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What is the right kitchen sink for you? This question has been debated by many people, but not everyone can answer it. There are a few different types of sinks that you can choose from; single bowl or double bowl.

Some people like to have the option of having two bowls in their sink so they can do more than one task at once. Others prefer just one big bowl because they don't need the extra space and find it easier to clean up after themselves when everything is all in one place.

What is the difference between a single bowl sink and double bowl sink

The name actually describes it perfectly. When your sink has only one bowl we would call that a single bowl sink where your sink has two bowls we would call that a double bowl sink.

Why do people prefer single bowl sinks?

There have been a lot of people that have been asking for single bowl sinks to try and find an easier way to clean their baking trays, cast iron skillets or long saucepans which have been known to cause headaches to clean in a small sink bowl. Others prefer a single bowl kitchen sink because it is easier to clean up after oneself when there's only one tub.

We find that most people that have larger families would instantly use the dishwasher daily with no real questions asked, which then just leaves the larger items to wash. So since that the sink is only being used to wash the larger items then there's no need for the other bowl while washing up.

Having just one larger bowl might even allow you to reduce the size of the sink which gives you more counter space or bench space.

Why do people prefer single bowl sinks?

Single bowls can be bigger for washing large pots and pans
A big single sink is very useful for hiding dirty pots and dishes. It is easy to clean the roasting pan, wok or crab pot without dividing. If you have trouble cleaning your place at once it's your place to clean the place clean from the moment the next time. The big sink can be used to keep dirty dishes at least so your kitchen looks more ordered but Trick said. Can I get a single-bowl sink? 

Single bowl sinks may take up less countertop space
Since most of the houses these days have dishwashers which means that the plates cups bowls cutlery would usually be washed by the dishwasher and you would not really hand wash it or need to soak it as you would might have with a double bowl sink in the past.

Why do people prefer double-bowl kitchen sinks?

Most people have spent years in the kitchen having double bowl sinks, which is why it's a bit harder for them to change to a single bowl sink and it's just because of old habits. When you're choosing a sink for yourself and your family, don't try to change your habits just because other people have said it's better. Really look and see whether you could see yourself just using one sink or not.

Double bowl sinks allow you to separate clean and dirty dishes
People who enjoy cooking or baking and also hand wash dishes afterwards often choose double-bowl kitchen sinks because it allows them to do both at once and splitting up tasks between two bowls.

Soaking in soapy water and soap suds 
Some people like to soak their dirty dishes for a while in soapy water or have soap suds in one bowl, having the second bowl then allows them to still be able to use the sink to do other things such as washing or rinsing items or food preparation.

Less water required to soak things
Generally a double bowl sink will have a smaller bowl than a single bowl sink so having that smaller space allows you to use less water and still be environmentally conscious while soaking. 

What are disadvantages of the kitchen sinks?

Cons of a double bowl sink?
If you have a double bowl sink, you might lose counter top space because generally double bowl sinks are larger than a single bowl sink. Also if you opt for a double bowl sink you will have a smaller sink bowl which means that some of your larger pots and pans, baking racks or baking trays, may not fit in the bowl.

Cons of a single bowl sink?
If you just have a single bowl sink then you would be limited to just having one bowl to work with, so you wouldn't be able to have suds in one bowl or you wouldn't be able to rinse in one bowl. It also means you can't have clean things in one bowl and dirty in the other as there's only one bowl the clean and dirty dishes are all mixed together. So if you do decide to get a single bowl sink then you will have to maybe get an accessory to make up for it.

Combining your sink with a dishwasher
One of the best advantages of a kitchen sink and dishwasher combo is that it saves space in your kitchen. For those that are short on kitchen space, this kitchen appliance can be one of their best friends. In most kitchen suites these days you would find a dishwasher and kitchen sink all built together which gives you more counter space or bench space so you're able to enjoy your kitchen without any clutter. Dishwashers have been upgraded recently to be smarter and cleaner - meaning they can wash up to 99% of bacteria with better water and air quality, as well as reducing energy use by up to 60%.

So, is double bowl sink or single bowl sink better?

There’s no universal answer. Depending on the cost or size of the kitchen you want to spend you must decide on the best way to use them for the family and kitchen. It depends on several important factors. Like most home design decisions, you just need to consider both the pros and cons and decide the decision that satisfies your needs the best.

But before you make your decision you should have a look at our accessories that assist in eliminating some of the disadvantages.