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Which Basin Should I Choose? Concrete Vs Ceramic Vs Terrazzo

Which Basin Should I Choose? Concrete Vs Ceramic Vs Terrazzo

There are three main materials to consider when shopping for a new basin:

  • Concrete – concrete material
  • Ceramic – ceramic material 
  • Terrazzo – stone material 

Each basin material has its different looks and design, different price-points, different pros and cons and different levels of maintenance.

The truth is the right basin can make or break the overall look of the room it lives in. But it’s not just aesthetics, it needs to be practical and functional too.

So how do you find the right basin for your needs? Good news – we have the answers right here, right now. We’re comparing concrete, ceramic and terrazzo basins to help you find the right basin to suit your budget, aesthetic and home needs.

Let’s go!

What Room is it For? 

The first consideration when shopping for a new basin is which room in the house it will live in.

A kitchen basin will likely get the most intense use in a house, followed by a laundry basin and then a bathroom basin. You might be shopping for an outdoor basin, or a basin for pure decoration. 

So which basin material is best for which option? 

  • Bathroom: Terrazzo basins typically look best in a bathroom due to their eye-catchy design. Ceramic can also be just as beautiful. 
  • Kitchen: Stainless steel is ideal for kitchen sinks, but terrazzo and ceramic can also offer a great alternative and really be a stand-out focal point of the kitchen. 
  • Laundry: A laundry sink typically is best in stainless steel, but concrete can work just as well, especially if it’s an outdoors laundry. 
  • Outdoors: For outdoors, you might want something sturdy like a concrete sink. Terrazzo is also a great outdoor option due to its durability and heat-resistant qualities. 

There’s no hard and fast rule of which material works best in which room, it all comes down to personal style and preference, but also making sure the rest of the room is in order. For example, if you’re using a concrete basin, while they are waterproof, they’re also porous. 

So what will happen is that water will stay in the pores of the concrete and start to erode the concrete slowly, this would mean that over time small granules and debris will start to come off the concrete.

The pores might lead to water eventually seeping through the concrete and ending up on your wooden bench or tabletop and potentially mould the area if the bench is not sealed or waterproof. That’s not to say concrete is a poor choice, but you just need to be aware and make sure your bench is sealed/waterproof to mitigate that. 

Design & Shape


Concrete basins can be designed into any shape you want, and they come in a range of colours. However, the most common shapes are square, circle and fluted.

Which Basin Should I Choose? Concrete Vs Ceramic Vs Terrazzo

One thing to be aware of when it comes to design in concrete is it’s naturally imperfect. So if you want an exact replica of a model you saw in a showroom, or matching his and hers sinks, don’t expect too much. It’s impossible to replicate the exact shading and colour of another concrete sink due to variances in concrete. They’re perfectly imperfect!


Ceramic sinks, or porcelain sinks, are made from cast iron which is then coated in ceramic, this is a very traditional choice and one which has been used for decades. These sinks offer distinctive old-world appeal and they fit in perfectly with traditional kitchen like farmhouse-style themes. In terms of aesthetics, ceramic sinks are beautiful sinks, and they can come in a range of colours to suit your space.

Which Basin Should I Choose? Concrete Vs Ceramic Vs Terrazzo


Terrazzo basins are certainly eye-catchy and almost like art pieces in themselves, adding flair and character to any room they inhabit.  

Terrazzo basins have a more homogenous colour and effect, which make them more versatile and easier to combine with fixtures and furnishings in whatever room they exist in. 

Which Basin Should I Choose? Concrete Vs Ceramic Vs Terrazzo
Terrazzo Basin at Buildmat

Terrazzo Basin

Mounting: Above bench / above counter

The basins come in a variety of shapes, and a variety of designs, which is what makes them so appealing. Whether you prefer minimalist neutral shades or colourful specks, the style can be easily incorporated into your modern home.

Modern terrazzo comes in different beautiful and bold colours. Due to its eco-friendly and natural materials, there is typically a slight difference in veining, colour and tone across all terrazzo basins. 

Budget Considerations 

When considering budget, concrete and ceramic sit somewhere between budget and mid-tier, while terrazzo sits at the premium end of the scale. 


At Buildmat, you’ll pay $199 at the low end of a concrete basin, and $249 at the higher end. The higher end concrete basins are typically the fluted basins, which have a more intricate design.

Which Basin Should I Choose? Concrete Vs Ceramic Vs Terrazzo
Which Basin Should I Choose? Concrete Vs Ceramic Vs Terrazzo


Buildmat’s ceramic basins have a similar price range from $199-$299, with the most expensive ceramic basin coming in at $50 more than the most premium concrete basin. 

Which Basin Should I Choose? Concrete Vs Ceramic Vs Terrazzo
Which Basin Should I Choose? Concrete Vs Ceramic Vs Terrazzo
Celeste Gloss White with Black Rim Circle Basin Buildmat

Celeste Gloss White with Black Rim Circle Basin

5 Year Warranty


Terrazzo material basins sit at the more premium end of basin materials due to their eco-friendly nature (made of natural stone material), their durability, wide range of colour options and versatile usage.

At Buildmat, our terrazzo basins options are all $599, like this gorgeous Nevali terrazzo basin.

Which Basin Should I Choose? Concrete Vs Ceramic Vs Terrazzo
Nevali terrazzo basin at Buildmat

Nevali terrazzo basin.

Mounting: Above bench / above counter

Maintenance & Durability 


Concrete basins require little maintenance, and are very durable. The one downside to concrete sinks is their porous nature, which can erode the basin overtime if not properly maintained. This includes sealing the basin before or after installation, and then reapplying the seal after every ten years. 

In terms of durability, concrete makes extremely strong products that can last up to six decades. It’s also worth noting that overtime hairline cracks may form similar to concrete footpaths, but these cracks are aesthetic and not structural.


The durability of ceramic sinks and their heavy frames, make them sturdy and reliable basin materials. Heavy duty glazing and layered clay composition makes these ceramic sinks virtually chip proof and also resistant to many household chemicals.

Ceramic sinks are also very easy to clean. With a smooth, hard and completely closed surface, dirt and liquids have a hard time penetrating this material.


Terrazzo basins are incredibly durable - in fact, it’s one of the most durable basin materials. Once installed and sealed properly, the material is impenetrable to water and stain damage. Even if terrazzo is worn down over the years, it can be re-finished and polished to look as good as new. With proper care and maintenance, a terrazzo basin will last you decades, 

Shop Buildmat’s Concrete, Ceramic & Terrazzo Basins Today!

At Buildmat, we have a range of beautiful and premium concrete, ceramic and terrazzo basins to suit any style and budget. Find your perfect fit today!

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