by Vivian Garzon

Achieving a Coastal & Beachy Look with Brushed Nickel Tapware

Discover how brushed nickel tapware can be the missing piece in your coastal and beachy dream house.
Achieving a Coastal & Beachy Look with Brushed Nickel Tapware

When it comes to creating a coastal or beach-themed decor in your home, every detail matters.

From sandy hues to the soothing colours of the sea, achieving that relaxed and refreshing ambience is all about thoughtful design choices.

One often overlooked element that can elevate your coastal-inspired space is brushed nickel tapware.

Below we'll explore how brushed nickel tapware can bring your coastal and beachy interior together, creating a dreamy seaside vibe.

Key Design Elements to Achieve a Coastal & Beach Aesthetic

  • Beach-Inspired Colours: Coastal colour palettes with soft blues, whites, and sandy neutrals.
  • Natural Materials: Use of wood, stone, and natural fibres for a beachy, organic feel.
  • Large Windows: To maximise ocean views and natural light.
  • Brushed Nickel Tapware: Incorporate brushed nickel tapware to add a touch of elegance to the coastal beach house design.
  • Nautical Elements: Incorporation of nautical decor like ropes, shells, and marine-themed accessories.
  • Weather-Resistant Materials: Ceramic or porcelain tiles, marine-grade plywood, vinyl flooring, water-resistant paints and stainless steel appliances are all essentials (if you’re living near the water!)

1. Coastal Elegance with Brushed Nickel

When decorating your coastal-inspired space, brushed nickel tapware is a must.

Its soft silver finish complements the calming coastal colour palette, seamlessly blending with the soft blues, whites, and sandy neutrals often found in beachy decor.

1. Coastal Elegance with Brushed Nickel

Brushed nickel bathroom mixer taps complement the blue and brown coastal hues. Source.

From brushed nickel kitchen mixer taps to brushed nickel shower heads and rails, there are countless ways to add this beachy finish to your home.

2. Nautical-Inspired Tapware

To enhance the coastal theme in your home, explore tapware designs that incorporate nautical elements.

Look for handles or spouts reminiscent of ship fittings or marine life. These brushed nickel cross taps offer a unique touch and stay true to the beachy style, infusing your bathroom or kitchen with a playful, coastal charm.

Achieving a Coastal & Beachy Look with Brushed Nickel Tapware

The Cora brushed nickel cross tap handles are stylish, beautiful and beachy.

3. Complete the Coastal Look

To fully immerse yourself in the coastal aesthetic, pair your brushed nickel tapware with beachy accessories.

Consider adding seashell-themed soap dishes, coastal artwork, or soft, textured towels in beachy colours.

Complete the Coastal Look
Accessorise your bathroom with coastal accessories like starfish, blue tones and tall brushed brass nickel tapware. Source.

These finishing touches harmonise with your brushed nickel tapware, creating a cohesive and inviting coastal space that's perfect for relaxation.

Beautiful Practical Coastal Chic Brushed Nickel Tapware

Quality brushed nickel tapware not only looks good but is also tough and long-lasting. It's built to handle coastal conditions, like saltwater and humidity, without losing its stylish charm.

Achieving a Coastal & Beachy Look with Brushed Nickel Tapware

A brushed nickel pull-out kitchen mixer paired with a ceramic basin for the ultimate coastal kitchen vibes. Source.

So, when you choose brushed nickel tapware for your bathroom or kitchen in your coastal-inspired home, you get both good looks and reliability. It's a smart choice that combines style and functionality.

Create the Beachy Home of Your Dreams with Brushed Nickel Tapware

Whether you're renovating your bathroom or updating your kitchen, brushed nickel tapware offers a seamless blend of style and durability that enhances the coastal ambience of your home. 

We especially recommended Alma tapware’s brushed nickel range for its superior craftsmanship and timeless design. Alma’s brushed nickel tapware not only complements the natural, relaxed feel of coastal interiors but also stands up to the humid and salty air, ensuring longevity and maintaining its sleek, understated finish.

Brushed Nickel Tapware by Buildmat

Brushed Nickel Tapware

Add a Touch of Sophistication

Brushed Nickel Tapware FAQs

What accessories pair well with brushed nickel tapware in a coastal-themed bathroom or kitchen?

Consider beachy accessories like seashell-themed soap dishes, coastal artwork, or towels in beachy colours to complement your brushed nickel tapware and complete the coastal look.

Is brushed nickel tapware durable in coastal environments with saltwater and humidity?

Yes, quality brushed nickel tapware is able to withstand the challenges of coastal environments while maintaining its elegance and functionality.

How do you build a coastal bathroom design?

To build a coastal bathroom design, start by selecting a colour palette inspired by the beach, featuring soft blues, whites, and sandy neutrals. Incorporate natural materials like wood and stone, add beachy accessories, and choose brushed nickel tapware to complement the coastal ambience.