ashanti gooseneck mixer brushed brass gold

Brushed Brass Gold

Upgrade your home with brushed brass gold tapware and accessories. It’s a finish that balances trendiness with timelessness, adding a refined look to your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry area without overwhelming your existing style. Shop our brushed brass gold range today.
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Mix & Match Your Brushed Brass Gold Tapware 

Enhance different areas of your home with brushed brass gold tapware for a unified, stylish look. In bathrooms, this finish can transform ordinary fixtures like shower mixers and robe hooks into focal points of elegance. In kitchens, it complements both modern appliances and traditional designs, offering versatility and style. Extend this refined touch to your laundry with matching tapware and accessories, ensuring every corner of your home reflects your style.

A Show-Stopping Colour Choice 

Looking to make the ordinary extraordinary? Choose brushed brass gold. A brushed brass gold finish is flexible and stylish, brightening up spaces like your kitchen, bathroom and laundry while keeping things sophisticated and elegant. Whether you're renovating or just updating a few pieces, this finish makes any room a show-stopper. 

Brushed Brass Gold Tapware with Features You Want 

Functionality meets style with our brushed brass gold tapware. Whether you need a mixer that simplifies kitchen tasks or a shower system that turns your bathroom into a spa-like retreat, the right features make all the difference. Consider practicalities like water filtration and easy-to-use mixers to enhance your daily routine while keeping your space looking beautiful.