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Top 10 Terrazzo Bathroom Designs From Properties Over $2 Million

Top 10 Terrazzo Bathroom Designs From Properties Over $2 Million

Dreaming of your very own terrazzo bathroom? You’re not the only one!

Terrazzo bathrooms have made their way back in fashion as the material of choice for an on-trend, zen-like home retreat.

Incredibly attractive and unique with its speckled-flecks that come in various options, there’s a terrazzo style to suit every home.

It’s modern, sleek and above all else, it seems to be the material of choice for some of the most lush and expensive homes around Australia.

If you’re soon-to-be renovating your bathroom, we’ve collated some of the best terrazzo bathroom designs from properties around Australia over $2 million.

We’ve also given examples of how a stylish bathroom basin from Buildmat’s premium range (forget Bunnings basins!) can really complement a terrazzo bathroom… you’re welcome!

1/10 - A penthouse in South Yarra, VIC, listed by JellisCraig

With a striking floor-to-ceiling terrazzo tile bathroom design, this chic inner city penthouse in South Yarra is stunning. With a simple above counter basin and plenty of vanity space, this is the ideal bathroom retreat.

Pair it with: Cameron Sea Salt White Circle Concrete Basin

2/10 - A house in Riverview, NSW, listed by TRG

With impeccable craftsmanship, this speckled-goodness bathroom is the ultimate on-trend design. The deluxe terrazzo splashback and flooring paired with a matte black basin oozes style and sophistication.

Pair it with: Gunay Matte Black with White Circle Basin

3/10 - A house in Brighton, VIC, listed by Noel Jones

This magnificent bathroom delivers an effortless fusion of beauty and contemporary style. The imported terrazzo flooring paired with the striking green-tiled walls and full matte black basin screams contemporary style and flair.

Pair it with: Spica Matte Black Circle Basin

4/10 - A house in Ashburton, VIC, listed by Shelter

Refined and timeless, this terrazzo flooring in the bathroom is luxurious and understated. The textural appeal of trendy terrazzo really transforms this bathroom from elegant to stylish.

Pair it with: Nashi Matte White Square Basin

5/10 - An apartment in Glebe, NSW, listed by Belle

Speckled terrazzo tiles form the perfect backdrop for this luxurious bathroom in NSW’s trendy suburb of Glebe. Contemporary living at this finest, the floor to ceiling terrazzo perfectly complements the gold mixer and simplicity of the rest of the bathroom design.

Pair it with: Lana Sea Salt White Square Concrete Basin

6/10 - A house in Hawthorn, VIC, listed by JellisCraig

Terrazzo and rose gold pairs perfectly in this Hawthorn home. A hero statement feature, the full-wall terrazzo look really makes the otherwise simple bathroom design pop.

Pair it with: Alden Sea Salt White Circle Concrete Basin

7/10 - A house in Casuarina, NSW, listed by LJ Hooker

A luxe ensuite with terrazzo tiling, this Casuarina home by the beach is an ocean lover’s dream. The terrazzo flooring and half wall covering grounds the entire look of this bathroom and takes it from drab to fab.

Pair it with: Nashi Matte White Square Basin

8/10 - A house in Burleigh Heads, QLD, listed by Ray White

The stunning bathroom of this gorgeous Burleigh Heads home features terrazzo tiles that strike the perfect balance between timeless and bold. The perfect look for a beachside haven.

Pair it with: Cameron Sea Salt White Circle Concrete Basin

 9/10 - A house in Sylvania Waters, NSW, listed by TRG

A spacious bathroom interior with terrazzo flooring and walls creates a calm point of focus in this beautiful Sylvania Waters home. The glimmering specks within terrazzo's smooth surface are certainly a focal point, taking a monochromatic bathroom colour scheme to the next level.

