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Are Under Sink Water Filter Systems Worth It?

A switch to filtered water may be a choice rooted in various reasons such as health considerations, environmental sustainability, or simply just by convenience and preference. If you're interested in making the switch, read on and find out how filtered water can work for you!

Are Under Sink Water Filter Systems Worth It?

Why get an under-sink filter?

As filtered water can often lead to improved overall well-being by reducing exposure to potential contaminants that may exist in tap water, people especially with health concerns lean towards getting a water filtration system installed. This helps them feel more comfortable and confident with their drinking water without constantly buying water in plastic bottles.

Others may choose to make the shift as part of their commitment to environmental sustainability. Indeed, the use of water filtration systems can significantly reduce the dependency on bottled water, in turn lessening plastic waste and carbon emissions associated with the production and transport of bottled water. 

Alternatively, your motivation could be driven by convenience. There's an undeniable appeal to having a constant supply of filtered drinking water readily available at the turn of a tap, without the need to constantly refill and wait for water filter jugs. This is particularly advantageous when preparing meals, hosting guests, or simply ensuring you and your family stay hydrated with high-quality drinking water throughout the day.


Are Under Sink Water Filter Systems Worth It?


Among the variety of water filtration systems available in Australia, such as ceramic filters, activated carbon filters, reverse osmosis water filters and distillers – we will concentrate on the under sink water filter system. As the name implies, this water filter kit is discreetly installed under your kitchen sink. Its operation is rather straightforward: the filter is connected to your cold water supply line, and once you activate the tap, the water is directed through the filter before it emerges.

Will it be Worth It or Not?

When faced with the question, "Is investing in a water filtration system worthwhile?" a simple affirmative response often arises. Yet, to truly appreciate the reasoning behind this, it's beneficial to explore the matter in more detail.

Investing in a water filtration system is considered advantageous for several key reasons, but first and foremost, enhancing your water quality. Water filtration systems drastically improve the quality of your drinking water by removing a wide range of contaminants, such as heavy metals, chlorine, and harmful bacteria. This leads to healthier, odour-free, and better tasting water for your consumption. By filtering out harmful contaminants, you're reducing the risk of certain health issues associated with the consumption or use of unfiltered water. This is particularly important for individuals with compromised immune systems or specific health conditions. Despite the initial investment, a water filtration system can save you money in the long run.

By having filtered water taps readily available at home, you reduce the need for buying bottled water, which can add up over time. Having a continuous supply of clean drinking water directly from your tap eliminates the need for continuous purchases, heavy lifting of water bottles, and storage concerns associated with bottled water or filtration pitchers. Additionally, using a water filtration system contributes to a reduction in plastic waste. The frequent purchase of bottled water contributes to plastic pollution, and by opting for filtered tap water, you are significantly decreasing your environmental footprint.

The cost of under sink water filter systems in Australia can vary greatly, with the price being influenced by a range of factors including the model, the brand, and the specific contaminants the system is designed to filter. However, the upfront cost is not the only factor to consider. There are also ongoing costs associated with replacement filters and maintenance. These expenses depend on the specific system and the quality of your incoming water, but filters typically need to be replaced every six to twelve months.

Although the advantages of an under sink water filter system are substantial, certain individuals may still exhibit reluctance in opting for it. This hesitance often stems from the reality that the initial investment for under sink filters can be heftier than for other varieties of water filters, coupled with the continuing expenses associated with periodic filter cartridge replacements. However, this viewpoint focuses on the immediate expense and may overlook the long-term benefits for health, financial savings, and environmental conservation, making it a worthy consideration for most households.

Are Under Sink Water Filter Systems Worth It?
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How to Choose the Correct Water Filter

Suppose you have decided and are currently searching for the finest under sink water filter available in the market! Before deciding on a water filtration system, it's important to determine your water source. Knowing this can guide you in selecting the appropriate filter for your needs. Filters are designed to address specific sources such as mains water supply, rain or tank water, or a combination of both. Moreover, the location plays a role, especially for rural or regional areas where the water supply can be more challenging due to its hardness or high mineral content.

Although Australia's tap water is generally safe and of high quality, largely due to the stringent regulations water providers must adhere to, you might still consider an added layer of filtration for your home. The mains water supply undergoes a thorough filtration processes to assure safety. These processes, carried out by Australian water providers, deploy various purification techniques to remove contaminants. The treatment methods are typically customised to match the particularities of the water source and the specific needs of the community.

For households utilising rainwater or tank water, it's important to employ suitable filtration/purifiers and treatment systems. Such water sources can harbour a range of potential contaminants, from debris and sediment to bacteria and chemicals. Certain types of filters can effectively mitigate these issues, removing common pollutants and a variety of chemicals, depending on the unique characteristics of the water filter cartridge used.

