spray kitchen taps come in a range of beautiful finishes, from stainless steel to gunmetal, matte black to brushed metal or a chrome finish and more. Consider the colour of your kitchen bowl sink to see which will match best.

What Is A Dual Spray Mixer Tap?

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Chrome Stainless Steel Taps

Chrome stainless steel taps an excellent choice because they won’t stain and have excellent durability. This finish can make your kitchen appear bigger too due to its polished reflective surface, which is even more true hen paired with a stainless-steel kitchen sink.

Coloured Taps

Coloured taps are a very popular choice for modern homes and can suit all types of decor, from traditional to modern kitchen designs. These include copper, brass, gold and, on-trend black taps. 

Brushed Stainless Steel

Brushed stainless steel taps look gorgeous in any modern-day kitchen. This finish is the ideal option for people who want a clean and organised aesthetic. Unlike normal stainless steel, fingerprint marks are greatly reduced on brushed stainless steel, giving your kitchen a fresh and clean appearance.

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Kitchen Mixer Taps by Buildmat

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Classic and contemporary colours

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