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How Much Can I save with a Flat Pack Kitchen?

Are you looking at renovating your dream kitchen? You've been inspired by flashy kitchens from a magazine or Facebook post? Then you start to think about how many things in the kitchen you're going to need to change and all the different costs associated.
How Much Can I save with a Flat Pack Kitchen?

Are you looking at renovating your dreamkitchen? You've been inspired by flashy kitchens from a magazine or Facebook post? Then you start to think about how many things in the kitchen you're going to need to change and all the different costs associated, then you start to wonder if you'll be able to find any for a simple renovation. There are lots of different ways that you can save in your ownkitchen renovation, and it all depends on how hands-on you are and how much time you're prepared to research, learn and build.

So What Do I Need to Consider before I Start Renovating?

KitchenDesign: research a lot about designs and kitchenlayouts, to see what you like and to see what suits the rest of your house

Budget: Start off with how much you are willing to spend or how much can you afford for your renovation, once you know that you can start to try and cut on costs.

Style: There are many styles to choose from, for example, whether you want a french provincial or basic flat colour.

Finish: The finish, whether it's a high-quality 2PAC or maybe you're looking for a more affordable price such as melamine or laminate, will determine how it looks, how long it lasts and how much it costs, different finishes have its own benefits. Cost / Durability / Style generally you can only choose 2 out of the three, which will you choose?

Time: Do you want to spend a lot of time coordinating and deciding different elements, or would you prefer to go to a kitchen specialist where they can

Quality: Quality is linked with the finish you choose with, depending on the finish you decide it'll most likely determine whether your finish is high quality.

Kitchen Sink:Whether you're just after a basic Kitchen sink Online or a masters kitchen sink

DIYor hire a professional: This here is the biggest factor when it comes to cost savings.
If you decided to go DIY Kitchens and choose flat pack kitchencabinet options, you'll save a tonne of money, but you might run into some annoying issues, or have to learn about things you never had to consider before.
but, if you hire a professional you won't have any issues at all and generally, it is really quick, and they'll coordinate most things and the tradespersons required, and sort out everything tell you how much it costs and then you decided whether you want to go ahead or not.

Tapware or Faucet: make sure you know what style of tapware of faucet you're after before you decide on the style of your cabinets.

So Why doesn't EVERYONE choose Flatpack Kitchens?

Most home renovators are worried about going with a flat pack kitchen for several reasons:

  • They think it'spoorly constructed
  • They thinkDIYKitchensare hard to build
  • They think they are buying aless than standard quality kitchen
  • They think they havelimited design options
  • They think that Flatpacksaren't possible for custom kitchens

This might have been the case 20 or 30 years ago, but the industry has come a long way, especially with a lot of large developers even utilising modular kitchencabinetry and kitchen systems for new build townhouses, this forced the industry to plan in advance and reduce the margin of error.
Make sure you research the company, the finish being used and the warranty that's available with your flat pack kitchens.

Measure Measure Measure, make sure you keep measuring and re-measuring because the smallest mistake will create you a whole world of headaches, so make sure you've triple checked it before you go and speak to a kitchen specialist.

How Do You Save with Flatpack Kitchens?

The biggest savings are within the labour costs, along the entire processes are there are teams and helpers that are getting paid along the process which is why it could end up being quite expensive. If you choose to do a DIY Kitchen, you end up cutting costs with the kitchen designer, the delivery costs, project manager costs, cabinet makers, the construction and installation costs. These are all important roles, don't think that they weren't needed and that's why you've cut them out, the only way a DIY will work is if you use your time to do those tasks yourselves.

Some these costs are unavoidable if you don't have the right knowledge, tools or time so maybe engaging in some professionals along the way isn't too bad either. There are also certain parts of the kitchen where you'll need Australian licensed tradesperson such as an electrician to install the oven or plumber to install a Bunnings kitchen sink. If you don't like getting onto the tools you might be able to find a local handyman or local tradie to help you out, which is generally cheaper than a kitchen installer but they have the general know-how of installing it.

If you're installing a new kitchen, you might be leaning towards a flatpack kitchen more because you don't need to consider what's under your old kitchen, or what to do with your old kitchen.

You may choose cheaper alternatives to the hardware inside the cabinet doors and holding up the shelving, some may use non-branded hardware others may use Blum, sometimes it's good to ask so that you know you're comparing apples with apples.

What Else Do I Need to Consider for the Kitchen Renovation?

Tricky Kitchens:We've seen projects where the renovator didn't realise the floor wasn't flat, that meant that one side of the kitchen bench was higher than the other, when it was installed it was very obvious because of the benchtop didn't line up with the window which was straight. They tried the kitchen out for a few years but then ended up getting a professional to redo the whole kitchen, which was a costly lesson. A professional installer can overcome this because they would usually custom cut their bench sizes and heights with a digital CNC machine or jigsaws so that it is exact.

Professional Kitchen Builders are worth itif you want to have the perfect kitchen and Installers are more expensive because they have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the kitchen. If you're lucky you might have an easy renovation and maybe not need all that knowledge. If you're on the unlucky side you might eventually need to call on some help from a Kitchen Installer.

TheKitchen Benchtopis also important because if you're planning to do a stone or granite benchtop you'd want to make sure that your flat pack has the right build or stability to hold the weight of the stone as well as the appliances and sinks, if you're going to spend so much money to get a stone benchtop we would recommend getting a professional kitchen installer. Since you're also spending so much more it will allow you to give more custom designs and the

The MastersLaundry Cabinetand Laundry Sink must also be planned out properly so that the theme matches, just like you would see in a showroom.

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