Are Under Sink Water Filter Systems Worth It?

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How Do Water Filters Work?

An under sink water filter works through a relatively simple yet effective process. It is connected to the cold water supply line under your sink. When you turn on your tap, the water is diverted through a separate pipe that leads to the water filter system. The water then passes through the filter or filters, which may include one or several stages of filtration, depending on the system. Once the water has passed through the filter, it's directed up to the tap, where it's ready to be dispensed. 

It's important to replace the filter cartridges at the recommended intervals to ensure the water filtration system continues to work effectively. The frequency of replacement will depend on the capacity of the specific model, the household's water consumption, and the quality of your local water supply.

Where to Start Looking for Under sink Water Filter Systems?

At Buildmat, we supply water filtration systems from Puretec, a family-owned company with a long history of excellence in the industry. Since 1989, Puretec has been developing and manufacturing top-of-the-line water filtration and treatment products that are trusted by many homes and businesses alike. Among the variety of Puretec products we offer, we feature three models that cater to different needs and preferences. We hold Puretec filters in such high regard that we even use one of these models in our own office and warehouse in Melbourne! Every day, our team enjoys the benefits of Puretec's effective filtration, experiencing firsthand the improved taste and quality of our water. In essence, our relationship with Puretec is not just as a supplier but as a user too. This speaks volumes about our confidence in the quality, effectiveness, and reliability of Puretec.

Here are three filter system options, each targeting different water sources:

  1. Undersink Mains Water Filter System 0.1 Micron (Z1 Filter): This is an ideal option for mains water filtration. The Z1 filter uses Puretec's innovative Ultra Z Filtration Technology to filter water down to an impressive 0.1 micron. Through an advanced three-stage process, this comprehensive cartridge significantly reduces undesirable elements in your water such as sediment, chlorine, unpleasant tastes and odours. Notably, it also provides protection against harmful cysts and bacteria, including E.coli.

    Are Under Sink Water Filter Systems Worth It?

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  2. Undersink Rainwater Dual Filter Kit, 0.1 Micron (Z1-RW-K Filter): Designed specifically for rainwater or tank water, this kit integrates a dual or twin water filter system. The Z1-RW-K filter (5 micron) uses a twin manifold for effective sediment pre-filtration. In tandem with the Z1 Ultra Z Filtration Technology, it refines the water down to 0.1 micron, ensuring a significant improvement in the quality of your tank or rainwater.
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  3. Puremix Z7 High Flow Water Filter System: This water filter system is specially designed for environments with higher sediment loads and harsher water quality, such as rural areas, regions with older pipe infrastructure, and rainwater systems. The PureMix Z7 operates with three levels of filtration, effectively removing sediment, rust, and dirt down to 1 micron. Additionally, it filters out bad taste, odour, chlorine, and other chemicals, leaving you with healthy, great-tasting, clean, safe, and pure water.

 Are Under Sink Water Filter Systems Worth It?

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By selecting the appropriate model for your water source, you can significantly enhance the quality of your water and safeguard your health and that of others who consume your water.


What is a Micron and What Does it Mean for Water Filtration Systems?

A micron, also known as a micrometre, is a unit of length equal to one millionth of a metre. To provide a better perspective, consider that the diameter of a single human hair strand is roughly 70 microns, which illustrates just how tiny a micron truly is.

In water filtration systems, the micron measurement signifies the size of sediments or particles the filter can successfully eliminate from your water. For instance, a filter with a 0.1-micron rating is designed to extract any contaminants larger than 0.1 microns. Water filter kits with lower micron ratings generally offer enhanced protection, capable of trapping more harmful substances. On the other hand, those with higher micron ratings may not be as comprehensive in their filtration, but they can still effectively clear out larger particles like dust and other sediments. That being said, it's crucial to understand your water's quality before deciding on a filter's micron rating. The smaller the micron rating, the higher the number of contaminants the filter will catch. However, this might also lead to a reduction in flow rate so if you wish to avoid this, you'd need a filter with a higher micron rating or a larger pump to maintain a stable water pressure. Consult with a licensed plumber to ensure these concerns are addressed and the filters are installed in compliance with all relevant regulations in your state.

Keep in mind that the contaminants filtered from the water are retained within the filter. Therefore, the filter might require frequent replacement, especially if it has a smaller micron rating and your water quality is poor. Generally, for optimal sediment removal, filters with a 1-micron rating or less are recommended as they can filter out even minute particles, ensuring cleaner and safer drinking water.

Are Under Sink Water Filter Systems Worth It?

