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Pairing Your Mixer Tap & Sink: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

Pairing Your Mixer Tap & Sink: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

Kitchen renovations can be great fun, but without some forward thinking and planning, they can quickly turn into a major headache. Chances are you’ve thought of everything you need for your kitchen reno – except the kitchen mixer tap and sink – which is how you’ve found yourself here. Welcome!

Did you know the kitchen sink is one of the three most-used sections of your kitchen along with the fridge and oven/stove? That’s why it’s super important you have the right mixer tap and sink combination to make cooking and cleaning up in the kitchen a breeze.

We’ve put together a list of 6 mistakes to avoid (from people who’ve actually experienced these issues) when pairing your mixer tap and sink – things you’ve probably not thought about but definitely should if you want to maximise cleaning space and generally making washing up and using the sink hassle-free.

1.Make Sure Replacement Cartridges Are Available

Pairing Your Mixer Tap & Sink: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

Picture this: you buy two new taps, install them and find that after a year one tap starts to drip. You go to buy a replacement cartridge online and… oh no, there are none (or the ones that will fit your tap will cost you an arm and a leg). So, before you buy your taps, check that replacement cartridges are available and are budget friendly.

What is a cartridge? Good question. It’s basically a plastic piece in your tap that controls water flow. Worn out cartridges or rubber O rings often lead to pesky leaks overtime. Replacing the cartridge is in most cases the solution to stop the base and handles of the tap leaking.

2. Buy a Tall Tap

Pairing Your Mixer Tap & Sink: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

Kitchen taps come in a range of sizes from short to long and all different sizes in between. Depending on your sink depth, a tall tap is often a great solution to maximise space. It’s especially good if you like to pop the kettle on every day because even if your sink is full of dishes, you can still easily fill up the kettle because the tap is tall enough to fit the kettle over the pile of dishes in the sink. Great tea time hack!

3. Choose a Spray Pull-Out Mixer

Pairing Your Mixer Tap & Sink: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

No matter the size of your sink, choosing a pull-out spray mixer is a kitchen hack that will make your life so much easier – especially when it comes to spraying things like pots, pans and even veggies and fruit hands free. A pull-out mixer makes cleaning and washing your sink down so much easier, while also reducing splash as you control the exact direction of the water (and also use less of it – great news for your utility bill!)

4. Go Deep with Your Sink

Pairing Your Mixer Tap & Sink: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

Sinks come in a range of sizes in width and length, but also in depth. There are pros and cons to both shallow and deep sinks, but we always recommend a deep sink. Not only can a deep sink hold more dishes and large pots and pans, it also pairs a lot better with a pull-out mixer (and a pull-out mixer is the optimal choice for cleaning your sink and dishes thanks to its easy manoeuvrability).

5. Go Premium the First Time

Pairing Your Mixer Tap & Sink: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

Cheap and cheerful taps and sinks always seem like a good idea at the time – especially when you’re spending big on other parts of your kitchen reno. Yet considering how much you use your kitchen tap and sink, buying cheap will only cause you extra issues down the line. Even with a good warranty, cheap taps and sinks – especially imported ones – are a hassle because regardless of the warranty, the hassle of removing and returning it will outweigh any savings from the start, and might end up costing you even more down the line by getting a plumber to return and install new ones and so on.

6. Invest in a Quality Mixer Tap

Pairing Your Mixer Tap & Sink: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

A mixer tap has plenty of benefits, including being easy to use, economical and they are super stylish. Some people suggest mixer taps are hard to use, especially when it comes to getting the perfect temperature between hot and cold, or trying to get the same temperature twice. A quality mixer, however, should make it easy to find the right temperature setting, even if it means taking an extra second or two to find the right temperature setting. A cheaper mixer might be difficult to use, but investing in a quality mixer tap will make cooking and cleaning up so much easier.

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