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Tips When Buying A Shallow Kitchen Sink

Tips When Buying A Shallow Kitchen Sink

We all have ways in which we want to style our kitchens. From the classic designs of Victorian chic to sleeker, more contemporary looks that have redefined how people see their cooking areas, there is a lot of variety out there to choose from, each with its own purchases to be made.From this comes the shallow kitchen sink, a massive visual shift from the bulkier designs that came to define past eras of kitchen trends.

At BuildMat, we provide commercial and residential property owners alike with a full range of high-quality kitchen sinks. So, today, we’re going to take a look at shallow kitchen sinks and what you should think about when choosing one for your home.

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Know Your Dish Usage

Tips When Buying A Shallow Kitchen Sink

Just as larger kitchen sinks aren’t always going to be for everyone, shallow kitchen sinks will be better for some people’s situations than others. After all, whilst they are fantastic for saving space and provide a different look and feel to your countertop when compared to deeper alternatives, shallow kitchen sinks won’t fit quite as much in terms of your cutlery and plates.

So, when deciding on a shallow kitchen sink, first think about how frequently you wash dishes, how often you entertain, and realistically, how often you do dishes. There’s no right answer here, but it’s important to know whether the shallower option is right for you before taking the proverbial plunge.

Using Your Under-Sink Space

One of the major benefits of a shallow kitchen sink is that they free up a considerable amount of space underneath your sink for other things. So, if you’re deciding which sink style to go for, ask yourself how much kitchen space is ideal for you.

If you have a lot of kitchen products and tend to clean up as you go with cups and bowls, then the shallow sink option is more than likely the right one for you. However, if you find that your current kitchen space is more than enough and that you tend to do big washes rather than several smaller ones, a bigger sink might be a better option.

Family Vs Individual

In the first point, we discussed the idea of dish usage and how frequently you find yourself washing up. However, while it’s important to take stock of your own sink usage, it’s just as important to think about how many people are going to be using your sink space.

Larger, deeper kitchen sinks tend to be the domain of families, who will have a lot to clean up come mealtime and therefore will benefit from that extra space. Meanwhile, if you’re an individual or a couple without kids or relatives living with you, the extra storage space and style offered by a shallow kitchen sink will likely be a better alternative.

Analysing The Cost Benefit

For many of us, a large part of the sink decision-making process will come down to price, and this is one area in which shallow kitchen sinks tend to win out. Shallow sinks, after all, require less metal and are often easier to install, leading to them being more cost-effective overall than comparable deeper varieties.

Whilst the individual prices will, of course, vary depending on the manufacturer, materials, and other factors that tend to go into kitchen sinks, shallow kitchen sinks are a safer option if you’re trying to stick to a budget.

Your kitchen sink will have a big impact on the way that you clean and use your kitchen, so it’s worth putting a lot of thought into your final decision. In short, shallow kitchen sinks tend to be more affordable and space-efficient options that are perfect for households that tend to require less big cleans.

So, when you’re making your choice on a shallow kitchen sink, look at your lifestyle, and find the option that works for your needs.

Want to learn more about kitchen design tips and tricks? Want to stay up-to-date with sink guides from the experts? Visit BuildMat’s kitchen blog today, and learn from the specialists in kitchen renovation supplies.

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