by Vivian Garzon

Why You Should Consider Having a Large Multifunctional Kitchen Sink

Why You Should Consider Having a Large Multifunctional Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink will play a big role in your kitchen design and flow. You will need to take into consideration a lot of factors - for example, how much workspace do you need on your countertop? How much hosting or entertaining are you going to do? The number of people who will be using the sink? Do you need a drainboard? Will you use the dishwasher often? The list just goes on. The kitchen sink is a decision you will need to be committed to for the next 20 years and choosing one is not exactly an easy task. 

The Demand for Multifunctional Sinks in Australia

All these factors to consider will lead you to look for kitchen inspirations all over the internet about the kinds of sinks you want to be after. If you happen to chance upon a Japanese kitchen, you will notice their penchant for large single bowl sinks along with a host of accessories to make it a multifunctional sink. Large Japanese style sinks will generally range between 800-1000mm in length with a 185mm to 200mm depth. These drop in sinks with tap landings are designed to be utilitarian and value practicality over aesthetics.

Similarly, Australians have been looking for a large single bowl sink to suit their needs. Our customers are trying to look for the perfect large single bowl sink that is of high quality stainless steel, not too bulky, but is also a multifunctional sink. Given a chunk of your countertop went to the sink, you would want to maximise all that space especially since you now have all that surface area to work with. That is really important for people who cook or bake a lot as they would need ample space to wash large pots and pans, heavy baking trays and the like. Having a large multifunctional sink is also an advantage for households who like to host and entertain, as this will give them more ease and convenience during and after meal preparation.


Buildmat's Design Solution for Large Multifunctional Sinks

As a result, Buildmat has designed sinks called the Seville and the Mila, which will work as efficiently as large Japanese style sinks do. The Seville (900mm x 450mm) and the Mila (900mm x 500mm) are both our largest single bowl sinks made with hardwearing and high quality 1.5mm thick (16 gauge) 304 grade stainless steel. It is well built and can be filled with up to 85L of water. The difference between the two, other than the widths, is that the Seville can be installed in three different ways (top mount, flush mount, undermount) and also comes in three different finishes to complement your kitchen design and colour scheme; while the Mila offers more practicality as a drop in sink or top mount sink with a tap landing, and will only come in the brushed stainless steel finish.

The sink configuration you will choose will also affect the way you use the kitchen, keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all sink configuration. A large single bowl sink has to be multifunctional, versatile, and adaptable. Now with all that space to work with, the Seville or the Mila will comfortably house any accessory from our range since they have been designed to fit well into our sink bowls. Most Japanese style sinks will have some grooves on them to support the accessories. However with our sinks, every accessory will simply sit on top of either the lip of the sink or the countertop depending on your preferred installation. There are also no additional grooves on our sink, which minimises the surface areas that will require additional attention during clean up. 


Why You Should Consider Having a Large Multifunctional Kitchen Sink

 Image Source: Buildmat - Seville Sink with Shan Wooden Chopping Board


Sink Accessories to Maximise Space and Productivity

Our wide range of accessories will give the customers enough options to customise and personalise their use of the sink bowl as each one of us will use the sink differently. As an example, the Arthur slimline colander can be used to drain fruits and vegetables after washing up, to dry utensils, or it can also be used as a caddy for your dish soap and sponge. The Aiden portable draining board will give you the choice to put it directly on top of the sink or have it sit directly on the countertop while it drains off to the edge. We also have the Carter Colander, which is designed to be a practical and easy to use accessory to pair with our sinks. Old fashioned colanders are usually designed to be round and clunky but with the Carter Colander - you are sure to have a sleek and minimal colander that can sit on your sink without compromising quality. What we find also super handy is the Shan Wooden Chopping Board. It is designed for ease and convenience during meal prep because it can actually be inset to your sink. The perfect accessory if you want to maximise all the space that you have now. Another popular accessory for the Seville/Mila would be the Piper Portable mini sink which is really helpful for when you need a smaller bowl for minimal prep, defrosting meat, or for when you need a few items to soak in soapy water and not fill up the large sink. These are just examples of the various configurations to choose from depending on the usage.

Why You Should Consider Having a Large Multifunctional Kitchen Sink
 Image Source: Buildmat - Avisa Sink with Piper Portable Mini Sink


Browse Buildmat's Range of Sinks and Accessories

These are just some of the advantages of having a large multifunctional sink. Some customers might think it takes up too much countertop space but paired with the right accessories, you can do so much more with a large single bowl sink. You’d be surprised with how adaptable the Seville or Mila sink actually is. There is no need to worry about awkward and clunky accessories since our modern and minimal designs will flow seamlessly into any kitchen design and aesthetic. You can browse Buildmat's large range of stainless steel sinks and compatible accessories to explore all the options available to you here.