Large Kitchen Sinks Require Planning

Large Kitchen Sinks Require Planning

Cooking is tons of fun until you notice dishes piled up in the sink. Nobody wants to sort through a cramped wash area – so why put up with a tiny sink? If you want a clean and comfortable cooking experience, a large kitchen sink is essential!

Smaller sinks for kitchens usually measure 6 inches or less, but the products featured here measure close to 10 inches deep. So, if you're ready to clean up your kitchen the easy way, read on for our list of the biggest most beautiful kitchen sinks on the market!

Types Of Large Kitchen Sinks

There are three popular types of stainless steel sinks:

  • Single-Bowl
  • ​One and a Quarter Bowl
  • Double-Bowl

When getting a double or one and a Quarter Bowl, use the bigger bowl for storing and soaping larger plates and utensils. The smaller side can be used for preparing food without any potential contamination from dirty dishes.


Installation Type

Before choosing a product, it's important to determine the installation type for a seamless experience. You can select between:

  • Over mount or Top Mount
  • Flushmount
  • Undermount Sink
  • Apron front or Farmhouse

Also make sure you consider having a custom stone countertop rather than a cheaper looking tap landing, with a custom stone bench the tap hole will go on the bench rather than the sink.

The Best Large Kitchen Designs

BuildMat is the number one company for premium kitchen sinks in Australia! We've made a name for ourselves by providing high-quality products and excellent customer service! 

When you order from us, we include free shipping so you can save yourself a trip to the shop. Here are some of the best kitchen sinks you can find on our product page.

Large Single Bowl Sink

This bestseller is incredibly sized and efficient making it one of the best sinks for small to medium kitchens as well as a good laundry tub or laundry sink. Some people also like to purchase a colander in place of a drainboard.

Price: $279

Dimensions: 700 X 450 X 250 mm

Material: Stainless steel

*Free shipping + 5-year warranty


Extra Large Bowl Sink

How large are kitchen sinks, our largest one is 900mm and is used for kitchens that predominately only use their kitchen sinks for their pots and pans and the rest go into the dishwasher. Online this would be considered one of the best large kitchen sinks Australia would have seen.

Dimension: 900 X 450 X 250 mm

Materials: Stainless steel

Double Bowl With Drain Board Sink

This is ideal for bigger households that need several sinks in the kitchen. It is extremely popular because it has a double sink and a drainboard. This can be installed as a double bowl undermount sink and is the most popular stainless steel kitchen sink, especially for older people who have grown up having a drainboard to put their dishracks, designed for practicality and someone that has enough room in their kitchen to be a showroom. The double bowl sink is the most popular but you must remember to carefully plan it with your stonemason so that the benchtop and cabinets are planned properly, such as having the dishwasher installed under your drainboard which will make best use of the space of your dishwasher and your double bowl kitchen sink.

Price: $409

Dimensions: 1125 X 450 X 205 mm

Material: Stainless steel


Single Bowl With Drain Board Sink

This simplistic design gives you all the space you need! Having a drainer sink may be more important than having that second sink for some people, make sure if you're going to choose a single bowl kitchen sink that you get one with a large bowl similar to what we have designed here. with enough planning, you can position the dishwasher under the drainboard, make sure you talk to your cabinet maker and plan ahead.

Price: $339

Dimension: 950 X 450 + 205 mm

Materials: Stainless steel

Single Bowl Butler Sink

Add more depth to your single sink without taking up too much counter space. this is the ultimate way to save kitchen space, but it's very small so it can only work in the butler pantry. 

Price: $129

Dimension: 300 X 450 X 250 mm

Materials: Stainless steel

Single & 1/4 Bowl Sink

Get some extra wiggle room by adding only 1/4 of another sink to the side. This is a great sink for the space saver, some people prefer to have a drainboard but that's where if you get great sink accessories you won't need to worry. Having this as a double bowl inset sink is something that you see in a of of FAQ or magazine articles. 

Price: $339

Dimensions: 725 X 450 X 205 mm

Material: Stainless steel

Plan your tapware and style

Make sure you remember to include your faucet or tapware in your planning, as it could totally change the aesthetics of your kitchen. The most popular kitchen taps we've found is the Coco Pull out tap mixer, they can go with our Buildmat sinks or if you prefer an Abey, Franke, Blanco or Oliveri. whatever the brand this is definitely the most practical sink out there. 


Also remember that if you're setting the theme for the kitchen that you remember to try and match it with your santorini bathroom and bathroom accessories. 

Think About A New Kitchen Sink

If you’re after the best large kitchen sinks in Australia, you can contact us through our email address or visit us at Buildmat in Hallam, Victoria.

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