by Vivian Garzon

6 Bathroom Design Trends (2024 Edition)

6 Bathroom Design Trends (2024 Edition)

As we move into 2024, the intersection of luxury and functionality in bathroom design has never been more prominent. This year, the focus is on the finer details that elevate the overall experience, from the tapware colour to the design of shower heads, choosing a short basin mixer or tall basin mixer, and even the humble robe hook. Here, we discuss six key trends that are setting the tone for luxurious bathrooms in 2024. 

1. The Rise of Bold Colours 

Bold, eye-catching colours are in for 2024, and matte black tapware is proving to be a popular choice for those who want a refined and contemporary look that stands the test of time. This matte black trend now encompasses a wider array of bathroom fixtures, including shower heads, mixer taps, and accessories, creating a unified and elegant aesthetic. Its versatility is unmatched, effortlessly complementing a variety of materials and colours. 

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The Rise of Bold Colours

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2. Warm Metallics Make a Comeback

This year sees the resurgence of warm metallics like brushed brass and vintage antique bras, infusing bathrooms with a touch of warmth and luxury. They add a gentle glow to your bathroom, creating an inviting atmosphere. Think of these finishes as the perfect accents – like jewellery for your bathroom – enhancing the space with subtle sophistication. From an antique brass basin mixer to a brass gold wall spout, warm metallics are leading the charge in 2024 bathroom design trends. We particularly love the Alma tapware range, featuring one of the biggest selections of brushed brass gold, and vintage antique gold tapware.  

Warm Metallics Make a Comeback
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3. Minimalistcore   

Simon Brushed Brass Gold Simple Circle Handles

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Lean into minimalism with fixtures that boast simple design. They're made to be functional while maintaining a stylish look. These minimalist taps, like the Simon brushed brass gold simple circle handles, subtly blend into your bathroom's overall design, highlighting the space's natural beauty without drawing too much attention to themselves. This approach keeps your bathroom looking neat and uncluttered, emphasising a straightforward aesthetic that minimalism is all about.

4. Eco-Friendly Shower Heads 

Mira Brushed Gunmetal Shower Head
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Today, being eco-conscious is a luxury we can all afford. The newest shower heads are designed to save water and energy, proving that you don’t have to compromise on performance to be kind to the planet. With various styles and finishes available, our range of shower heads (with a WELS rating of 4 or higher) offers a perfect blend of sustainability and style for any bathroom.

5. Statement Accessories 

Ascari brushed brass towel rail

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It’s the little things that count, and statement accessories like robe hooks, towel rails and toilet roll holders are taking centre stage. These aren't just practical items; they're mini expressions of style that enhance the overall look of your bathroom. Coming in a range of finishes and designs, bathroom accessories add both function and flair to your space.

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6. Integrated Technology

The fusion of technology and bathroom fixtures is perhaps one of the most exciting trends for 2024. From temperature-controlled mixer taps to shower heads with built-in water filtration, the focus is on enhancing the user experience through innovation. These tech-savvy solutions promise a bathroom that’s not only luxurious in appearance but also in function. 

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Bathroom Trends FAQs

Can matte black fixtures be used in any bathroom design?

Absolutely! Matte black is incredibly versatile and can complement a wide range of bathroom styles, from ultra-modern to classic and rustic. It's all about how you pair it with other elements in your bathroom.

Are warm metallics like brushed gold difficult to maintain?

While no fixture is completely maintenance-free, warm metallics like brass tapware are surprisingly easy to care for. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth and mild soap usually keeps them looking beautiful. Avoid harsh chemicals to protect their finish. Can I mix different fixture finishes in my bathroom?

Mixing finishes can add depth and interest to your bathroom design. It's a trend that's gaining popularity for its ability to create a unique and personalised space. Just be mindful to maintain a cohesive look throughout.