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Installation, Maintenance, and Replacement Cartridges

The ease of installation and maintenance are significant considerations when deciding whether to invest in a water filtration system. Starting with installation, these Puretec under sink water filter systems come with all the necessary plumbing fittings for a standard setup. This means you won't have to scramble to find the right parts or worry about compatibility issues. The systems can be installed either horizontally or vertically, providing flexibility based on the layout and space available under your sink. Notably, these systems do not require any shelf cut-outs, preserving the original structure of your kitchen cabinets.

To ensure the optimal performance of an under sink water filter system, regular upkeep needs to be maintained. The function of filter cartridges is to sieve out and eliminate a range of contaminants present in the water. As time progresses, these filter cartridges can get overloaded with these impurities, which in turn impacts their capacity to filter effectively. This may lead to a noticeable drop in the quality of the water that has been filtered. By periodically changing these filter cartridges, your system can maintain its effectiveness in filtering out undesirable substances, hence preserving the cleanliness of your drinking water.

An accumulation of pollutants in the filter cartridges could also affect the system's flow rate, potentially causing your tap to release water at a slower pace compared to when the filter cartridge was new. To ensure a consistent flow rate, it's crucial to replace the cartridges as per the suggested guidelines.

Typically, a replacement frequency of every 6-12 months is advised, but the actual timeline may vary depending on the capacity of the filter, your source water quality and the level of usage. Households with source water of notably poor quality or those with high consumption rates may find it necessary to replace their cartridges more frequently. It's important to keep an eye out for any changes in the colour, taste, or smell of your drinking water, or any slowdown in the flow rate from your tap. Such changes could be indications that your filter cartridges require a sooner replacement than the suggested schedule. The primary goal should always be to maintain the safety and quality of your drinking water, rather than strictly adhering to a replacement schedule.

At Buildmat, we make the process convenient for you by offering readily available replacement cartridges.

This eliminates the trouble of having to search for suitable replacements from various suppliers, ensuring a seamless maintenance process for your under sink water filter system. Moreover, Puretec filters have been designed with a user-friendly quick-twist cartridge change system. This feature means that you can handle the filter cartridge replacement yourself without the need to call and pay for a licensed plumber. It’s a quick-change replacement cartridge where you can simply twist off the old cartridge and twist on the new one – it's as straightforward as that!


Do I Need a Separate Filter Tap?

Are Under Sink Water Filter Systems Worth It?

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Other under sink water filtration systems require a designated tap specifically for filtered drinking water. This filter tap is typically part of the water filtration system package. It gets installed on your sink, right beside or on the corner of your existing kitchen mixer. This means you end up with two taps: one for regular tap water, which you use for cleaning dishes and such, and the other exclusively for filtered water, which you use for cooking and drinking purposes. This arrangement also helps prolong the lifespan of your filter cartridges because it's only used when filtered water is needed.

While this approach suits some, others might find the presence of two taps a bit of an eyesore or a disruption to their kitchen aesthetics. If you fall into this category, then you might find a 3-Way Mixer Tap a perfect solution. Not only does it preserve your kitchen's sleek look, but it also comfortably accommodates your water filter system. In essence, a 3-way mixer tap provides hot, cold, and filtered water, all dispensed from the same tap head. This efficient setup conserves space as it does away with the need for a separate filtered drinking water tap. (Link: What Is A 3-Way Kitchen Mixer Tap?)

If you're on the lookout for a top-notch 3-Way Mixer Tap, Buildmat's Fleta Brushed Stainless Steel 3 Way Filter Water Tap could just be what you need. This tap is designed with an eye for maintaining a sophisticated, streamlined kitchen design, thereby eliminating the need for an additional mini water filter tap at the side of your kitchen sink. Whether your prior setup was an under-bench water filtration system or a benchtop system, the Fleta Brushed Stainless Steel 3 Way Filter Water Tap trumps them all. It integrates seamlessly into your primary kitchen mixer, elevating both the function and the aesthetics of your kitchen. 

Fleta 3-way filter tap


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So, are Under Sink Water Filter Systems Worth It?

Absolutely! The considerable benefits of under sink water filter systems indicate that they are a valuable investment for a lot of households, making it a practical and cost-effective solution and cementing its status as a worthwhile investment. When choosing an under sink filter system, remember to prioritise quality over price – even if that means spending a bit more initially – as this ensures you will get the best performance and durability from your selected water filtration system in the long haul.

While it's important to note that the tap water supply in Australia is generally safe to consume, those with certain health issues or compromised immune systems may need to take extra precautions. Therefore, if you have any specific concerns or questions about the tap water in your area, it's recommended to contact your local water authority or seek advice from a health professional for a more detailed understanding.

Are Under Sink Water Filter Systems Worth It?

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Are Under Sink Water Filter Systems Worth It?

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