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Benefits Of ‌Pull Out Mixer Taps For The Kitchen

Benefits Of ‌Pull Out Mixer Taps For The Kitchen

Benefits Of Pull Out Mixer Taps For The Kitchen

The right kitchen tap or sink mixer can make or break not only the look of your kitchen, but also the functionality.

Your kitchen sink and the tap attached are vital to the everyday running of the heart of the home - the kitchen. From cleaning dishes to rinsing food, washing your hands, filling up the kettle jug and much more.

The best types of taps for homes in Australia based on our extensive experience in the industry are mixer taps.


There are countless benefits to pull-out faucets (AKA taps). Whether you’re renovating and building a new kitchen and are looking at your interior design options or simply need to upgrade your current tap with a pull-out kitchen tap, there’s plenty to love about a pull-out mixer.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the range of benefits to a pull-out kitchen sink mixer tap, from kitchen design to and its modern style, to its washing up benefits and loads more.

Benefits of Pull-Out Mixer Taps

  • Pull-out faucets have a shorter spout and are best suited for small to medium-sized sinks where pull-down models wouldn’t be a practical option.
  • Pull-out mixer taps allow you to thoroughly wash both hands.
  • A longer pull-out hose is convenient as it helps fill up pots and pans further from the sink area.
  • If you want to minimise splashing in your sink and around the bench, a pull-out mixer is the ideal solution.
  • Want to save space? Pull-out mixer taps are the ultimate space-savers.

What is a Pull-Out Mixer Tap?

OK but what is a mixer tap anyway?

A mixer tap is basically a tap where the hot water and the cold water come out of the same spout. The water temperature and flow can be adjusted in several ways. The most common types are via a lever, via taps that are mounted on the bench or wall on either side of the spout via taps that are mounted to the body of the spout itself.

And what does pull-out mean?

A pull-out faucet typically has a longer hose than a pull-down, which enables it to reach further. Pull-outs will generally extend straight out, which means that will fit more compactly in a smaller sink while minimising splashing.

With a pull-down faucet, the spray hose is an extension of the tap that you can literally pull down, whereas you need to pull out a pull-out spray hose.

Here’s a picture example of a pull-out versus pull-down tap.

Cleo Pull Down Dual Spray Mixer

Benefits Of ‌Pull Out Mixer Taps For The Kitchen

Why Use Mixer Taps in the Kitchen?

Why should you use a mixer tap in the kitchen versus a tap that has separate hot and cold spouts? There are several excellent reasons.

Mixer taps are ideal for the kitchen because they are easy to use. Mixer taps can be fitted with spray heads AKA spray taps as well, which make rinsing dishes super easy, and pull out spouts help you get the water where it needs to go.

There are countless beautiful design options too to suit any home, from modern to traditional to country style. Mixer taps come in gooseneck style , square design, curved design, modular and more. Colour wise, there are plenty of classic chrome plating options, but you can also choose stainless steel, brushed steel, brass, nickel plating, gold plating, and more.

It’s easy to find WELS rated taps (read more about the WELS Water Rating Scheme here), and all taps at Buildmat reach either a 4 or 5 star WELS rating.

Consider Spray Type, Water Pressure & Water Flow

Water pressure, water flow and spray type will also affect how your pull-out kitchen tap works, so make sure you consider the spray type when choosing your tapware. Is it a single lever? How easy is it to switch between spray types modes? Are there different water pressure options?

It’s a good idea to test out these features if possible before buying, but if that’s not possible, make sure you ask the salesperson all the relevant questions first before choosing your kitchen faucet.

Why You Might Not Love A Pull-Out Mixer Tap

Not everyone will love or benefit from a pull-out mixer tap. While they do suit most types of kitchen, including modern kitchens, if you have an extra large sink and need the water to hit every corner of the sink, you might find rinsing with a pull-out tap less efficient.

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