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What Is A 3-Way Kitchen Mixer Tap?

What Is A 3-Way Kitchen Mixer Tap?

Your kitchen tap is one of the most important features of an aesthetic and functional kitchen. The modern kitchen tap is far more practical (and beautiful, if we’re being honest) than it’s ever been, especially when it comes to 3-way taps.

A 3-way kitchen mixer tap, also known as a tri-flow kitchen tap or an all-in-one tap, allows you to draw unfiltered water and filtered water using one single tap water filtration system. These innovative 3-way filtered water taps basically combine the various functions of two different kitchen taps: a regular tap and a standard filtered tap. 

There are plenty of 3-way mixer taps on the modern kitchen tapware market in Australia, and while many of these taps have different functionalities, they all inherently serve one purpose: to provide both filtered and unfiltered water by relying on the same tap system. 

Most of these 3-way filter taps feature two handles (separate handles for mixed water and filtered water), while others come with three handles (a separate handle for each type of water). 

Either way, the incredible functionality and high-efficiency of 3-way mixer taps makes them an incredibly popular option for modern and traditional homes alike.

What is a Kitchen Mixer Tap?

A mixer tap is basically a tap where the hot water and the cold water come out of the same spout.  The water temperature and flow can be adjusted in several ways. The most common types are via a lever, via taps that are mounted on the bench or wall on either side of the spout via taps that are mounted to the body of the spout itself.

How Does a 3-Way Mixer Tap Work?

A 3-way kitchen mixer tap dispenses hot, cold and filtered water from the same tap head, which is an efficient way to save space as it eliminates the need for a separate filtered drinking water tap.

A 3-way mixer tap has:

  • Three water inlets for hot, cold water and filtered water are all connected to a water filter system under the sink.
  • Two handles to mix cold and hot from one side (first lever) and deliver filtered water from the other side (second lever).
  • One spout with dual chambers on the inside (so no cross contamination between the hot/cold mains water and filtered water).

The Benefits of a 3-Way Mixer Tap

There are plenty of awesome benefits to a 3-way mixer tap and while they aren’t a necessity to a functional and beautiful kitchen, they can certainly amplify the space and make accessing clean drinking water much easier and eliminate the need for external water purifiers. Here are some of the addition benefits:

  • Water temperature control: 3-way kitchen taps allow you to better control water temperature by operating a single tap. It saves you time and prevents you wasting water while trying to get the right temperature.
  • Easy to install: Traditional water filter taps are installed in addition to your existing water tap, which means a more complex installation with an extra hole in your kitchen sink. A 3-way tap is one simple tap, and in some cases can be installed as a DIY job.
  • Filtered water on demand: With a  3-way tap, there’s no need to install another tap to dispense filtered water. You can get filtered water on demand, whenever you need. 
  • Design options 3-way mixer taps come in plenty of beautiful designs, finish and colours. You can choose a vintage or classical design, or a modern design to match your kitchen aesthetic. 
  • Economical: Setting the right temperature easier and faster with mixer taps, so no more wasting water! Better for your wallet and the environment.
  • Improve the taste of food and drink: Whether you want filtered water to drink or cook with, there’s no doubt filtered water makes things taste better and it’s incredibly convenient to have it on tap, at-the ready whenever you need it!

3-Way Mixer Tap Design Options

3-way mixer taps come in a range of beautiful designs and finishes, from gooseneck to square, curved and modular designs as well as finishes like matte black, stainless steel, copper and gold brushed and plenty of other colours.

At Buildmat, we have a premium Fleta Brushed Stainless Steel 3 Way Filter Water Tap designed to maintain a beautiful slimline kitchen design without the added mini water filter tap on the side of the kitchen sink. Whether you previously had an under-bench water filtration system or a benchtop system, this beats both as it integrates seamlessly into your main kitchen mixer. 

What Is A 3-Way Kitchen Mixer Tap?

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Why You Might Not Love a 3-Way Kitchen Mixer

While there’s plenty to love about a 3-way kitchen mixer, it’s perhaps not the right choice for everyone. Here are some reasons why a 3-way kitchen mixer might not be the right option for you.

  • Lack of standardisation: An issue with 3-way kitchen mixer taps is that some of them don’t work with certain filter brands. If you want to be able to upgrade your filter in the future, look for a compatible one. We recommend choosing a model that matches your under-sink water filter.
  • Premium price: 3-way kitchen mixer taps cost more than standard filter models. But they are also more innovative and have more benefits than a standard water filter, so it might be worth the extra money for most people.
  • Confusing: As there is only one tap, some people in the household (namely young children and elderly people) might find it hard to use a 3-way tap. It’s pretty easy to learn how to use for most people, so this shouldn’t be too much of a concern if you’re tossing up whether to buy a 3-way tap.

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