Pair it with: Cameron Sea Salt White Circle Concrete Basin

10/10 - A house in Broadbeach Waters, QLD, listed by Kollosche

With cool, calm and earthy tones, this floor-to-ceiling terrazzo bathroom design is the ideal look for a beautiful Broadbeach Waters home. The gold accents from the taos and showrheads complements the neutral tone of the terrazzo.

Pair it with: Nashi Matte White Circular Basin

What is Terrazzo?

Terrazzo is certainly eye-catching and almost like art pieces in itself, adding flair and character to any room they inhabit.

Terrazzo has a homogenous colour and effect, which makes it more versatile and easier to combine with fixtures and furnishings in the bathroom.

We think of terrazzo as marble’s cooler, more mature cousin. It’s an extremely durable material that’s honestly been around for centuries, and while its popularity ebbs and flows, one thing’s for sure, it always comes back in style time and time again.

What’s Terrazzo Made of?

Terrazzo is a composite surface composed of chips of marble, glass and stone set in a resin or cement base. It can be bought in slabs, tiles or poured directly into place. At Buildmat we have a range of gorgeous terrazzo basins, like this stunning Soma Terrazzo Basin.

Is terrazzo suitable for bathrooms?

Absolutely! Terrazzo looks gorgeous in bathrooms, as seen from these photos! And, terrazzo tiles aren’t just made for floors, they look amazing as basins, countertops, on walls and backsplash.

Which is cheaper: tiles or terrazzo?

Ceramic tile is typically more affordable than terrazzo flooring. However, when you take into account the strength and durability of terrazzo, it actually offers a better return on investment over time.

Which is better: tiles or terrazzo?

The quick answer is no single material is better than the other, it really comes down to personal style and preference. However, when talking about durability, nothing goes the distance quite like terrazzo. 

What wall tiles go with terrazzo flooring?

Pretty much anything goes with terrazzo! It definitely works well with rich, natural stone, especially a stone with a bold grain, like marble. Warm-coloured terrazzo works best with accents of red, orange, and yellow, while a cool-toned terrazzo works well with white, grey, blue and green.

Will terrazzo go out of style?

Terrazzo is not only an incredibly durable material, it’s also been around for centuries! And, while its mainstream popularity can ebb and flow, it never really goes out of style!

How can I get the terrazzo look while I’m renting?

Just because you’re in a rental property doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the terrazzo look! Terrazzo tile stickers are a thing (try Etsy for a range of different ones) that you can stick on your floors and walls. Or, you can try to reason with your landlord that terrazzo is a great investment for the property and they should consider a terrazzo reno… you never know, they might just say yes!

Choosing the Right Bathroom Basin

There are countless types and styles of bathroom basins to suit your needs and style. We’ve rounded up the top five below!

Wall Mount/Wall Hung Basins

These basins are mounted directly onto the bathroom wall and often sit alone on the wall with the option to put storage underneath. Wall mount or wall hung basins are ideal for bathrooms that have less space.

Above Counter/Counter Basins

As the name suggests, above counter basins sit on top of the bench or vanity. They come in countless designs and are an excellent option for an en suite.

Under Counter Basins

For a more traditional look, choose an under counter basin. Under counter basins are mounted under the vanity top. We recommend these for family bathrooms or the kids’ bathrooms.

Semi Inset Basins

For guest bathrooms or smaller-spaced bathrooms, semi inset basins are the ideal choice. These sit partially within and on top of the vanity.

Semi Recessed Basins

Semi recessed basins essentially hang over the edge of the vanity or bench. They are extremely modern and stylish and a good choice for people wanting to save space on the vanity top.

A Stylish Bathroom Basin to Complement Your Terrazzo Bathroom

No terrazzo bathroom design is complete without a trendy and modern sink to complement the overall aesthetic. Shop from Buildmat’s range of concrete and stone handmade basins and a selection of quality-crafted sinks for the picture-perfect bathroom.

From the modern ceramic look to a stylish marbled finish, whatever your style, Buildmat has an exclusive selection of premium basins for every home.

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